Find Out Does Your Shisha Expire And How To Store It Properly

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Last updated May 11, 2023

When you are just starting out with hookah smoking, it is important to know some basic steps to improve your smoking session. You already know that the hookah must be maintained properly but what about the shisha?

The sticky substance you put in your bowl and inhale is an important part of your overall smoking satisfaction. It will determine the taste, how big the clouds you will blow will be, and the average duration of your session.

So here is the moment when you should find out more regarding the question: does your shisha expire and how to store it properly for satisfactory results.

You didn’t expect to read that the shisha has an expiration date?

Let’s learn more about it in the next rows.

So does The shisha expire at all?

As you may know, shisha tobacco is made from real washed or unwashed tobacco leaves. They are also flavored and moisturized with vegetable glycerin, molasses, and natural aromas.

When we separate each additive from the shisha tobacco, we are left with products with expiration dates.

Unopened molasses can last for up to 5 years, however, the vegetable glycerin can last for up to 24 months in perfect conditions.

With that being said, does the shisha tobacco expire? In short, yes, shisha can expire. Typically unopened packages of flavored hookah tobacco will last from 2 to 3 years in perfect conditions.

However, an expired shisha does not necessarily mean a bad one. If the package hasn’t been opened and it’s stored properly, then there are no reasons to be concerned. Keep in mind that once opened, the shisha can last from 6 months to 1 year, but only when properly sealed and air-tight.

Shisha storage boxes

How to store shisha properly

As I’ve mentioned before, the shisha must be stored properly to guarantee that you will never risk your health. There are several best practices to store the shisha and save all the juices and tasty flavors inside

Store the shisha in an airtight container

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to shisha storage. Make sure you find the best containers which will never pass air once they are closed. If your shisha is opened and kept in the original packaging, you risk losing some flavors from airing the tobacco.
However, some hookah tobacco manufacturers have good enough packaging which will ensure proper storage. Ziplock bags are another alternative if you can’t find plastic or glass containers for your shisha.
Airtight shisha boxes

Keep away from sunlight and hot places

To ensure the longevity of your tobacco products, you must keep them away from direct sunlight and constantly hot rooms. Even if the shisha is stored in airtight containers, it does not mean that it is protected from high temperatures.

Another best practice is to keep the shisha sealed in a dark and warm place. Some hookah experts recommend putting it in a refrigerator but I’ll explain that further in the following rows.

Can you keep shisha in the fridge?

Now that is a controversial discussion for sure. Some experts swear that they keep the shisha in the fridge. Others say to never put it in there because it could get dry. So many opinions, but which one is the right one?

The reality is that there is no wrong or right answer here. But let’s look at the facts:

    • Your shisha can go dry but only if it is not well sealed in a container
    • Each shisha ingredient does not allow for the product to be stored in a refrigerator
    • There are several things that can go bad if you put shisha in your refrigerator

* Important notice – if you consider storing your shisha in a refrigerator, you must notify all of the refrigerator users in your house. There is a risk for someone to find the shisha and mistake it as food and eat it. Shisha tobacco shall not be eaten as it’s very dangerous when consumed in this form.

In my opinion, putting shisha in a refrigerator is not a problem. However, I don’t find it a necessary part of your shisha storage. As you know, tobacco is moisturized with vegetable glycerin, which does not require refrigeration or any other preservation.

Is expired shisha bad for you?

Expired shisha tobacco is not bad for you and it’s not poisonous. You can smoke shisha even if it has been open for a year. However, I do not recommend smoking old shisha because this can ruin your session.

In other words, outdated hookah tobacco will probably lose some of its good flavorings and will not produce as many clouds as we want. My advice is to keep your tobacco fresh for as long as possible and to not smoke expired shisha tobacco.

Shisha containers

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