Review of The Best Al-Fakher Flavors: Outstanding Shisha Classics

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Last updated May 11, 2023

Al-Fakher is a renowned hookah brand that offers one of the most popular and internationally recognized hookah tobaccos. It’s easily the most eminent shishas of all time and for good reason.

Al-Fakher shisha is manufactured in the United Arab Emirates and offers a diverse set of mouth-watering shisha flavors that will keep you coming back for more. With experience on the market since 1999, the brand knows exactly how to tickle the senses of hookah smokers.

Shisha flavors are created using exceptional tobacco of the finest quality and they’re definitely on the list of things to try if you’re a hookah smoker. They place a priority on innovation and always strive to surprise with new and exciting tastes. If you’re not experienced with the Al Fakher shishas, it may be difficult to choose the right one for you. I’m here to help by offering a list of the best Al Fakher flavors and more information about them.

List of all-time best Al-Fakher flavors

Some could say that the Al-Fakher flavors share some things in common but for me personally, every product has its own unique and distinctive flavor and advantages.

Here’s a list of the Al-Fakher flavors that are considered the top and most preferred ones:

But what is it about these tastes that make them the best Al-Fakher flavors?

Let’s see what each one has to offer.

Review of Best Al-Fakher berry flavors

1. Al-Fakher Grape & Mint shisha review

Grape & mint al fakher shisha review

The Al-Fakher Grape & Mint is first on our list and that’s no coincidence. If you’re a fan of berry tastes then this shisha flavor is certainly one you should try. The rich grape scent mixed gently with mint brings pure joy to the taste buds.

It’s a well-balanced option meaning that you won’t get a strong mint essence but just the right amount of freshness. You’ll be able to feel the mint aftertaste in the back of your throat after smoking, which is quite a pleasant experience.

When opening the package, you’ll notice a soft, juicy, red appearance. The smell is rather sharp and minty but once you taste it, you’ll feel the sweet grape taste. It’s almost like the taste changes and shifts from grape to mint during the smoking session. The Grape & Mint shisha is popular for its respectable, thick clouds. If you’re a fan of rich cloud-producing hookah sessions, this flavor will keep you satisfied.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher Grape and mint flavor

Al-Fakher’s Grape & Mint mix is a medium cut with a few stems in the package. You’ll get a slight buzz from smoking the Grape & Mint hookah flavor.

You can enjoy a hookah session for about an hour or perhaps two if you set up the hookah appropriately. I personally used water as a base but you can experiment with other liquids to get an enhanced experience.

2. Al-Fakher Blueberry Mint shisha review

Al Fakher best berry flavor

If you’re a fan of blueberry tastes and mint flavors, the Blueberry Mint is just what you need. No matter if you’re a beginner hookah enthusiast or an experienced hookah smoker, you’ll love it. This is an incredibly well-balanced shisha flavor that delivers the perfect sweetness and tart senses of blueberries mixed with the cool and refreshing effect of mint on the exhale.

There’s no battle between the fruity flavor and the mint as the berry taste is a clear winner that dominates all the way. You can easily win over the hearts of any newbie hookah smoker with this shisha flavor.

I could compare the smoking experience to eating a dessert with blueberry filling. The mint is extremely light. Once you open the package, you’ll be tempted to immediately dive into smoking as the aromas are very rich and tempting. It’s also a great mixer if you don’t want to smoke it separately.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher blueberry & mint

Al-Fakher’s Blueberry Mint doesn’t disappoint in terms of quality. You can enjoy great clouds that are consistent throughout the whole smoking session.

I used three coals and found that I got the best results by opening the vents about 15 minutes in to prevent too much heat from ruining the experience. When it comes to longevity, you can expect a hookah session of about an hour and a half.

Best strong Al-Fakher Flavor

3. Al-Fakher Double Apple shisha review

Al Fakher double apple package review

Let’s start with an interesting fact. Al-Fakher’s Double Apple is the most smoked flavor in the world. You may come across the Double Apple under the name Two Apples but they’re both the same thing.

It offers a distinct sweet apple flavor that is gently mixed in with a liquorice extract. What you get as a result is the popular and typical flavor that you can enjoy in most shisha bars or hookah cafes. It’s a rather traditional blend that’s definitely worth trying. I would definitely recommend it to everyone starting out with hookah smoking or looking for something sweet and nice.

Al-Fakher’s Double Apple is a mix of red and green apple tastes that bring hookah smokers an amazing delicious hookah ride. I’ve heard people compare the smell to liquorice and I can agree. It’s a great option if you want to smoke it alone or mix it with another flavor.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher double apple flavor

You’ll notice that this shisha tobacco is very juicy and wet so beware when preparing it, it could cause a mess.

The clouds you can produce with the Double Apple are amazing and thick and they give you the smooth smoke most hookah smokers are after.

They’re also huge and contribute to the experience of shisha smoking. If it’s properly maintained you can get a smoking session of about two hours.

The best sweet Al-Fakher flavors

4. Review of Al-Fakher Melon flavor

Al Fakher melon review

Al-Fakher’s Melon shisha flavor offers a sweet taste that is perfectly combined with mint and lemon. However, it’s also amazing on its own. You’ll feel the sweet honey melon instantly once you inhale for the first time.

It’s like a melon-rich dessert. It’s definitely refreshing and the fruity taste eliminates the rich sugary feeling that not everyone is fond of. There’s a mildly spicy aftertaste.

I’ve tried it with the Egyptian and Turkish-style heads and can honestly say that I think these two options are the best ones for this hookah tobacco. It comes in 50g, 250g, and 1-kilo size packages. One of the things I noticed is that it takes a bit more heat when compared to other products I’ve tried.

This is why it’s essential to maintain it well and add more coals if you’re not satisfied with the smoke density it produces. You won’t get much buzz from smoking Al-Fakher’s Melon.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher Melon shisha

The Melon’s cut is nice and juicy with mostly leaves but some stems here and there, the smell is rich, and the taste is like a pure melon. In other words, I’d certainly say the quality is good and does not disappoint.

The smoke is very thick and the clouds are pleasant, you’ll notice that they’ll quickly fill up the room. The duration is not very long, the hookah session only lasted about 45 minutes.

5. Review of Al-Fakher Watermelon flavor

Watermelon by al fakher review

This one is a real treat! Al-Fakher’s Watermelon flavor is recognized as one of the sweetest shisha blends from the brand and it definitely deserves its place on our list of best Al-Fakher flavors.

The taste can easily be compared to eating watermelon candies but the added benefit is that you get mesmerizing smooth clouds too! Once you try it you won’t be able to stop. It’s simply delicious and it’s no wonder that it’s one of Al-Fakher’s best-selling shisha tobacco products.

You’ll sense the strong watermelon smell from the moment you open your package. It’s almost like it’s a blend between watermelon and bubble gum. However, the session could become smokable and harsh if not maintained well.

Sometimes, all you have to do is blow out once more to get things back to normal. You can enjoy this flavor even if you’re just getting started with hookah smoking but you’ll also find pleasure in it if you’re a pro.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher watermelon

Al-Fakher’s Watermelon tobacco shisha is dripping wet and chopped. It’s a new cut for Al-Fakher that not all hookah smokers are enthusiastic about. I used a vortex bowl and regular foil with three coals for the session.

I loved the big clouds that it produced which is typical for most Al-Fakher flavors. You can expect a light to medium buzz from smoking the hookah flavor but nothing too strong. The duration you can expect is about an hour.

6. Al-Fakher Strawberry flavor review

Al Fakher shisha package strawberry

Do you love strawberries but are not a big fan of extremely sweet tastes? Al-Fakher’s Strawberry shisha tobacco is an undoubted part of the list of best Al-Fakher flavors. It offers a mild fruity delicious taste but is not too sweet. The taste accumulates over time as you smoke and slowly takes you into a fantasy world.

It’s an amazing flavor to get started with if you’re looking to get some experience with fruity tastes. It’s mixable with almost any flavor you could possibly think of and still produces great results. Of course, it’s also enough on its own too.

The package smells like strawberry candy and is very inviting to a shared hookah session with friends. The good news for some is that there’s no buzz from smoking this shisha tobacco. You might have a bit of trouble getting it going at first because it’s extremely wet but once you do – you’re in for a treat.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher Strawberry shisha

Al-Fakher’s cut is very finely shredded and the tobacco is pretty wet. You won’t get a lot of stems but they’re still noticeable from time to time.

You can expect an amazing cloud output with thick and rich smoke. Although the standard duration for the smoking session with the Strawberry is 45 minutes to an hour, I’ve had sessions that last two hours.

The Best refreshing Al-Fakher flavors

7. Al-Fakher Mint shisha review

Al Fakher mint review

The mint flavor offered by Al-Fakher is a non-tobacco flavor and one you must try if you’re a minty flavor and mint shisha mixes fan. It’s very refreshing and as I’ve mentioned before – perfect for fruity shisha mixes.

It’s considered the “gold standard” and provides a pure essence of mint that will leave a beautifully refreshing aftertaste and a feeling of lightness. You can smoke it alone for an icy hookah experience or you can mix it to merely any fruity shisha flavor to add something extra to the session. It’s not the best option if you’re looking to experience a strong buzz from the session, however.

You won’t get the typical high sensation that some hookah smokers enjoy. It’s definitely a good idea to try this pure mint option before moving on to other mint-induced flavors.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher Mint

If you’re a fan of big hookah clouds, you’ll absolutely love the Mint shisha tobacco from Al-Fakher. It produces great puffy smoke that is incredibly smooth as a result of the cooling effect of the mint. If you’re wondering about the duration of the smoking session, you can enjoy a pleasant ride of about an hour.

8. Review of Al-Fakher Spearmint Gum hookah flavor

Al Fakher fresh gum

The Spearmint Gum is another amazing and refreshing product that I couldn’t leave out of my list of the best Al-Fakher flavors. Just like the name suggests, you can sense a strong spearmint gum essence instantly and the taste is rich and delicious all the way.

It’s a great flavor that is awesome to mix with cinnamon. There’s a unique smooth cooling effect that you can experience with Al-Fakher’s Spearmint Gum that is hard to match to anything else.

It’s also a great way to add a bit of complexity to your hookah experience thanks to the tasty and rich spearmint gum flavor. You can smoke it as a solo product but you can also mix it with other flavors. Apart from cinnamon, the Spearmint Gum also pairs well with orange and lemon. You can find it in 50g, 250g, and 1-kilo packs. If you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly recommend it.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher Spearmint gum

The longevity of the smoke session with the Spearmint Gum is satisfactory, usually about an hour and a half. The quality, just like any other Al-Fakher product, is unmatched and outstanding. You’ll fall in love with the refreshing, cool, smooth clouds that you’ll get.

9. Al-Fakher Lemon & Mint hookah flavor review

Al Fakher lemon and mint review

The lemon and mint mix brings hookah smokers around the world pure joy! It’s literally taking lemons and making the best of them. The brand has successfully combined two of its best-selling flavors – the lemon and mint only to produce a hard to ignore citrusy hookah tobacco that will please your taste buds like no other.

What you get from smoking it is a cool and refreshing sensation similar to that of chewing gum. The smell resembles that of Ricola Lemon Mint cough drops.

If you’re looking for a buzz from the hookah session you can’t expect much from the Lemon & Mint flavor. It’s rather a gentle and delicate shisha flavor that will get you relaxed and refreshed but won’t offer any high sensations. The cut is very fine and dyed red. It’s best smoked with a Persian hookah or a standard Egyptian bowl.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher Spearmint gum

Cloud-seeking smokers may not be very fond of the Lemon & Mint shisha flavor as it doesn’t produce monster clouds.

However, you can still get a decent smoke that will last for a long time. You can easily sit back and enjoy a smoking duration of about an hour or more, especially if you take proper care of the hookah.

10. Al-Fakher Fresh flavor review

Al Fakher Fresh flavor review

Al-Fakher’s Fresh shisha tobacco doesn’t reveal much about the taste of what you can expect. It’s a delicious, gentle and refreshing blueberry mint mix with a bit of purple grape. It’s very similar to other misty flavors that you may have tried yet it’s completely unique and distinctive.

It’s a simple combo but a very effective one. I wouldn’t describe it as a minty blend despite the cooling effect it has. I personally recommend trying it with Al-Fakher’s Lemon flavor to get a truly magnificent new taste.

I’d advise you to try the Al-Fakher’s Fresh flavor if you’re a beginner or if you’re an experienced shisha smoker who is looking for an enhanced session. You’ll feel refreshed with a few puffs.

The packaging is also bright and colorful which is a pretty good introduction to what you can expect from the hookah session. Share this experience with friends before a night out or during a chilled evening at home.

Quality & Duration of Al-Fakher Fresh

You can expect an impeccable quality with the Fresh flavor and thick, rich, puffy clouds that will melt the heart of hookah smokers. The longevity is not too bad either, you can enjoy a session of anything between 50 minutes and an hour. Of course, you can extend the duration with special care for your hookah and the right set-up.

How strong is Al-Fakher?

Al-Fakher flavors contain a minimal amount of nicotine. Typically 0.5% is the amount of nicotine inside. That means that the flavors are not so strong and addictive. You can enjoy smoking Al-Fakher flavors on a regular basis (2-3 times a week). Share with friends at home or at your favorite local hookah lounge.

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