What Are The Best Tobacco-free Shisha Flavors: Beginner Friendly Shisha

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Last updated May 11, 2023

Hookah smoking has won the hearts of many smokers around the world. It knows no barriers as there are so many different options to choose from that there’s always something out there for any type of person, regardless of their preferences and tastes.

However, one of the concerns about hookah smoking is that most flavors contain a certain amount of tobacco and nicotine.

So what can you do if you don’t want to consume any tobacco but still want to experience the mouth-watering tastes, the puffy clouds, and the magical times with your favorite hookah flavors?

Is there no nicotine shisha for your hookah?

Are you looking to experience the rich and tasty world of hookah smoking but don’t want to get the buzz from the nicotine? Well, the good news is that there’s something out there for you and it’s called non-tobacco shisha.

Yes, that’s right!

There are tobacco-free hookah flavors that have been specifically designed for hookah smokers who want to avoid the negative effects of tobacco. You can still dive into a fruity hookah session and avoid the buzz and head rush. With no addictive chemicals in your shisha, you can still explore the shisha culture with your friends.

Herbal shisha is a big thing nowadays and there are plenty of delicious flavors to try. You have every reason to give tobacco-free hookah flavors a try as they can only improve your experience. Hookah brands are actively trying to improve and innovate the non-tobacco hookah they provide and the quality is only getting better.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best tobacco-free shisha to try from some of the best brands in the space.

Herbal shisha leaves

List of the best tobacco-free hookah flavors

For starters, I’ve prepared a list of the top names to try when it comes to nicotine-free hookah:

Now let’s dive into each one in more detail and see what these names have to offer.

Review of the best tobacco and nicotine free shisha flavors in 2023

1. Hydro Herbal nicotine-free shisha review

Gemini innovative hookah Coal Burner

Hydro Herbal is our first brand on the list of tobacco-free hookah flavors to try. The brand is one of the well-known ones in the space and has won the hearts of many with its diversity and fruity tastes.

Hydro Herbal is an amazing alternative in the hookah smoking world, providing smokers with a huge variety of non-nicotine shisha. It’s considered one of the best, most flavored tobacco-free shishas on the market. It’s created in the USA using high-quality, premium organic herbs and flavoring.

The brand uses sugar cane fibre as a base and truly stands out from the rest. The creation process includes identical flavorings and glycerin to the ones used for standard shisha flavors for maximum cloud output.

Hydro herbal Flavors selection

Beware, you’re entering into a world of taste, fruitiness and juiciness with Hydro Herbal. Some of the flavors you can try include After Dark and its peppermint taste, Aurora or pineapple, Avalanche or banana, Hurricane if you’re into trying a mixture of fruits, Hydrojava which is coffee, Razmataz or raspberry, and more. Some of the flavors that stand out the most are:

  • Citrus Twist – A beautiful citrus mix of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and mandarin for a fruity party in your mouth.
  • Hurricane – A non-nicotine shisha flavor that tastes exactly like your favorite smoothie but in a smoke form.
  • Seks on 5th – A brilliant chocolate mint combo.

The opportunities are infinite. I promise you won’t be able to rest on your laurels until you’ve tried every flavor Hydro Herbal has to offer.


When purchasing a box of Hydro Herbal nicotine-free shisha, you’ll receive 50 grams of exceptional herbal smoking quality. The pouches are re-sealable and reliable so you don’t have to worry about any moisture getting in or any of the deliciousness falling out. The design is pretty amazing too and catches the eye from the first sight.

2. Fantasia tobacco-free shisha review

Fantasia packages of shisha

Fantasia is another big name in the shisha world and also provides a range of options for shisha without tobacco. The brand’s products are also designed and manufactured in the USA. The non-tobacco products are just as good as the tobacco ones, the only difference is the lack of nicotine use.

The shisha flavors are created using sugar cane-based molasses. They create most of their flavors around fruity tastes and are one of the more recent brands to dive into the herbal shisha space.

You can find a number of traditional hookah tastes but without the added tobacco or nicotine. You’ll notice that nicotine-free hookah burns harder than tobacco. The tastes are brilliant and will leave you wanting more!

Fantasia Flavors selection

We may be looking at Fantasia’s non-tobacco hookah flavors but don’t let this mislead you. There is a lot to try! You can please your taste buds with the Berry Mix, the citrus flavors, Fantasia’s Exotic taste, the Ice Mint, and more!

Probably one of my favorite non-tobacco shisha flavors from Fantasia is the Dragons Breath. It will take you on an exotic journey with the Asian dragon fruit. It’s a sweet and tropical mix that’s hard to put into words. The bottom line is that it’s truly fascinating and I highly recommend it!

You can also try the Magic Dragon which is a great combo of blueberry and cooling mint. Not to mention the 4 Play, which is absolutely clever in terms of choice of words. It’s a great night starter and offers a rich and juicy watermelon taste.


The Fantasia packaging is a fresh seal foil bag that guarantees to keep your product fresh and safe at all times. The rich flavor will be maintained and no aromas or tastes will be lost. The nicotine-free shisha flavors come in packs of 50g when ordering each flavor and you can also order a pack of three flavors x 50g.

3. UrtThree tobacco-free shisha review

UrthTree shisha peachai pack

Next up, UrtThree’s non-tobacco shisha. UrtThree makes their molasses from completely natural ingredients and is a 100% safe to consume option for people looking to experience shisha with tobacco-free products.

The brand uses USP kosher certified glycerin and food-grade fruit extract syrups sourced from the most renowned and high-quality ISO-certified US manufacturers. I was truly astonished by the richness and the quality of these nicotine-free hookah options that offer a perfect resemblance to the original, tobacco-rich product.

The brand doesn’t disappoint in any way. They use only the best flavors and they’re all US FDA-compliant and meet all regulatory standards. You can expect UrtThree to meet all of your expectations as they’re committed to providing the highest standards in the hookah industry.

UrtThree Flavors selection

When it comes to non-nicotine shisha flavors, my personal favorite is the Peachai – Peach Chai one. It’s a perfectly refreshing peach chai iced tea flavor that’s an ideal option for the hot summer days. It’s mega peachy, sweet, and offers a bit of a cinnamon sensation that’s just enough to tease your senses.

Some users share that it’s a bit too sweet and could give you a headache but this was definitely not my experience with the flavor. I truly appreciate sweet shisha flavors and this one simply opened up a world of joy for me.


The packaging comes in boxes of 10 ounces and size dimensions of 3.98 x 3.58 x 2.64 inches. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your product is protected no matter how many times you decide to open it thanks to the perfect packaging that seals everything and keeps the juiciness fresh and tasty.

4. Tanya tobacco-free hookah shisha review

Tanya tobacco free packages

Another brilliant shisha brand with tobacco-free hookah flavors worth trying is Tanya. Tanya Herbal shisha is one of the top players in the industry providing outstanding exotic hookah tobacco flavors that contain no tobacco or nicotine.

You can enjoy excellent, rich, and thick clouds that will stay consistent throughout your smoking experience.

There are plenty of choices to try and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Tanya Shisha Flavors selection

Tanya Herbal shisha offers more than 50 tobacco-free hookah flavors for shisha smokers around the world. They’re all mouth-watering and fruity. Created using exclusive blends of herbs and natural fruits, you’re in for a real treat. Tanya offers some of the most premium flavors available in the herbal shisha space.

Dive into a tasty smoking session with Tanya’s tobacco-free strawberry, blueberry, mango, watermelon, and other tastes. There are also a variety of mint flavors that will leave you feeling fresh and energetic.


Tanya’s herbal shisha flavors arrive in 50g packages only.

5. Soex tobacco-free hookah shisha review

Soex tobacco-free package

It’s time to review the Soex Herbal Hookah Molasses. Soex is a popular name in the hookah world and the brand also offers a special line of 0% nicotine, 0% tar, and 0% tobacco shisha flavors. The manufacturing process is extremely strict and conducted in accordance with standards and regulations.

The tasty non-tobacco flavors are created using high-quality herbal raw material. You can enjoy the perfect shisha experience without having to worry about the negative effect of the tobacco and nicotine substance.

Soex Shisha Flavors selection

When it comes to diversity, Soex is probably among the top players. You can enjoy a ton of fruity flavors like the Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Double Apple, Banana, Grapefruit, Grapes, and Fruit Blast. The mango and red cherry are particularly delicious too! Soex also has a spicy range and offers tastes like the Bombay pan masala, the Banaras pan, the Pan apple splash, and more.

The brand also has a cool range, sweet range, and beverage range. The Minty Grape is my personal favorite as it offers the perfect balance between sweet and cool. The Falooda is also excellent and offers a combo of rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil, and jelly with milk.


The packaging Soex uses is brilliant and cleverly designed. Your product will come in 250g Molasses and won’t disappoint in any way. Your pack will go a long way and will open up a world of taste and aromas you’ve never before experienced.

6. Sunlight tobacco-free hookah shisha review

sunlight shisha tobacco free

Sunlight herbal shisha is another top choice for users who are looking to replace traditional tobacco with a mouth-watering, rich shisha flavor.

The brand uses premium quality ingredients and the highest standard materials. There are 16 exceptionally good powerful flavors that you can opt for and there’s a choice for everyone. Enjoy a smoother throat and better inhalation experience.

Sunlight Shisha Flavors selection

Sunlight will surprise you with its full range of taste options. If you’re going for a 200g container, you can try some of the best alternatives like Blueberry, Blu fly, Coconut, Grapefruit, Love 66, Lemon Mint, Gum & Mint, Mango, Orange Mint, Passion Fruit, and Watermelon.

There are other fruity flavors that are standard too, like the Peach, Strawberry, and light Pineapple. You can also find some of these flavors in 750g containers.


The Sunlight herbal shisha without tobacco comes in packs of 200g or 750g. You can choose the perfect size depending on how much you’d like to try. If you’ve set your eyes on your favorite flavors, you can be brave and order the bigger pack.

Hookah flavors for beginners

Although most hookah beginners prefer to go for tobacco-free hookah flavors, there are also standard, tobacco-rich solutions suitable for smokers who are just getting started. These include some of the top flavors by the following brands:

They’re suitable as they won’t give you the typical buzz but are rather light and pleasant for newbies. The nicotine and tobacco levels are much lower when compared to other shisha flavors, making them a common choice for smokers with less experience.


The bottom line is that you can enjoy a brilliant hookah experience with non-tobacco shisha and I’ve shown you how. I hope you’ll find this list of the best tobacco-free shisha useful for your next shisha adventures.

Until next time!

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