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Last updated May 11, 2023

If you’re interested in the hookah world and still haven’t tried the Starbuzz shisha flavors, you’re in for a treat. We’re here to uncover the best Starbuzz flavors that you ought to try as a hookah smoker.

Trust us, they will blow your mind! The Starbuzz shisha flavors are one of the most popular and preferred options for hookah flavored tobacco. Starbuzz is a recognized name in the hookah space and has won the hearts of many smokers, regardless of age, experience, and preference. And this is probably because they have something to offer for everyone.

Regardless of whether you’re a new or experienced hookah smoker, I’m almost certain that you’ll love these top Starbuzz flavors. The brand offers affordable pricing, exotic fruit mixes, and a high-quality product that will never fail you. It’s natural that before you try, you’ll probably want to read a few Starbuzz reviews. This is where I can help.

Let’s hop on this journey and explore the best Starbuzz flavors and get you started.

List of Most Popular Starbuzz flavors

Just to keep things organized and help you quickly recognize the top Starbuzz flavors, I’ve prepared this list for you:

Now let’s dig deeper into what makes each name on the list a true gem that is worth trying out.

Review of the Best Starbuzz flavors

1. Starbuzz Blue Surfer Hookah Flavor Review

Starbuzz blue surfer review

Among all the available Starbuzz flavors, the Blue Surfer is perhaps one of the freshest ones. It’s a tasty tropical mix of blueberries, pineapple, and grape, which ultimately gives you the perfect summer experience. It will take you straight to the beaches, hence the name.

The flavor has a strong note of tobacco and it’s easily mixed with other rich and fruity flavors for the perfect combo. You’ll also sense a gentle minty flavor that simply completes the perfection. A lot of shisha smokers compare the taste to the blue and white gummy sharks we used to eat when we were children.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Blue Surfer

The Blue Surfer is a high-quality choice, created from golden Virginia tobacco – eminent dark leaf tobacco. It’s a bit moist as a result of the blend’s properties meaning that you won’t really indulge in the strong fragrance typical for other, drier shishas. Careful not to overstuff the bowl when preparing your hookah with the Blue Surfer. You don’t want to prevent the air from passing through the tobacco. Also, make sure you allow enough time for the shisha to get warmed up.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Blue Surfer

You can get decent clouds from the Blue Surfer but to be honest, they won’t be as satisfactory as with other Starbuzz flavors. Don’t expect an overpower. If you’ve gotten it all wrong with the setup and you haven’t lit the charcoal well, the heating isn’t appropriate, and you’ve overstuffed the bowl, you won’t get a good vapor.

2. Review of Best Selling Starbuzz flavor – Blue Mist

Best Starbuzz Flavor - Blue Mist

If the Blue Mist sounds familiar but you’re not sure why there’s no need to wonder. The Blue Mist is not only part of the list of the best Starbuzz flavors but it’s actually the most popular and recognized shisha flavor in the world.

Hookah smokers are absolutely crazy about it and with good reason. It’s part of the brand’s Exotic Hookah Tobacco series and is suitable for both beginners and pro hookah smokers. The flavor offers a refreshing taste of sweet blueberries. You may sense a bit of mint but it doesn’t contain any. However, there’s a distinct cooling effect.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Blue Mist

The Blue Mist has a low amount of nicotine and it has a gorgeous wet orangy brown color. It’s truly unique as it’s the first hookah tobacco to offer smokers access to the herbs that are looked after in the Caribbean soils. You can benefit from a long session of hookah with this flavor. It’s recommended that you use coconut coals for the heating process to enjoy the best results. You can also enrich the taste more by mixing it with other flavors like vanilla, grape, or strawberry.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Blue Mist

If you’re wondering about the clouds that you can expect when smoking the Blue Mist, let’s just say it never disappoints. You can enjoy high-quality, rich clouds which are thick and puffy. In other words, this is the best experience hookah smokers are hoping for. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

3. Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave review

Starbuzz Pirates cave review

Another favorite Starbuzz shisha flavor is the Pirate’s Cave. It’s extremely refreshing thanks to its lemon and lime taste and makes the perfect relaxing hookah session to share with friends after a long day. I’ve heard friends describe it as a sweet, creamy blend that they find similar to a Lime Margarita.

You may be surprised to discover that it doesn’t have an aftertaste but it does make up for it with a tangy flavor fusion. You can find it available in 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1-kilo packs for experienced enthusiasts.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave

Pirate’s Cave is another Starbuzz flavor that is not very strong on nicotine and it’s a washed shisha made from blonde Virginian tobacco leaves. You can be certain that the delicious taste will stay until the very last moment of the session. It may not offer the longest smoking session but if you prepare it properly and use 2-3 coconut coals cubes, you can get an amazing experience.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave

With intense flavors and a juicy shisha that offers no risk of burning or overcooking, Starbuzz’ Pirate’s Cave shisha flavor provides smokers with an outstanding cloud experience. You can get dense smoke clouds that are simply phenomenal. This is probably one of the reasons why it’s so popular and sought after by newbies and experienced smokers.

4. Starbuzz Blue Melon shisha review

Starbuzz Blue Melon Review

The Starbuzz Blue Melon is so many things at once! It’s an extremely rich and tasty flavor that combines the Blue Mist, white grape, safari melon dew, and a pinch of mint, offering a thrilling ride. When you take a puff you’ll recognize a honey melon-infused aroma.

Apart from its mouth-watering tastes, the Blue Melon also offers a delicate buzz. Created using golden tobacco leaves, it’s a treat for your taste buds that will have you asking for more in no time. Blue Melon is another suitable option for both beginners and seasoned smokers.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Blue Melon

If you’re looking for a long and reliable hookah session to share with your buddies or loved ones, the Blue Melon is a great choice. It’s different from most Starbuzz Exotic tobaccos as it’s vividly juicier and doesn’t have any stem. Combined with a small and fine cust, you can expect good longevity and enjoy an extended session as long as you prepare your hookah appropriately.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Blue Melon

Having in mind that the Blue Melon is recognized and known for its amazing smoke output, you know you can’t go wrong in terms of clouds with this shisha flavor. Enjoy tasty, dense clouds and a smoke output that is difficult to forget.

 5. Starbuzz Code 69 hookah flavor review

Starbuzz code 69 review

If you’re wondering which is the best-mixed fruit hookah tobacco on the market, you’ve found it – it’s Code 69. Providing smokers with a crisp fruity punch that mixes passion fruit with tart citrus, it’s certainly one of my personal favorites.

But apart from that, it’s also among the best-selling tobacco products on the market. If you’re a newbie or an experienced smoker and haven’t tried Code 69, it’s about time you tick it off your list. Enjoy this truly wile and refined taste. It’s tasty, it smells amazing, and it’s refreshing. All the reason to try it.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Code 69

The quality of the Starbuzz Code 69 is undoubtedly excellent. When it comes to longevity, it all comes down to how you’ve prepared the hookah. However, I’ve found that on average you can expect a smoking session of about an hour and a half. Keep in mind that the duration of the hookah session will also depend on the bowl you’ve selected for the experience.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Code 69

A lot of people are curious about the smoke you can expect from Code 69. In all honesty, it’s one of the shisha flavors that offers a unique, nice, and thick cloud that you can get lost in. It’s one of the preferred shisha options to choose from if you’re looking to truly indulge in thick and aromatic clouds.

6. Review of Best Sweet Starbuzz flavor – Apple Cinnamon

Starbuzz apple cinnamon flavor review

If you try this Starbuzz shisha flavor you may be reminded of cozy winter time thanks to its rich aroma of apples and cinnamon. It will take you down a road of freshly sliced apples soaked in cinnamon and melting butter.

The Starbuzz Apple Cinnamon certainly offers a different and unique smoking experience that will turn these rich tastes into soft clouds. It’s both sweet and spicy and comes in different packaging sizes. You can find it in 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1-kilo packs.

There’s no anise flavor which makes this shisha option a great one for certain smokers. You may discover that the cinnamon is a bit stronger than the apple aromas.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Apple Cinnamon

If you’re looking for a chilled hookah session in front of the fireplace before you go to bed, the Apple Cinnamon is your top choice. It’s not really a flavor that will get you in a party mood but it’s perfect for a particular mood. In terms of longevity, I’d say it’s the standard deal, you won’t get anything too unique or exceptional in terms of duration.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Apple Cinnamon

The smoke that you can get from the Apple Cinnamon is pretty good. I was impressed with the super thick clouds that I got from this shisha flavor that pretty much filled up the whole room. I’d strongly recommend that you try this Starbuzz shisha flavor whenever you’re in the mood for a relaxing session.

Best Starbuzz shisha’s with cocktail flavors

7. Starbuzz Sex on the Beach shisha review

Starbuzz Sex on the beach flavor

Have you heard of one of the world’ most popular cocktails – sex on the beach? Well, the name has also made it in our list of best Starbuzz flavors. A clever mix of orange, lemons, berries and other citrus fruits, the Starbuzz Sex on the Beach offers a one-of-a-kind aromatic shisha session.

The rich tropical smell and the mouth-watering taste make this one of my favorite shishas of all time. It’s a truly explosive taste that I love sharing with my friends. It offers a mild buzz and is suitable for beginners too.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Sex on the Beach

You won’t fall victim to coughing when smoking the Sex on the Beach. The cut is the standard one you get for most Starbuzz flavors, it has semi-small pieces and stems here and there. It’s popular for a significantly long duration which guarantees a pleasant and extended smoking session. You can expect somewhere around two hours of a good smoking session.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Sex on the Beach

When it comes to the production of clouds, Sex on the Beach is a true winner. I loved the light feathery smoke that is not the one you can expect from the typical Starbuzz flavor. I’ve heard my friends say they love the block-out-the-sun clouds that they get using only two coals.

8. Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita review

Starbuzz strawberry margarita review

The truth is that you don’t even have to love strawberries or margaritas to fall in love with this Starbuzz shisha flavor. It’s no coincidence that it’s on my list of best Starbuzz shisha flavors of all time. I would compare the smell to that of a margarita mix syrup.

It certainly offers a strong and rich flavor that has a bit of soda lemony smell to it as well. You won’t get a buzz from smoking this shisha flavor but you’ll certainly enjoy a magical hookah session that you’ll be eager to repeat again.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita

I’ve smoked the Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita several times and each time the smoking session lasted more than an hour and a half, which is great longevity. The quality is reliable. The shisha is short cut, you can see a few chopped stems from time to time and it’s a mesmerizing glowing red color.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita

Like any other Starbuzz flavor, the clouds you get from smoking the Strawberry Margarita are decent. To be honest, I could easily just sit back and enjoy the delicious aromas coming from the puffy clouds during a session. If you set up your hookah like a pro, you can absolutely dive into a pool of smoky clouds.

9. Starbuzz Pina Colada hookah flavor review

Starbuzz pina colada flavor review

In case you’re fond of sweet tastes and fruity aromas, you don’t want to miss out on the Starbuzz Pina Colada shisha flavor. A tempting combination of pineapple and coconut, the Pina Colada has won the hearts of many beginners and experienced hookah smokers around the world.

If you’ve tried the cocktail and love it, there’s no second opinion that you’ll fall head over heels for this hookah flavor. It’s not a flavor that is suitable for every day but it definitely makes the perfect choice for a special occasion.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Pina Colada

The good news is that the Starbuzz Pina Colada offers a long ride as it lasts for a very long time. It’s a slow-burner compared to other shisha flavors and the session can be extended according to your tastes and preference. In other words, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Pina Colada

What’s better than the amazing flavor of the Pina Colada? Well, rich, thick clouds of smoke! It’s like you’re winning bingo game with this shisha flavor. You can enjoy rich clouds but no choking or coughing. You can easily blow some rings with it and not worry about a thing.

10. Starbuzz Cosmopolitan Flavor Review

Starbuzz cosmopolitan flavor review

When it comes to uniqueness in the shisha world, the Starbuzz Cosmopolitan certainly has a lot to offer. Its exploding taste and smell will instantly remind you of the Manhattan fruit cocktail that cocktail lovers are familiar with.

This flavor is a perfect combination of cranberries, lime, citrus fruits, and offers a delicate aftertaste of fruity wine. You’ll get a slight buzz from the smoking session but nothing too strong. Once you open the pack you’ll notice short, square pieces with a few stems. It will come to your attention that the shisha is very sticky.

Quality & Duration of Starbuzz Cosmopolitan

With the Starbuzz Cosmopolitan, you can expect a good one hour and a half hookah session with no disturbances or worries. Make sure you keep the shisha mixed well and prepare the hookah appropriately to extend the hookah experience even further. The duration will depend on the hookah set-up.

What amount of clouds to expect from Starbuzz Cosmopolitan

As with most of the products that Starbuzz offers, the Cosmopolitan is another one of the best Starbuzz shisha flavors that offers immensely thick clouds but no coughing. This is why it’s a top choice for hookah beginners who are not very experienced with hookah smoking.

Q&A: How to mix Starbuzz Shisha Flavors?

We’ve come to the end of our list of top Starbuzz flavors that any hookah smoker should try. As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to try and a whole new world of tastes and delicious aromas to dive into.

Once you become more experienced with different flavors you may want to spice things up and create your own mixtures by combining different shisha flavors. This is a common practice that guarantees you’ll always have something new to experience and you’ll never get bored with a certain flavor.

Most hookah smokers tend to mix mint-based shisha flavors with sweet tastes or perhaps strong flavors with weaker ones to create a perfect balance. However, there are no rules here so use your imagination and bravely experiment and explore. You might be surprised with how many different ways you can use the same hookah flavor to combine it with others. The end result will be unique and different every time!

What package has the Starbuzz flavors?

The Starbuzz packaging is high-quality and always reliable. It will keep your shisha flavors protected and fresh for a long time without any risks.

Every flavor has its own unique size variations but the majority of Starbuzz shisha flavors will come in packs of 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, or 1 kilogram for those that are certain about their choice and are invested in the long-term.

I hope that you’re now better prepared to try your next Starbuzz shisha flavor.

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