Find Out The Best Fumari Flavors: Shisha Reviews

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Last updated May 11, 2023

If you’re looking for uniqueness in the hookah world and distinctive shisha flavors that will make your heart race, you’re in for a treat with the Fumari flavors. Fumari Hookah Tobacco has turned into one of the best-selling, new-age shisha brands that have shown immense growth over the past years. In fact, it has grown more than any other brand in the space.

The Fumari shisha flavors are among the most recognized and preferred in the USA and other countries. Their flavors are professionally crafted in small batches using high-quality, premium materials and ingredients. The packaging is also something they stand out with as it’s made using flavor-lock pouches. When choosing from the top Fumari flavors, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re truly relying on one of the best.

To help you become familiar with some of the most preferred and top-selling shisha flavors offered by the brand, I’ve created a list of the best Fumari flavors. I’ve personally tried them and I’ve also received feedback from friends and I’m about to reveal my honest opinion.

List of Top Fumari flavors in 2023

Before I dive into a bit more detail on each selection, I’ve prepared a list with the names of the Fumari shisha flavors that are among the most preferred:

These are the Best Fumari flavors in 2023

1. Review of Fumari Ambrosia

Fumari Ambrosia flavor review

Fumari’s Ambrosia shisha flavor is like a delicious, fruity salad. It’s a gentle combination of marshmallows, pineapple, orange, coconut, and yogurt. It’s safe to say that the dominating taste is the marshmallow flavor as it’s the base used for this version.

However, you can also feel the creamy orange mix and the thin melon layer that tickles the senses. It perfectly complements the sweetness offered by the marshmallows. This hookah flavor is certainly unique and difficult to copy. You won’t be able to find it among other brands which is why I strongly recommend you give it a try.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Ambrosia

When it comes to duration, you can get a smoking session of anything between 45 and 60 minutes. This is the standard longevity for most Fumari flavors, although there are some exceptions. You won’t get a buzz from smoking this flavor. The cut is the typical medium-cut offered by the brand and the overall quality is exceptional.

How much Clouds produce Fumari Ambrosia?

I’ve always enjoyed smooth, puffy clouds with Ambrosia in addition to its mouth-watering aroma and taste. The smoke with this shisha flavor is the typical Fumari plumes. They’ve massive, milky, and something I personally always look forward to. It’s worth noting that the clouds you get will highly depend on the way you’ve set up your hookah overall.

Fumari Flavors Packaging

You can find all the Fumari shisha tobacco flavors in two different sizes. Enjoy a 100-gram pack if you’re just getting started and want to have a taste or buy the 1-kilo pack if you’re certain you’ll love it.

Fumari review shisha

2. Review of Fumari White Gummi Bear

Fumari white gummi bear design

If you’ve ever done any research on the best Fumari flavors, you’ve probably heard of the White Gummi Bear flavor. It’s one of the most exciting shisha flavors of all times, with its sweet and citrusy pineapple taste.

It’s an outstanding tropical flavor that delivers an amazing hookah session. In addition, it’s amazing to smoke during the day as it leaves behind a nice fresh feeling that will get you going. The White Gummi Bear Flavor also has a delicate orange vibe.

Quality & Duration of Fumari White Gummi Bear

The White Gummi Bear shisha tobacco has a long-lasting flavor that will stay strong and juicy throughout the whole hookah session. There’s a slight lemony sensation that almost brings the clouds to life. It’s a medium cut with some stems here and there. It’s extremely juicy and aromatic.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari White Gummi Bear?

You’ll fall in love with the aromatic puffs that you’ll get from smoking this flavor. The clouds are amazing, strong, and massive with a bit of milky sensation to them. The gargantuan smoke will take you on a real delicious journey with a citrus-infused pineapple flavor.

3. Review of Fumari Blueberry Muffin shisha flavor

Fumari blueberry muffin

We’ve reached one of my personal top Fumari flavors of all time – the Blackberry Muffin. The experience can simply be described as a visit to your favorite sweet shop. It’s one of the most unparalleled tastes and it’s safe to say that no other brand has come anywhere near imitating the flavor. Smoking it is almost like eating a blueberry-infused cake.

The name of the shisha flavor is perfect as the experience you get is absolutely genuine. It’s suitable both for beginners and experienced hookah smokers. It’s also a great option for any time of day and gives a great occasion for a cool relaxing smoking session with friends.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Blueberry Muffin

The duration of the smoke session with Fumari’s Blueberry Muffin is around an hour but can vary depending on the setup. The cut is nothing surprising – you get the standard medium-cut like with any Fumari flavor. You’ll get outstanding quality as Fumari never disappoints when it comes to quality tobacco and only premium quality materials.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Blueberry Muffin flavor?

The Blueberry Muffin is not only delicious but it also offers thick, puffy smoke that answers the expectations of even the most experienced hookah smokers. The flavor is long-lasting and you won’t get any burnouts.

4. Review of Fumari Lemon Mint hookah flavor

Fumari Lemon & mint review

Any combination of mint and lemon is simply amazing for the senses. But Fumari’s Lemon Mint shisha flavor is something else. You’ll be lured into setting up your hookah as soon as you break the pouch’s seal and smell the beautiful and refreshing aroma.

There’s a perfect balance between the lemon and mint and neither dominates in terms of smell. This flavor was the most popular flavor a few years ago thanks to its citrus magical taste. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced hookah smokers and is bound to deliver pleasure in any case.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Lemon Mint

The quality of Fumari’s Lemon Mint shisha flavor is outstanding, which is why its popularity is so large among hookah enthusiasts. The hookah session duration is somewhere around an hour and it’s important to note that heat management is essential, especially if you’re using three coals and a small bowl. It’s easy to burn it in less than 20 minutes if not looked after properly.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Lemon and Mint?

Thick and milky clouds will be everywhere around you while smoking this flavor. Most Fumari shisha tobaccos offer exceptional performance when it comes to the smoke output and this one is no exception.

5. Review of Fumari Spiced Chai shisha flavor

Fumari spiced chai review

Just imagine a combination of creamy vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and spices. That’s right, this deliciousness does exist in the hookah world and it’s Fumari’s Spiced Chai. I would describe this flavor as rather complex as there is a lot going on in terms of taste but it all works out perfectly.

There’s a slight cardamon, nutmeg, and cinnamon feeling to it that will make you feel cozy and warm on the inside. This is one of Fumari’s top shisha flavors that are extremely popular in India and not only. You’re in for a real treat if you still haven’t tried it and are planning to.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Spiced Chai

The Spiced Chai is not only tempting in terms of taste capabilities but it also offers an enhanced duration when compared to other Fumari flavors. You can enjoy a tasty hookah session of about 75 minutes and the flavor will remain strong all the way. There’s no buzz unless you’re not a nicotine-smoker and you haven’t smoked shisha in the past two months. Overall, I’d say it’s excellent quality.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Spiced Chai

You’ll certainly experience a full and rich smoke experience with hurricane-like clouds. The smoke from the Fumari Spiced Chai is extremely thick and pleasant. It’s enough to satisfy the needs of any hookah smoker.

6. Review of Fumari Double Apple 

Fumari double apple review

If anyone asks about the Double Apple by Fumari, I always say it’s a perennial classic. There’s a strong anise scent that is well-mixed into this apple flavor and the overall hookah experience is rather standard and traditional.

Some refer to this shisha flavor as the godfather of hookah tobacco flavors. It’s a strong flavor with a unique black liquorice taste. I’ve also heard people describe it as a bit too sweet. The high-quality pouch will guarantee that the taste and juicy aromas are not lost regardless of how long you have it for before smoking.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Double Apple

Double Apple is among the first unique fruit blend flavors created to fulfil the desires of original hookah smokers. It’s an extremely eminent flavor that most experienced hookah fans will have tried. In terms of longevity, if you prepare your hookah right and maintain it well, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience for about an hour.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Double Apple

The Double Apple clouds are pretty nice and I always look forward to enjoying a good, thick, juicy smoke. You won’t experience any coughing with this flavor as it’s rather gentle yet powerful. A beautiful blend that I’d highly recommend

7. Review of Fumari Watermelon

Fumari watermelon shisha review

Another one of my personal favorites is Fumari’s Watermelon flavor. The strong watermelon taste is perfectly blended in with natural fruit and melon notes, making it a bit less toned. It’s an absolutely delicious treat that I often share with my friends on a casual Friday afternoon or the weekend.

I’ve heard a few people say that the watermelon taste feels a bit artificial but I personally don’t agree. It’s a taste that will blow your mind as it’s neither too sweet nor too tart. If you’re a fruit fan, definitely try it. It’s a perfect choice for the summer days and nights and is great for hookah newbies as well as experienced smokers.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Watermelon

Although the quality is excellent in terms of taste and aroma, you could have a bit of a problem with the longevity of the hookah session. The bowl does burn out relatively quickly. What I do is add a bit of honey to extend the smoking session. The smoke could feel harsh from time to time while smoking. It’s a great choice for mixing and trying new flavors.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Watermelon

The phenomenal smoke typical for Fumari shisha tobacco is present with this flavor as well. You can definitely impress your friends by setting up your hookah with the Watermelon flavor by Fumari. What you’ll get are thick, majestic, and fruity clouds that are hard to ignore.

8. Review of Fumari Orange Cream

Fumari orange cream hookah flavor review

Fumari’s Orange Cream shisha tobacco is a muggy blend between sweet cream and strong citrusy notes with a distinctive orange taste. I think it’s a perfect mix that can deliver joy to your taste buds.

When you open the pack you’ll notice a smell that resembles an orange creamsicle. It’s light and nothing too strong or aggressive, which is something different for Fumari as the aromas are usually quite strong.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Orange Cream

The Orange Cream is a medium choppy cut that is excessively juicy. A large portion of the bag is juice. The quality is nothing different to that of all Fumari flavors or in other words – pure joy! The smoke session will last somewhere around an hour during which you’ll get a decent taste from start to finish.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Orange Cream

Smoking the Orange Cream is like inhaling from a fog machine. The whole room will be filled with thick, dense, and powerful clouds that you’ll simply be addicted to. It’s an amazing experience that I love to have at least once a week. There’s nothing disappointing about this flavor altogether.

9. Review of Fumari Purple Grape

Fumari purple grape review

Next up on the list of the best Fumari flavors is the Purple Grape – a flavor that is like a time machine taking your back through time. You’ll get a blast of sweetness with a dominant purple grape taste and a gentle white grape undertone.

The mix is perfectly blended to give an overall result of a classy, fruity, delicious taste. It’s a perfect choice if you want to sit back and relax after a long day. It’s suitable for beginners and pro smokers and is also suitable as a solo flavor and as a mix.

Quality & Duration of Fumari Purple Grape

This is another high-quality product by Fumari. For some smokers, it could be a bit too sweet, which is why some people use it as a mixer. The flavor is long-lasting and you’ll enjoy a long session, especially if you take care of the hookah like a master.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Purple Grape

As I’ve already mentioned, the Fumari brand rarely disappoints its customers when it comes to clouds. The Purple Grape falls under the category of shisha flavors that produce juicy, dense clouds that are capable of creating a fog curtain that you can hide in.

10. Review of Fumari Sweet Mint

Fumari sweet mint review

Fumari’s Sweet Mint is a gorgeous sweet blend of peppermint and spearmint. It’s a delicate mix that has been produced to perfection, which is why it deserves its unique spot on this list of top Fumari flavors to try.

Mixing sweet and minty flavors offers a unique taste experience. It’s both cold and bold at the same time but delicious as well. This shisha flavor can make you feel fresh like no other thanks to its minty freshness with every breath. Both beginners and hookah experts love it as it’s not too strong but not too gentle either. The perfect balance I’d say!

Quality & Duration of Fumari Sweet Mint

When you first smell the bag you’ll probably be reminded of spearmint gum. It’s a medium cut that is typical for Fumari and there have been no compromises made with the quality. The duration of the smoke session will last anywhere around 45 minutes and an hour. Nothing too special but enough to relax you and give you a pleasant hookah experience.

What amount of clouds produce Fumari Sweet Mint

Every time I imagine the spearmint clouds that fill up my room when smoking the Sweet Mint I feel tempted to light up my hookah. The smoke output is great with immense clouds that spread the fresh aromas all around. What better way to spend your evenings than by sharing this experience with friends.

Q&A: Is Fumari shisha good?

Fumari is one of the most popular shisha brands among hookah enthusiasts. It’s actually a very good choice if you want huge clouds and sweet flavors. Fumari knows exactly what people want from the shisha and they simply give them. Also, the price of this brand is good too! So, find your favorite Fumari flavor and share it with your friends.

How to mix Fumari flavors?

Fumari flavors are amazing alone but they can also be creatively used as part of mixes that will help you enjoy an enriched and enhanced session. When it comes to mixing shisha flavors, there are no rules and you can never go wrong.

Of course, some tastes will appeal more to your taste buds in particular but it’s all a matter of preferences. The standard advice is that you’ll get an amazing new taste if you mix sweet flavors with mint-based flavors and strong flavors with mild or weaker ones.

But remember, there are no limits and you can use as much of your imagination as you wish to create the tastes that will work for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and share your feedback with friends. You may be surprised to find out that they’ll probably have some cool ideas too.

I hope I’ve been helpful with this article on the best Fumari flavors. Until next time!

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