Top 7 Best Selling Tangiers Shisha Flavors

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Last updated May 11, 2023

2 hose hookahs are becoming more and more popular over the years. But are they worth trying? They are unique with their design and easy to share with larger groups of friends for obvious reasons – less time wasted in waiting your turn.

There are varieties of brands and sizes on the market. Actually, the majority of them are of poor quality. Here, I will try to explain to you which double hose hookahs are the best and how to find the right one for you. Stay until the end!

Review of Top Tangiers tobacco flavors

1. Tangiers Kashmir Peach Flavor Review

Tangiers kashmir peach

If you enjoy a good, tasty, fruity flavor then Tangiers Kashmir Peach is a perfect choice for you. It will win you over from the moment you smell it. The aroma is the perfect mix between spicy and floral scents, with an extra layer of fruitfulness. If I had to translate this shisha into food terms, I’d have to say it reminds me of baked peaches with spices on a pastry crust.

When smoking, you might notice that the room will start smelling like you’re baking muffins in there.

Tangiers Kashmir Peach is part of their Noir line or black line, meaning that the nicotine levels are high.

Clouds & Duration

Tangiers as a brand is popular for its high-quality shisha products and the exceptionally rich and thick clouds. Kashmir Peach is no exception and can blow your mind and make you dive into a pool of fruity clouds.

The duration of your smoking session with this tasty flavor will depend on your hookah setup and the coals you use. In addition, your heat management will matter in addition to the type of bowl you have. Generally, it’s normal to expect a session of around 3 hours. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll go through 2 rounds of coals without a problem.

About the buzz

When it comes to the buzz and the strength of the Kashmir Peach, it’s safe to say that it’s among the stronger choices available from Tangiers. Considering that it’s part of the Noir line, you can expect to get a nice kick and buzz after smoking.

This is mainly why the flavor is recommended for experienced hookah smokers rather than newbies. Remember to eat and hydrate yourself before smoking this flavor, especially if you’re used to smoking lighter shishas like Fumari.

2. Review of Tangiers Orange Soda

Tangiers orange soda review

Next up, another strong flavor that will block your socks off – the Orange Soda. It can be found in the Tangiers Noir and Tangiers Birquq lines and is popular for its extremely rich flavor that will last through the whole hookah journey without disappointing you. Its cut is the typical giant-leaf-pile style, common for Tangiers.

The aroma is extremely dense and rich and smokers admit that it’s much better than any other orange soda flavor.

Clouds & Duration

The Orange Soda is another hookah tobacco that is perfect for smokers who love to feel the thickness of the clouds from a good exhale.

You’re in for a treat as the clouds are extremely thick and rich. The flavor might become too intense at times, but you can regulate it if necessary.

The duration of the session can last for around 4 hours and even more if you’re set it up correctly.

About the buzz

If you’re a smoker who is purely after the aromas and a hookah experience without a buzz then Orange Soda may not be the right call for you. It will definitely give you a buzz, especially if you’re used to smoking other lines that are not so rich in nicotine. The buzz effect is probably why most users don’t go for the full 4-hour session but would rather cut it shorter.

3. Tangiers 2005 Blueberry Flavor Review

2005 Tangiers blueberry review

Another Tangiers shisha from the Noir line, the 2005 Blueberry wins the hearts of hookah fans with its sweet and powerful aromas. This shisha flavor has gone through a lot of changes and improvements to become what it is today. Originally, when the flavor was developed in 2005, it could blow your mind with its sweet blueberry taste. However, Tangiers decided to continue with their original blueberry formula, which involved a darker blueberry taste.

This took away some of the richness, which was a disappointment to a lot of hookah smokers. Nowadays, the sweet flavor is back, with a bit of creaminess added to it.

It’s definitely a classic flavor and is a medium cut, dark, and choppy shisha tobacco. The aromas will remind you of a blueberry muffin with slight and gentle tobacco undertones.

Clouds & Duration

Again, any shisha tobacco’s duration will depend on how good you are at packing your hookah bowl. The choice of natural hookah coals is also essential when it comes to your expectations for longevity. With the 2005 Blueberry, you can enjoy a hookah session of around 2 or 3 hours. Just like with any other Tangiers product, the clouds are massive and will create a fog around you and will dip you in a blueberry world of aromas.

About the buzz

By now you’ve probably become aware of the fact that when we’re talking about Tangiers Noir, the buzz is strong and hard. With 2005 Blueberry, it’s the same. You can experience a nice buzz and even slight dizziness if you don’t regularly smoke nicotine or are not experienced with strong leaf hookah tobaccos. It’s highly advisable to have a good meal before smoking this flavor if you’re with zero or low experience.

4. Tangiers cane mint – review of the most loved flavor

Tangiers cane mint review

Ah, the Cane Mint!

We’ve now reached a special place in this list as Tangiers Cane Mint is the most popular shisha tobacco from the brand. Cane Mint holds first place in a number of lists reviewing Tangiers and there are a number of reasons for that. It’s the best peppermint flavor you can find on the hookah tobacco market. So what does Tangiers Cane mint taste like?

If you’re a fan of icy cool minty tastes and aromas, your taste buds are about to get pampered.

Tangiers Cane Mint is not only the top flavor by the brand, it’s actually among the best of all time by any tobacco producer. It can be found in the Tangiers Birquq line. The flavor is a strong mint and will give you a feeling similar to chewing peppermint candy. It will leave your mouth fresh and icy.

It’s a perfect choice if you want to mix it up and combine it with other flavors. Some of the top combinations are between Cane Mint and citrus flavors like Lemon. It also works perfectly with Tanya Blueberry, Al Fakher Chocolate and Watermelon.

Clouds & Duration of Cane Mint flavor

There’s no need to worry about the clouds as they’re everything you could possibly imagine and wish for from hookah tobacco. They’re absolutely great, with no exceptions. They’re neither too thick nor too thin and are simply the perfect density. This is something a lot of smokers enjoy but if you’re after the truly thick and dense clouds, you might be better off with a different type of shisha.

The duration is also nice and you can expect a long and lasting hookah experience with this flavor.

About the buzz

Like most other Tangiers shisha tobaccos, Cane Mint is produced using dark leaf tobacco, which instantly makes it strong. With that in mind, you can expect to get the typical strong buzz only after a few puffs. With a higher nicotine percentage, it can make inexperienced smokers feel a bit dizzy and lightheaded. The best way to avoid a strong buzz if it’s not what you’re looking for is to mix Cane Mint with blonde leaf tobacco that is lighter and not as strong.

5. Review of Tangiers Pineapple Flavor

Pineapple by Tangiers

Tangiers Pineapple is perhaps among the sweetest flavors of them all. It’s a brilliant mix that gives you a strong aroma and taste of sweet pineapples. You can sense a bit of candy-based smells and you’ll be drawn to this aroma as soon as you open the bag.

The pineapple flavor is also part of Tangiers Noir and not only offers a strong taste but it’s also a dark leaf tobacco, meaning that it’s strong in general. It’s made using mostly stringy long leaves that create a juicy experience.

My personal experience with this shisha tobacco was brilliant and exactly what I was looking for. It was like smoking candy!

Clouds & Duration of Tangiers Pineapple

The smoke is thick and nothing different from the typical Tangiers clouds. The session could last around 2 hours but you can enjoy it for much longer with a proper setup.

The duration is also nice and you can expect a long and lasting hookah experience with this flavor.

About the buzz

Tangiers Pineapple will give you a pretty good buzz. However, if you regularly smoke dark leaf tobacco you might have developed a decent tolerance, meaning that you won’t feel your head light.

6. Tangiers Horchata Flavor Review

Horchata Tangiers review

Tangiers Horchata is another extremely popular hookah tobacco from the brand. It’s a perfect combination of spicy cinnamon and sweet heavy cream. In fact, it’s interesting to share that the flavor was designed as an inspiration from a rice milk drink that is very popular in Mexico. The shisha flavor is almost identical to the drink.

It’s a great shisha tobacco to smoke on its own but can also work wonders when combined with other flavors. For instance, try mixing the Tangiers Horchata with Tangiers Cocoa. You’’ll get a brilliant Oreo flavor that you won’t be able to resist!

There’s no wonder that Tangiers Horchata is one of the fastest selling flavors from the brand. It’s often created from rice, almonds, cinnamon, and vanilla. Just imagine smoking a rice pudding! When smoking, a low heat will give you double creaminess, while a high heat will give you a chocolate cocoa magic.

Clouds & Duration of Tangiers Horchata

Horchata’s clouds are absolutely amazing and nothing less than what you probably expect from Tangiers. I love the experience when smoking this flavor as the smoke is so aromatic that it can easily make you crave a nice sweet rice pudding.

The longevity is around 2 hours per 10-15 grams. Of course, if you use a larger hookah bowl you’re capable of expanding this duration. The duration is nice and you can expect a long and lasting hookah experience with this flavor.

About the buzz

The Horchata flavor is part of the Tangiers Birquq, meaning that it’s not as strong as the flavors we looked at from the Noir line. It’s a more washed shisha tobacco that will give you a slight buzz but nothing too dramatic. The flavor is suitable for both experienced hookah pros and beginners.

7. Tangiers Static Starlight Shisha Review

Static starlight review

With a capturing name, Static Starlight is last on our list of best Tangiers flavors. It’s a fruity flavor that gives you a sense of flowery scents and berries. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a stand-alone flavor.

Yet, it can open your eyes to new experiences when mixed with other flavors like the Brambleberry or the Darkside filling star.

Static Starlight is a normal Tangiers cut and is finely chopped. You’ll notice some stems in the package. The aroma is excellent as the tobacco smells like grape soda. When smoking, you can taste the grapes with a slight note of rose, making the perfect combo between floral and fruity scents.

Clouds & Duration of Tangiers Static Starlight

Static Starlight doesn’t disappoint when it comes to clouds as it produces a nice, thick and rich smoke. It’s just what most smokers are after, which makes it a popular flavor for both experts and newbies.

The duration of the smoking session you can expect is around 2 hours. However, longevity will depend on a number of factors and you can dramatically increase it if you’re more experienced.

About the buzz

Yes, Static Starlight will give you a buzz and a strong one too. This is why it’s recommended to mix it with less strong tobacco if you’re less experienced or simply don’t enjoy a rough kick.


There they are, the best Tangiers flavors reviewed! The brand is definitely one that I would recommend trying if you already haven’t.

They provide a huge variety of options to try and can help you spice up your hookah sessions. Don’t be scared to try new things and mix different flavors bravely. You never know what new amazing combo you might discover!

I hope you’ll enjoy these reviews and you’ll find them useful for your next hookah experiences.

Until next time!

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