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If you are looking to improve your hookah experience and find something classic and unique, then you are in the right place. You probably already know about the Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Even if you are not familiar with them you definitely will want to have one of these amazingly shaped hookahs.

They are a pure classic and deserve more attention when it comes to hookah reviews. Now they are easy to find and share with friends. But how do you know which Khalil Mamoon hookahs are the best ones and which one will fit your needs best?

That’s why I am here to provide you with a full list and honest review of the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs on the current market. So stay until the end.

1. Review of Khalil Mamoon Chiller Authentic Sadaf

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Copper

This single hose Khalil Mamoon Chiller hookah is pretty unique from a design point of view. It’s 100% handmade in Egypt and it’s well known as an Egyptian-style hookah. The craftsman inserted special storage for ice to chill down your smoke even more.

It’s 33” tall which is enough and a good standard for hookahs. It comes with an Egyptian style hose and bowl. Also, the glass vase is painted with traditional Egyptian-style prints for KM hookahs.

I personally rank this Khalil Mamoon hookah in the top 3 of the best ones. Not only is the design unique, but the ice storage is something extraordinary. You should definitely try smoking with this piece of art.

What to expect from Khalil Mamoon Chiller Authentic Sadaf

You can expect smooth airflow like all KM hookahs. One of the best features is the chilled smoke. So you can get huge clouds and an easy to pull device. What I think is a disadvantage is an Egyptian-style bowl. It’s not the best quality bowl compared to other products’ quality. But you can totally replace it with pretty much any type of hookah bowl.

Price and quality comparison of KM Chiller Authentic Sadaf

The overall quality of the KM Chiller Sadaf hookah is pretty good. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the best features of KM hookahs is their handmade style. It’s 100% human-made and sometimes there are imperfections, which is totally normal. However, this will not ruin your session.

The price is slightly higher compared to other modern hookahs. But handmade items are always more expensive. Don’t panic, you will not break the bank. I suggest you try this type of hookah if you want something extraordinary.

2. Review of Khalil Mamoon Single Pear nargile

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Egyptian

This is another great product and one of the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs I personally know. It also has positive reviews among the hookah community.

A single Pear is about 34” tall which is a pretty satisfying size. But this is traditional for these types of hookahs. It also has a unique silver design stem with a black Pear in the middle. Something unique when it comes to handmade hookahs.

This model comes with a traditional Egyptian bowl and a hose. The bowl is glazed but is still not my preferred type of bowl. Also, you can take advantage of a cleaning brush included in the package of the KM Single Pear hookah.

What to expect from Khalil Mamoon Single Pear

With this hookah, you will have a unique smoking session and you will feel the traditional hookah spirit in your room. Make sure to share it with friends for complete satisfaction.

The large enough stem will ensure good airflow and lots of smoke which every hookah enthusiast is looking for.

Price and quality comparison of KM Single Pear hookah

You can get this good handmade KM hookah at a regular price. It’s less expensive compared to the Khalil Mamoon Chiller hookah.

The overall quality is good, but what I do not like is the inconsistent quality of their bowls. Typically they are small and imperfect. So make sure you get a better quality hookah bowl for the best results.

3. Review of Khalil Mamoon Messi Hookah

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah

This hookah model is another great product from the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs list. It’s a 32-33’’ tall cold-steel made product.

It comes with a clay-glazed hookah bowl and a good traditional long-handle hookah hose. It’s pretty comfortable to smoke this hookah because everything is smooth and the hose is so flexible.
The cold steel-made stem is beautiful and easy to maintain. Just run water and wash it with your hookah brush.

When it comes to the base, it is painted with golden or silver beautiful lines, typical for the KM hookahs.

What to expect from the Khalil Mamoon Messi hookah

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a cold-steel handmade hookah and you can expect thick satisfying clouds. That’s all we want right? But that is not all. The best feature is that the hookah is easy to maintain. You can wash it with regular water and your hookah cleaning brush.


Also, the long handle hookah hose is very flexible and it’s 60” long, which is a good size. You will get an Egyptian-style clay bowl in the package too.

Price and quality comparison of Khalil Mamoon Messi Hookah

The quality of KM Messi is pretty satisfactory as you know it’s a handmade product. What I do not like about this product listing is the inconsistent description. It says 37 inches tall, but it’s actually 32-33. Also, the colors are not exactly the same as the picture suggests, but this is normal for dynamic orders.

The price is pretty reasonable when it comes to handmade products. The materials are premium quality and you will get 100% of what you pay for, so definitely worth the investment.


4. Review of Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef narguile

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah

Black Shareef has won most of the best reviews of Khalil Mamoon hookahs on the internet. I already reviewed it in the previous article about the best hookahs, but now let’s look at it a little bit deeper.

The Black Shareef is another classic Egyptian hookah but with some modern notes. This piece of art has a unique design, it has a black stem with interesting shapes on it. The glass vase has beautiful paints on it, traditional for KM hookahs.

You can’t go wrong with this type of hookah. I consider it as one of the best Khalil Mamoon hookahs because it is a perfect combination of style and easy maintenance. Also, the materials used are high quality such as stainless steel and strong glass.

What to expect from the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef

You can expect the traditional package of KM hookah with a flexible long handle hose and an Egyptian clay bowl. It also includes a brush for easy maintenance.


It’s recommended to wash the hookah well before the first smoke. Then you can continue with the regular maintenance.


This hookah is designed to produce thick smoke and has an easy to inhale hose and stem. So you can’t be disappointed after buying it.

Price and quality comparison of Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef

As I have mentioned, this is a pretty good quality product from the brand Khalil Mamoon and only premium materials are used in the production process. Like other hookahs by this brand, you should consider replacing the clay bowl because of its low quality. But it’s my opinion. You can totally use it if you want.

The price is nothing that will burn your pocket as you know it’s something that you can’t easily do with other brands. This is also the first Khalil Mamoon that comes with a solid black stem and a tray so it’s definitely worth the experience.

5. Review of Khalil Mamoon Karamana mini hookah

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Silver

It’s so cute, isn’t it? This little piece of art is made for you and it’s so easy to use and transfer, you will fall in love with it. This is a silver hand-crafted stainless steel classic KM hookah.

It’s 22’’ tall which makes it a small hookah. But does that mean the hookah is bad? Definitely not.

It’s the same quality hookah but in а smaller version. The glass is painted with gold rimming by hand with a brush.

You will not get two identical glass vases from Khalil Mamoon simply because a different manufacturer creates glass vases for KM in Egypt.

What to expect from Khalil Mamoon Karamana mini hookah

An incredible smoking experience, more clouds, yet a smoother finish, wide-gauge tubing, high-functioning purge valve, and bell-shaped base. That is what you can expect from this quality product. For me, this is the best small Khalil Mamoon hookah on the current market. Not just because of the simple design, but because of the quality and the love inside the hookah.

Price and quality comparison of Khalil Mamoon Karamana mini hookah

It is also normal to find small inconsistencies in the applied design since they are not applied through silkscreen or heat transfer methods.

The price obviously is slightly lower than the other Khalil Mamoon hookahs, because Karamana is much smaller. However, it’s affordable to have one of these.

The hookah hose has an interesting wooden finish but still is a good idea to pick an alternative one just in case.

About the “KM” brand

Khalil Mamoon or Mr. Khalil Mamoon is a well-known brand with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing hand-crafted hookah devices in Egypt. The tradition of making their hookahs is 500 years old.

Before manufacturing hookahs, Khalil Mamoon specialized in restoring antiques. He then turned his attention to collecting and then manufacturing authentic hookahs.

In other words, the design of the hookahs is pretty unique. Each device is carefully hand-welded and inspected by the craftsman. The two main materials used for the hookah stem production are stainless steel and brass.

Nowadays KM preserves all the traditions and also produces flavored shisha tobacco too. You can take advantage of quality shisha with rich fruit aromas.

Are Khalil Mamoon Hookahs good at all?

Khalil Mamoon hookahs have a long history and preserved traditions of making one of the best hand-crafted hookahs in the world. They are good at making stainless steel products and have so many years of experience. So it’s definitely worth trying this outstanding products.

How to recognize fake Khalil Mamoon hookah?


  • First, inspect it well with your eyes – this means when you receive or buy a KM hookah in person you should analyze it well. If you do NOT spot imperfections and welding marks, then the hookah is fake. KM is well known for its hand-made designs, and they can’t be perfect. This is a totally fine fact.
  • Look for their initials – typically Khalil Maamoon always stamps their name on the top of the stem (where the tray sits) and on the tray. If you do not find KM initials then do not buy them.
  • Inspect the material – when you buy KM hookah you must make sure that the material is stainless steel or brass. These materials can’t rust, so if you find any marks of rust – stay away from this hookah.


Now you know more about the brand, about the features, models, and history. It’s your turn to select the hookah that fits best to your needs and preferences. There are definitely lots of unique designs by Khalil Mamoon and worth the investment.

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