The Best Multi-Hose Hookahs In 2023 – Are They Worth the Investment?

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Last updated May 11, 2023

2 hose hookahs are becoming more and more popular over the years. But are they worth trying? They are unique with their design and easy to share with larger groups of friends for obvious reasons – less time wasted in waiting your turn.

There are varieties of hookah brands and sizes on the market. Actually, the majority of them are of poor quality. Here, I will try to explain to you which double hose hookahs are the best and how to find the right one for you. Stay until the end!

What to look for when buying a multi hose hookah

  • Materials. I often speak about the importance of the materials used in a hookah manufacturing process. These days, most of the 2 hose and 4 hose hookahs are of poor quality. They look cheap and oxidize after a few sessions.   A quality hookah is a hookah made with reliable materials such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminium. Of course, the base must be made from glass and must be easy to wash.
  • Accessories. The accessories are another important part when it comes to 2 hose hookah or 4 hose hookah. Most hookahs come with non-washable hoses and unreliable metal screens and bowls. I advise you to choose one with a washable hookah hose and a good heat management device.
  • Easy to maintain. When it comes to hookah maintenance, always be sure you choose the one that is easy to clean. Washable hookah and their accessories are a must and if you see problems with this step – forget the hookah.

Trilogy 4 hose hookah review

Beautiful Hookah Review

This modern design hookah made by Mata Leon is a pure piece of art. It’s made out of quality glass and aluminium parts. A true masterpiece! It has 4 hose port adapters with purge valves, which is a pretty unique benefit. You can connect up to 4 hoses at once!

The stem can be disassembled in 3 parts and this is where the name comes from – trilogy. The middle one is created using premium quality aluminium with an anodizing finish, while the downpipe is made using stainless steel.

The handmade tank is 55mm thick and it’s made from high-quality crystal. The bottom pipe has a diffuser, offering a smoother pull and better filtration.


  • The materials used for this hookah are premium quality
  • It has 4 hose ports with purge valves
  • It comes with a good quality clay bowl
  • The hose is flexible and easy to wash
  • You can control the height of the hookah


  • Only one hose is included in the set
  • It’s a pretty heavy hookah because of the massive vase
  • The heat management device is not the best quality and I suggest you buy a bigger heat keeper

Cookah – complete 2 hose hookah set review

Cookah - 2 hose hookah

This 2 hose hookah is perfect for people who want to share their session with friends or family. The Cookah is a middle-size modern 2 hose hookah with all hookah accessories included in the package. This eye-catching hookah set has a handblown gourd-shaped glass vase and a quality aluminium hookah stem.

The package includes 2 silicone hookah hoses with springs, an ashtray, the latest closed chamber system, and a stylish hookah handle with a comfortable grip. The company has created a user manual for you. This will help to better understand how to assemble the hookah and start using it the same day after buying it.


  • The hookah is easy to use according to the user manual
  • 100% washable parts
  • Very good price to quality ratio
  • Beautiful modern style


  • No HMD in the package

Black panther – 2 hose hookah review

Black panther - 2 hose hookah review

The black panther 2 hose hookah is another great product on the review list. It’s an all-black color hookah set, 30 inches in height. I like the design and the overall appearance of this device. It’s easy to assemble and maintain, which makes it a reliable product.

The stem is rust-resistant and made from quality aluminium. It has two black hookah hoses in the package made from silicone and aluminium handles. The package has a silicone bowl, ashtray, and 2 metal screens.


  • It has everything in the package
  • The hookah parts are completely washable
  • The parts are made from high-quality aluminium
  • The design is beautiful


  • There are no springs for the hoses which makes them easy to fold and trap the smoke
  • The bowl and screens are small and it’s required to purchase better ones

The most attractive affordable 2 hose hookah

Gstar V2 – premium series hookah review

Gstar 2 hose hookah review

G star is a well-known brand among hookah enthusiasts. They are famous for their affordable and reliable hookahs. The two hose Gstar hookah is a small and beautiful device that can be shared with friends and family. The good thing about it is the price. Affordable and reliable as I said.

This 2 hose hookah is 15-inch in height. It has a mat finished shaft and an improved glass base according to the company announcement. More of what you can find in the package – a traditional clay bowl, two plastic hoses, and metal tongs with poker.


  • The hookah is easy to transfer
  • Completely washable and rust-resistant
  • It has 2 hoses in the package
  • The price is pretty affordable


  • The bowl is small and not reliable
  • There is no heat management system in the set

Acrylic diamond-shaped multi hose hookah set

Acrylic 2 hose hookah

This diamond-shaped acrylic multi-hose hookah is perfect for beginners who want to share their sessions with friends. The hookah is attractive and offers a complete lighting show with an LED multi-color base.

The hookah is completely washable and portable. The base crystal transparency and light transmittance are above 92%, soft light, clear vision, excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness, and a surface gloss finish.

The package includes:

  • 2 synthetic leather hookah hoses
  • One diamond-shaped base
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Aluminium downstem & ashtray
  • Tongs
  • LED light with remote control


  • An easy to transfer hookah
  • Completely washable parts
  • Looks attractive


  • The base is plastic
  • No metal screens in the package


It’s important to remember that it is not recommended to pull from the hookah while another person is already inhaling it. This way you are literally “stealing” the smoke from your smoking partner’s mouth.

In order to finish this article, we can say that multi-hose hookahs are good. The best thing about it is that it can be shared with more people at the same time and you don’t have to wait many minutes to begin smoking your favorite shisha. These hookahs are designed to provide you with more easy and chill sessions, and you hold the hose during the whole session. How cool is that?

I hope you found this article helpful and the decision of buying a new multi-hose hookah is now an easy task for you.

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