Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide: The Best Glass Hookahs

Written by Jacob - Hookah Enthusiast

Last updated May 11, 2023

Hookahs come in so many different shapes and sizes that it could be a real challenge to find the right product for you. Enjoying a tasty and cloud-rich smoking session will depend on a lot of factors, one of them being the type of hookah you’ve purchased and how you’ve prepared it. Sure, the shisha flavor does have its say but it’s not the only thing that matters.

In this article, I’ll be going over glass hookahs. I’ve prepared a list of the best glass hookah products on the market that I’ve personally tried. Also, you can check my other complete buying guide of the best hookahs on the market and choose the right device for you.

By the end of your reading, you’ll be prepared to make the right purchase decision and get the glass hookah that you’ve always wanted. Enjoy a truly tasty and puffy hookah experience with a quality product that you can rely on for months and even years.

List of top rated glass-made hookahs

There are a ton of options to choose from when it comes to hookah glass. The products that you can find online come in different price categories, sizes, quality materials, and more.

Here’s my list of top glass hookahs that I believe are worth trying:

But what’s so special about them? Let’s dive into a bit more detail into each suggestion to see what it is that makes the product unique and worth the investment.

Review of the the reliable glass hookahs in 2023

1. VooV Lit All Glass Cube Hooka Review

Gemini innovative hookah Coal Burner

The VooV Lit all-glass hookah set is truly a new-age, modern hookah solution that will blow your mind in terms of design. Its all-glass design and American engineering are out of this world and guarantee a luxurious hookah experience. Anyone that I’ve spoken to who has tried this hookah glass only has good things to say and a positive overall opinion about it.

It’s a stable hookah and you can use coconut coals with it, making it a healthy option. With an excellent construction that guarantees stability no matter what type of surface you’re using it on, the VooV Lit cube also guaranteed amazing smoke and puffy clouds.

You won’t experience any problems with a nasty taste and you’re definitely in for a treat.

Product features

The VooV Lit is a full glass hookah that is about 10” tall. The product is crafted using borosilicate glass of the highest quality.

All of VooV’s products are handmade and thoroughly analyzed and tested before being released on the market. This guarantees an excellent quality that any hookah enthusiast can rely on, no matter how experienced. The set includes:

  • 19mm male bowl
  • 24mm downstem
  • 14mm detachable purge valve
  • 19mm female bowl adapter
  • Food-grade & odor-resistant black silicone hose
  • Aluminium handle
  • 14mm connector
  • Charcoal tong & tray
  • Wind guard heat management device
  • Box carrying case


Some of the main advantages of this glass hookah are its stylish, sleek design and convenience of use. You can safely use it indoors and outdoors, it’s easy to carry around and you can maintain and clean it without any extra stress. The product is created in the U.S. and if you have any questions you can expect excellent customer service. The setup is quick and easy and you only need a few minutes before you can use it.


I’ve heard users share that the base is a bit hard to clean as it’s rather complicated to reach the depths. This makes the glass hookah exposed to the risk of gathering mold and mildew. Plus, the hose can become smelly if not handled properly. The drying process is also a bit time-consuming due to the small openings.


2. Oduman N3 Glass Hookah with Travel Bag Review

Gemini innovative hookah Coal Burner

If you’re looking for a flexible glass hookah that you can bring along to any hookah party or event with you no matter where you go, the Oduman N2 travel is the perfect choice for you.

Oduman is a popular brand in the hookah space and has won the hearts of many users on the European market. The brand uses glass of the highest standards for its products and the unique hookah models have helped it become well-known as the best on the market.

The N2 travel glass hookah parts are created using only stainless steel, meaning that it’s resistant and durable.

Product features

This glass hookah has size dimensions of 5 x 5 x 11 inches and weighs a total of four pounds. It comes with Tornado hookah tips and a cool travel bag that is quite handy if you’re planning on organizing a hookah session with your friends in the outdoors. The bag is water-resistant and easy to clean.

It offers the perfect protection for your glass hookah. You can also enjoy a high-quality diffuser system. The hookah’s hoses are created using food-grade, top-quality silicone, which is easy to clean. With a hose length of 5 ft, sharing your hookah with others has never been easier.



What I personally love about this glass hookah is that it can be used with two hoses, making sharing simple and enjoyable.

It’s also a great choice if you want to experience the beauty and richness of different hookah flavors in different settings as it’s easy to carry around. You’ll notice that the smoking experience is extremely quiet with this glass hookah.

The design is brilliant and it’s very easy to set up and clean. There is no risk of mold or mildew thanks to the high-quality silicone hoses that can be maintained in a few seconds. This product is not among the cheapest ones and can be yours for $199.99. However, I’d definitely say it’s worth the investment in the long run.


The only drawback is that you need to purchase the bowl separately and it does not come with the package.


3. Vapor Glass Hookahs Review

Gemini innovative hookah Coal Burner

Vapor Hookahs is a popular name on the hookah market as a brand offering glass hookahs to hookah enthusiasts. You can discover a range of different styles and designs, including the traditional glass hookahs, modern hookahs, exotic styles, and more.

The brand is a pro at designing full glass hookahs and uses only high-class, industry-grade glass for production. You can enjoy pure smoke and puffy clouds as no rubber components are used.

Product features

One of Vapor Hookah’s products that I’ve tried and loved is the Gladiator Glass hookah. It costs around $160 and is a truly exceptional product. It offers a stunning form that brings improved functionality and performance, offering an outstanding smoking experience.

It can be used with four hoses and is the perfect choice for smokers looking to share the experience with friends. It’s also a top selection for hookah parties.



The Gladiator Glass hookah by Vapor Hookah is created using hand blown laboratory grade glass tubing and specific food & pharmaceutical grade taste free hosing.

As a result, you can expect extremely pure smoke and no contamination whatsoever. They’re very durable, easy to maintain, and functional. It’s 22” tall and is considered among the taller options on the market. Some of the cool accessories you can use include:

  • Vortex style glass bowl
  • Glass stem
  • Glass down tube
  • Silicone hose with glass tip
  • Hookah tongs
  • Glass pressure release valve
  • Glass hose adapter with auto seal capability
  • 2 glass stoppers


Although the bowls are included in the package, you may be better off going for a ceramic bowl instead of the standard one that will arrive with the hookah. Because of the size of this glass hookah, it may also be a bit difficult to carry around and transport.


4. Review of M. Rosenfeld Acrylic Hookah

m.rosenfeld glass hookah

M. Rosenfeld is another popular hookah brand name on the market that never disappoints. One of the glass hookahs that I tried was the full portable hookah set that literally comes with anything that you could possibly need.

It’s designed by hookah lovers who know exactly what you need for the ultimate hookah session. The product has a unique, stylish design that will grab your attention from the moment you notice it. It’s suitable for indoors and outdoors and is great for sharing with friends.

Product features

This hookah kit has you covered! It comes with:

  • An acrylic bowl
  • Stainless steel stem with diffuser
  • Soft touch, bi-color silicone hose
  • 2-part aluminium mouthpiece
  • Hookah tongs
  • Black clay bowl & HOOKARTIS heat management device
  • A carrying bag with numerous compartments
  • An innovative one coal HMD

The size of this beauty is 9.25 x 7.01 x 6.95 inches and it’s extremely lightweight, weighing only 2.2 pounds. It’s a very affordable choice and is cheaper than most hookahs that come with similar features.


It’s extremely stable as a result of the wide bottom vase so there is no risk of tipping it over and making a mess while smoking. M. Rosenfeld offers an extremely durable hookah solution that is beautiful, compact, and very easy to use. Overall, the smoking experience with this vapor hookah is outstanding and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


The tray is a bit too small and covers only part of the plastic base. This makes it easy for the coal to pop and potentially melt the plastic base. In addition, based on hookah enthusiast reviews, the glass vase is very easy to be broken.


5. Lavoo Hookah MP5 Deluxe Review

Lavoo hookah

Lavoo is a brand name that always comes to mind when it comes to recommending a glass hookah to someone. One of my favorites from the brand is the MP5 Deluxe, which is a modified version of the original MP5 hookah.

It’s an absolute pleasure to smoke your favorite shisha flavors from this beautiful and truly unique design. Its body resembles a bong and stands out from other standard hookah designs.

Lavoo uses glass that is hand-blown in their own factories in California, meaning that they have full control over the manufacturing process, guaranteeing high quality and reliability.

Product features

The Lavoo MP5 Deluxe has a longer body that gives you the benefit of smoother smoke and a horizontal diffuser that runs across most of the hookah.

You can use it with one or two hoses, depending on how many people you’ll be sharing the smoking experience with. Originally, you’ll receive it with 1 Lavoo hose but you can always expand. When ordering the hookah, you’ll receive a package that includes:

  • A silicone hose
  • A purge valve
  • A glass bowl

What’s unique about Lavoo is that they don’t use any metal components. They purely rely on industrial-grade blown glass. Rather than using rubber gaskets at the seals, they grind the glass to make thick molds that are resistant to any leaks.


This glass hookah has a bigger tank which means purer clouds before the need to purge. You’ll notice that the purge valve is close to the hose valve. They’re both designed at a 45-degree angle which turns them into easy to access parts that don’t pose any tension on the hose port.

Cleaning is quite simple and nothing to stress over. The great quality of the material prevents any shakiness and allows you to enjoy a grounded smoking session without any risks of trembling or breaking. There are no leaks and you can enjoy tremendous shisha clouds.


Because of the alternative design, it could be a challenge to carry the Lavoo MP5 Deluxe and create smoking sessions outside your home. When purchasing a Lavoo glass hookah, remember to check if the product comes with an ashtray as some models lack this necessity. In addition, you may notice that sometimes you may need to purchase a separate hookah bowl as not all are compatible.


Top rated small glass hookahs on the market

6. Mazaya Aycle Glass Hookah Review

Mazaya glass hookah

Another name on my list of best hookah products is Mazaya’s Aycle Glass Hookah. It’s one of the more affordable selections available on the market, with a selling price of about $60. This beauty is purely a work of art and I fell in love with its design the moment I saw it.

It can give you an excellent, clean smoking hookah session that you’ll want to repeat over and over again. It’s a stable product you can use anywhere and its unique shapes give it a cool 3D design. It comes in different colors and you can choose the one that works best for your interior.

Product features

Mazaya’s glass hookah is 11” tall and available in blue, green, and grey colors. It comes with a glass vase and some of the extra accessories that you can enjoy in the package include:

  • Glass charcoal screen
  • Glass ashtray
  • Glass bowl
  • Glass vase
  • 58” clear disposable hose
  • Tongs
  • Carrying case
  • Instructions for setting up the hookah


Being an all-glass hookah, the Mazaya Aycle offers a number of advantages. Its unmatched smoothness with every pool makes it the perfect choice for experienced and newbie hookah smokers alike.

It comes with accessories that are made of 100% glass rather than rubber and the product offers an air-tight enclosure that outperforms that of traditional hookahs. You’ll be able to take advantage of the richness of your favorite hookah flavors when there are no metals to ruin the taste.


One of Mazaya’s glass hookah drawbacks is that the hose is disposable and only good for several uses. Therefore, it’s not top quality. It’s better to rely on a good hookah hose that is made from silicone and resistant to mold.


7. Al Fakher small glass hookah review

Al Fakher glass hookah

If you have some experience in the hookah world, you’ve probably come across Al Fakher. The brand is popular for offering some of the best hookah flavors and also designs outstanding and high-quality glass hookahs.

I’ve tried the glass hookah shisha nargile smoke pipe 14” and would highly recommend it to anyone. You can enjoy some of your top tasty hookah flavors with it, take advantage of amazing clouds, and create memorable experiences.

Product features

This glass beauty comes in the dimensions of 12.9 x 11.6 x 5.25 pounds. It’s completely made out of glass and the package includes:


  • Locking foam-lined case
  • One charcoal screen
  • A glass bowl stem
  • Down tube glass charcoal tray


This product is ideal for anyone looking to smoke at home or travel and take their glass hookah with them. It’s very easy to assemble, disassemble, setup, and clean. It’s also no stress to maintain it and keep it in perfect shape for long.


Of course, there are always two sides of a coin. When thinking about the setbacks of Al Fakher’s glass hookah, I’d have to say that this particular choice comes with a bowl that is a bit too small. The hose is made using plastic material that looks cheap. The performance is not affected by these facts but it’s worth sharing them with you. Also, it seem that Al Fakher discontinued this product and only a limited amount of quantity can be found online



We’ve come to the end of my list of best glass hookah products available on the market. I’ve only chosen my favorite, elegant, and highly reliable glass hookahs that I know you’ll love from the first try. They’re also some of the more affordable options on the market that combine great price with no compromises with the quality.

If you’ve set your mind on trying a glass hookah, make sure to research the product in advance and check what types of components it arrives with. The last thing you want is to wait for your delivery and when you open the package to be disappointed that there are pieces missing, which will prevent you from instantly trying your favorite shisha flavor with your new hookah.

I hope you’ll find these reviews useful and they’ll help you make the right choice for you. Enjoy your next glass beauty!

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