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Last updated May 11, 2023

Are you looking for a cool way to celebrate your birthday, organize a surprise party for a friend, or just have some fun with your friends? Well, a hookah party is one way to create an unforgettable experience for yourself and your friends that will be spoken about for months after.

The world of hookah is increasingly gaining popularity as more and more people fall in love with the rich diversity provided by hookah brands. Hookah lounges and shisha bars are popular destinations and hookah smoking is even popular in a lot of nightclubs around the world. But why depend on a venue to create all the fun for you when you can organize your own hookah party like a pro?

In this article, I’ll share with you a few hookah party ideas that will make your party stand out from the rest. I’ll give you tips on how to set the scene, how to use hookah decor appropriately, give you ideas about organizing a hookah costume party, and more.

What is a hookah party?

A hookah party is no ordinary party. It’s a unique and memorable experience that replicates the magical moments you can experience in a shisha bar but offers a lot more. At a hookah party, the attendants lounge around and enjoy the tasty and mouth-watering varieties of awesome shisha flavors available. This experience is also unique thanks to vibrant and thematic hookah decor that contributes to the ambiance.

The atmosphere is usually extremely laid back, relaxing, and you can get a spiritual vibe that will make you want to explore and hop on this journey. A hookah party should definitely offer a harmonious atmosphere where you can open up your senses and get the most of the experience.

You can organize your hookah party merely anywhere. You can reserve a place in an official hookah lounge or hookah bar, you can book a villa, or use your own personal space. The choice is all yours!

Hookah party people

Why create your own hookah party?

Organizing your own hookah party offers a ton of advantages over simply gathering your friends for a hookah smoking session in a shisha bar or shisha lounge.

By being the master of your own party, you can be as free and brave as you want to be when it comes to trying out different hookah party ideas. In addition, you can also save a lot of money as going all in for a hookah experience in an official venue could be quite an expensive endeavour.

Experiment and surprise your guests by trying out different things. You can set the scenes with a flying carpet or genie’s lamp as decor ideas. You can use colourful and rich fabrics to decorate your walls and ceilings and recreate the typical Arab setting. The opportunities are endless.

The hookah design was developed further during the 17th century when woodworkers started to create new pipe designs. A new, dark tobacco leaf called Ajami gained popularity amongst smokers and hookah started to become an available activity even amongst commoners.


How to organize hookah party at home

Setting up a hookah party at home is a ton of fun, the preparation stages included. Here are a few exciting and cool hookah party ideas to try at home.

Use a hookah costume theme

Costume parties are always great, but why not combine them with a hookah setting for the ultimate experience? Set a certain theme of choice and let your friends know so they can prepare with a special costume. For example, the theme could be Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, and more.

Use your decor to match the theme and create a brilliant experience for you and your guests.

Costume party hookah

Hookah campfire party

Hookah smoking is perfect for a campfire in your backyard or at a local park where it’s permitted. Use lights to decorate the trees and other hookah decor ideas that you’d like to try. Light up the fire and enjoy the relaxing and cozy atmosphere. This is an amazing hookah party idea for the autumn or spring months as the campfire will help you stay warm and enjoy the setting.

Camp hookah party

Hookah pool party

On the other hand, the hot summer days are simply perfect for a hookah pool party. If you have a house with a pool, now is the time to make the most of it. Get your friends together, tell them to bring their swimming suits and bikinis, and start the fun. You can arrange a shisha table where you put out different flavors and options for your guests, accompanied by food like tapas for instance.

Remember to stay hydrated. You can add something extra to the party with big juicy cocktail bowls or homemade lemonade.

Hookah pool party

Use a hookah decoration

The world of hookah is so diverse and rich and so are the decorations that you can use to recreate this world via a hookah party. When considering decorations, you can always think about Aladdin and the settings used in the movie. Be brave with your decorations and use a lot of colour to recreate a rich environment. The main mission is to transform your party scene into an alluring and captivating space. You can’t go wrong with bloomy colored tents and caps to offer something extra to the environment. It’s also great to use bean bags, wool rugs, decorated chairs, and boho-style tables for a cozy yet exotic experience. Use the lighting to your advantage to create a dim and magical area. It’s also a good idea to use aroma and scented candles, glass lanterns that emit flickering lights, and more.
Remember, there are no rules and you don’t have to follow anyone’s example. Improvise and recreate the hookah party that you have always wanted to go to. Just think about the colors, textures, and fabrics that you associate with a hookah smoking session and use them to create the perfect setting.

What kind of music goes with hookah party

What kind of music goes with hookah party
Just imagine going to a party without any music.

Disappointing, right?

Hookah parties are no exception. Music is a great tool to create the perfect setting and help your guests relax and get into the perfect mood. When it comes to the most suitable types of music to play at a hookah party, there are a few options that you can choose from. Most people choose to go for an ambient music mix that is more of a background for conversations.

A good chill out mix is always a great solution, especially if it’s combined with traditional Arab vocals that can make your mind go on a cultural journey. You can also please your guests with psychedelic music mixes, instrumental jazz, or neo-soul. Basically, anything is reasonable as long as it’s relaxing, comforting, and laid-back.

The music at a hookah party shouldn’t be anything too loud and distracting.


Throwing a hookah party is something that I recommend to anyone who is fond of smoking hookah. It’s great to meet up with friends for a casual smoke but a hookah party takes this experience to a whole new level. I hope I’ve managed to share some useful tips that will help you organize the party of the year and will leave your friends speechless. Remember that there are no rules and anything is possible with enough preparation and willingness.

Enjoy your hookah party and share with your friends all the amazing hookah flavors you’ve discovered.

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