Hookah Fruit Bowl: Here is a Tutorial on How To Make it

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Last updated May 11, 2023

Are you a fan of DIY things? If yes, then this tutorial is for you. You probably know that you can make a hookah fruit bowl. But is it easy? Yes, it’s easy, just follow the steps.

Hookah fruit bowl explained

So what exactly is a fruit hookah head and how can you make it yourself?

In simple terms, this is a substitute for a regular hookah bowl but a more fancy version. With a little creativity, you will finish with something beautiful that can make your session even better. Sounds good, right? It’s nothing but cut and shaped fruit, filled with your favorite shisha tobacco. This is just a basic explanation of what a hookah fruit bowl is and I am going to explain further in the following rows.

    Orange hookah head

    Which fruit can you use for your hookah fruit head?

    There are several popular fruits used for this type of hookah head but there are no limits to what you can use. I saw so many strange things that people have used to make bowls out of. For example, I watched a guy make a hookah fruit bowl out of a banana or even a strawberry. So seriously, you can use pretty much any big enough fruit to create your shisha bowl.

    Here are the most commonly used fruits for making a hookah bowl:

      • Apple fruit bowl head,
      • Orange/grapefruit hookah bowl
      • Pineapple hookah head
      • Watermelon fruit hookah bowl
      • Lime/lemon fruit heads
    Apple fruit for hookah

    Step by step explanation of how to make a hookah bowl out of fruit

    You will need the following tools:

      • Regular kitchen knife
      • Corer tool
      • Napkins or kitchen paper towel
      • Toothpicks
      • Aluminium foil

    Not necessary, advanced tools:

      • Scissors
      • Steel sponge

    Step 1: Cut the top third of the fruit – use your regular kitchen knife. Make sure you don’t overcut your fruit because it can become too small.

    Step 2: Core your fruit with the corer. If you do not have a corner for your hookah fruit bowl, then use a little knife to make a hole in the middle of the fruit. The size must be the size of your stem bowl grommet.

    Step 3: Remove the inside flesh of your fruit. This step ensures that you can fit your shisha tobacco inside the fruit. You can use a small knife or a regular spoon to remove the pulps.

    Step 4: if you use a juicier fruit such as watermelon, orange, or pineapple, make sure you wipe the inside well. This is a very important step and is crucial to this hookah fruit bowl preparation.

    Step 5: Stick toothpicks in the bottom of your fruit bowl. This will prevent the tobacco from falling down the stem and drain in the water. This step is often overlooked in other hookah fruit bowl guides and tutorials. There are advanced methods of doing this and I’ll share them with you a bit later.

    Step 6: Pack the hookah fruit head with your favorite shisha tobacco flavor. Sprinkle the tobacco as usual and do not overfill it. This will prevent burning tobacco.

    Step 7: Close the shisha fruit bowl with a foil or metal screen. You should line the foil and make it nice and flat. To stick it on the top just use regular toothpicks. Also, you need to poke holes as usual in a foil-packed bowl.

    Step 8: Place your coals on top and enjoy. Typically it will take more time to heat up the shisha, because of the fruit juices inside. That’s why I emphasized the wiping step.

    Step 9: This is an advanced technique for preventing the tobacco from falling into the vase. Remember when I mentioned the scissors and the steel sponge? With this method, you can cut off a piece of your metal sponge and stick it to the bottom of your hookah fruit bowl. It’s easier than sticking toothpicks but not everyone has this metal sponge. It’s also more effective and less time-consuming.

    Pineapple and grenadine shisha head

    What are the positives of the fruit hookah bowl?

    There are a number of benefits that a fruit shisha head can offer. First, the hookah fruit head will ensure a more delicious flavor.

    Next, the overall appearance of the hookah will be exotic and attractive. You can show off with your friends and tell them what you have learned from Hookah Trends.

    Another good advantage is that it is the best substitute for a real clay shisha bowl. For example, if you break it or forget it in your home, here is a good alternative to impress friends.

      What are the negatives of the fruit hookah bowl?

      For some people, it could be more time-consuming and difficult to make the perfect fruit shisha head.

      Another disadvantage and probably the biggest one is that your shisha can become soggy and very wet. In other words, it will absorb fruit juices if you do not remember the required wiping.

      Also, when preparing your hookah bowl out of any fruit, the process will definitely be a messy one. The shisha tobacco itself is messy too, so you need to set aside some extra time for cleaning.


        Now the end of this step-by-step guide has come. I hope you’ve learned the basics of how to create your own bowl out of any fruit you want. You should be consistent with the steps in order to achieve satisfactory results.

        More importantly is to have fun during the process, because smoking hookah is a hobby and a chill activity. Share your knowledge with friends and create new, different bowls that match your preferences.

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