What are the Best Hookahs to Buy in 2023 – List & Review

Written by Jacob - Hookah Enthusiast

Last updated May 11, 2023

No matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced hookah smoker, you most likely want to get the best hookah experience possible. There are so many different hookah manufacturers, hookah brands, and hookah types that it’s very easy to get lost along on the way to finding the best hookah set.

As a hookah smoker with years of experience, I had this struggle myself when first starting. After a ton of research and a lot of experiments, I’ve managed to compile a list of the best hookah brands that provided an outstanding hookah smoking journey.

To make things easier for you and help you discover the best hookah brand based on your personal tastes and preferences, I’ll share my list of top hookah brands to try. Undoubtedly, learning more about the most popular hookah brands will point you in the right direction.

Best quality hookah 

1. Review of Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Hookah

Starbuzz is a well-known brand in the hookah world for its variety of products that hookah smokers take advantage of. They not only manufacture and sell hookahs but they’re also active in the shisha tobacco industry with a wide array of flavors, they provide hookah accessories like bases, burners, bowls, hoses, and more. But let’s look into one specific hookah they offer – the Starbuzz Carbine 2.0.

Materials used and product description

The Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Hookah suits any interior as it is available in different colors. Here is what you can expect:  
  • Adjustable legs
  • Heavy-duty deep Anodized hose system
  • Matte finish
  • Medical-grade Silicone
  • Adjustable LED colors
  • Stainless steel precision carbine
  • 360-degree rotating stem detachable 24 mm OD
  • Adjustable metal diffuser

With a cool design that looks like a machine gun, the Starbuzz Carbine is a common choice for those who appreciate design and quality in hookahs. The rotating shaft is also something a lot of hookah smokers find amazing as it makes it easy to pass around to friends.

Every leg can be separately adjusted making this hookah suitable and stable for any type of surface. Plus, you can take every piece apart and put it back together, which opens doors to creativity and exploration.

I found it extremely useful that the water vase is large, allowing you to put in as much liquid as you want. The air valve is small and nice and easy to maintain. The best part is that the style is perfectly matched with functionality and you can enjoy amazing puffy clouds. However, a negative aspect is that the bowl is not that great and it’s best to purchase a separate one.

Price vs quality

The price is rather affordable considering the quality of the Starbuzz Carbine 2.0 Hookah. If you’re looking to purchase a hookah that’s in the price range of $300, then this product should definitely be one of the first ones to look into.

Best steel-made hookah

2. Review of ATH L-Steel Serhos – Premium Hookah

The ATH L-Steel Serhos Hookah is manufactured by Adalya Tobacco Hookah or ATH, one of the leaders in shisha tobacco manufacturing. The brand was created by a true tobacco enthusiast who believed he could improve the hookah tobacco space and offer hookah smokers a new experience with unique flavors, improved quality, and provide hookahs and hookah-related products of the highest standard. It’s no coincidence that Adalya is one of the leading brands in the space.

Materials used and product description

The ATH L-Steel Serhos is a very sleek, modern, and high-end stainless steel product. It offers a perfect lounge style that combines simplicity and beauty to offer smokers a truly magnificent experience. It’s engraved, offers simple and clean shapes, and elegance. All of the selected parts used for this hookah are high-quality and matched to precision. It’s designed with a closed chamber system and a purge valve to provide a simple look. You’ll benefit from an extremely quiet smoking experience and highly filtered smoke.

Adalya creates their hookah bases as screw-on vases that are all crystal glass bowls delicately crafted by hand by Pasabahce – the oldest, most experienced, and leading glass manufacturer globally. There are no artificial colors used for the base glass but instead, the product relies on original glass commodities. Here’s what’s included with your purchase:

  • Silicone Hose
  • Aluminum Hose Handle
  • Stainless Steel Stem
  • Stainless Steel Downstem
  • Stainless Steel Bowl Adapter
  • Detachable Diffuser
  • Ash Plate
  • Crystal Glass Base

Price vs quality

Hookah smokers who have experience with the ATH L-Steel Serhos share that the price is worth the quality. The hookah has been created with absolute excellence and is suitable not only for a relaxing hookah session at home but for a lounge session too.

Best value hookah

3. Review of VooV Lit Handmade All Glass Hookah Set

VooV Hookah is an American, family-owned business that created a brand name with the main mission of offering hookah lovers high-quality, affordable hookah products. Price is a high priority for the company and they strive to make the hookah experience available for all. Apart from hookahs, they also provide replacement parts and extra parts for your hookahs. Their product catalogue includes acrylic hookahs, modern hookahs, and more.

Materials used and product description

The VooV Lit handmade all glass hookah set gives hookah enthusiasts one of the highest qualities available on the market. This product is considered to have a perfect size and is around 13-14”. The hookah is created using excellent heat resistant borosilicate glass that is heated, sculpted, and finished. The glass is also rust-free and very easy to clean and maintain. The brand also uses high-quality, food-grade silicone for the hoses. With a modern and stylish design, there’s nothing you wouldn’t love about this product.

It’s easy to set up and clean but there’s a slight drawback. It’s extremely delicate and requires special care and attention. The included glass bowl could be a bit small for some smokers’ taste but you can still smoke with three coals and the smoke is decent.   As the name suggests, you buy a complete set that includes:  
  • Glass body
  • Glass Male Bowl
  • Glass Downstem
  • Glass Purge Valve
  • Glass Female Bowl Adapter – Compatible with Any Female Bowl
  • Charcoal Tongs
  • Black Food Grade Silicone Hose with Aluminum Handle and Connector Stainless Charcoal Lid

Price vs quality

The VooV Lit handmade all glass hookah set is priced perfectly for the number of accessories and parts it includes and the smoking experience it provides. Hookah smokers are in love with this product and after trying it myself, I’d also recommend it to friends.

Best modern hookah set

4. Fumehead – the Modern Hookah

Fumehead is a small hookah producer that specializes in the creation of hookah products and accessories. They’re dedicated to offering hookah smokers products of great quality that add value to the hookah experience. Everything about them is simple and easy to use, from their branding to the actual products that they create. Fumehead’s products are suitable for both hookah newbies and experienced hookah smokers who just want to smoke and relax from time to time.

Materials used and product description

If you’re looking for the best hookah set, Fumehead quality modern hookah is certainly one of the products you should look at. It’s 20 inches in height and includes a lot of extras. By purchasing this product, you can expect to take advantage of:  
  • An aluminum stem
  • A thick glass base
  • A long Silicone hose (70 inches)
  • A hose spring
  • A starter kit
  • Metal tongs
  • Clay Egyptian Bowl (comes in blue and red)

The use of aluminium makes the hookah long-lasting and durable. It’s believed that hookahs created using steel are easily corroded and discolored with regular use. The silicone hose is extremely easy to clean and more lasting when compared to leather or synthetic hoses. A lot of hookah smokers prefer silicone hoses as the best option.

The 70-inch hose makes sharing a whole lot easier. In addition, the included metal spring prevents hose bending and therefore omits the chance of a restricted draw.

Some hookah smokers find the ashtray hole a bit small but that seems to be the only problem that has been experienced. Overall, it’s easy to clean and maintain, easy to set up and use, and definitely worth a try.

Price vs quality

The Fumehead quality modern hookah is considered a mid-priced product that is certainly worth the expense. The quality is rated as excellent and the product provides an excellent shisha experience. Spending somewhere around $160 for a hookah that you’ll use and enjoy over and over again is definitely something most smokers are perfectly fine with.

Best Egyptian style hookah

5. Review of Pharaoh’s Nysa Hookah Set

Pharaohs Hookahs entered the hookah market in 2002 with the aim of creating a more diverse range of hookah products that were reasonably priced and affordable for hookah smokers. The company specializes in full hookah packages, hoses, foil, charcoal, hookah bowls, and more.

Their products are considered high-standard and extremely diverse. You can find legacy hookahs, small, medium large hookahs, Egyptian hookahs, glass hookahs, and speciality hookahs. In other words, there’s something for everyone in their product catalogue.

Materials used and product description

The 22″ Pharaoh’s Nysa Hookah Set is a beautiful selection that comes with an impeccable, handcrafted Egyptian style glass base with decals. Its metal stem matte black finish offers a brilliant style that hookah lovers are crazy about. The hookah also offers a built-in diffuser that guarantees reliable filtration and a smoother draw. The set comes with: 

  • Premium washable leather-wrapped hose
  • Tongs
  • Black clay bowl
  • Ashtray

Keep in mind that this product is only suitable for a single hose and doesn’t have the option to attach more hoses. The bowl is 100% black clay and ensures an evenly distributed heat that stops flavor ghosting. The ashtray is large and sufficient to stop any ashes from falling and causing a mess.

However, some smokers share that it’s not well-secured. There are also negative comments about the hose that the hookah comes with but oftentimes, the hose quality is based on preference. Of course, you could always substitute it with a hose of choice.

One of the biggest advantages is that the flavor container is not made of porcelain but clay, meaning that the material is not overheated and burnt, which eliminates burnt smoke or choking.

Price vs quality

Most of the high-quality hookahs are rather high-priced and not affordable for a lot of hookah smokers. However, the 22″ Pharaoh’s Nysa Hookah Set is an inexpensive, simple version that guarantees an amazing experience. It’s attractive, functional, easy to use and clean, and draws plentiful, with rich smoke clouds. From personal experience, I’d say that the price is perfect considering the high quality.

6. Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef

Khalil Mamoon is one of the most popular companies in the hookah space. It not only offers a wide variety of hookahs from traditional Egyptian to modern, but it also specializes in shisha tobacco and hookah accessories like bowls, charcoal, hoses, and more. The brand offers hookahs from different price ranges but one of the most interesting and well-known products from their catalog is the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah Set.

Materials used and product description

The Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef 34” Complete Hookah Set comes with an Egyptian handmade hookah with a middle-grade shisha pipe in black metal and a glass vase. This is another single-hose narguile pipe. The set comes with:

  • Hookah tongs
  • Clay bowl
  • Cleaning brush set
  • Rubber grommets
  • Rainbow hose
  • Plastic mouthpiece
  • Setup instructions

This product, like any other Khalil Mamoon hookah, will take you down a traditional Egyptian hookah experience. It’s a piece of art that can also bring you smoking pleasures that will be difficult to forget.

One disadvantage is that the clay bowl doesn’t attach firmly to the pipe. If you experience any problems, you can substitute the bowl with another alternative. Also, a lot of smokers will change the hose as the traditional style hose often suffers from corrosion after a few uses.

Price vs quality

The price of The Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef 34” Complete Hookah Set is nothing that will burn a hole in your pocket yet the quality is very good. The product is the perfect mix of easy maintenance, high quality, and aesthetics. This is also the first Khalil Mamoon that comes with a solid black stem and a tray so it’s definitely worth the experience.

7. Vapor Glass Hookah

Vapor Hookahs specializes in the manufacturing and sale of reliable all glass hookahs. Their products include traditional glass hookahs, modern hookahs, exotic glass hookahs, and more. You can find electronic hookah products in their offering and a wide range of hookah accessories that cover anything from hookah bowls to hookah cleaning supplies.

The brand actively redefines the traditional, age-old smoking experience and transforms it into a modern new-age activity. The Vapor Glass hookah products are one of the most popular ones the brand is known for.

Materials used and product description

All-glass hookahs offer a unique and different sensation. If you’re into trying new things and are eager to learn more about the all-glass hookah experience, Vapor glass hookahs are the perfect place to start. The brand is experienced in producing 100% all-glass hookahs, each one of them created using laboratory-grade, hand-blown, high-quality glass. The products guarantee pure smoke thanks to the elimination of any rubber grommets or non-permanent parts from the creation process.

No two all-glass hookahs are the same as the construction is all they have in common. Each design is unique and every smoking experience different, which only makes them more attractive and valuable.

There are different all-glass hookah options to choose from and all of them are brilliant in terms of style and design. No matter if you’re looking to smoke alone or share the moment with friends, the Vapor Glass hookahs support it all. For example, the Torpedo is the perfect option if you’re looking to share the hookah experience with a lot of people.

Vapor Glass hookahs are extremely easy to clean but they’re fragile and delicate. Make sure you handle them with care and precaution

Price vs quality

Vapor Hookah is popular for its ability to combine quality and price in a final product that offers excellence and has limitless potential. If not the best hookah brand, it’s certainly on the list of top hookah brands to try. There are different price ranges from the Vapor Glass hookah products and you can buy one for less than $100 or more than $300 depending on your preferences and budget.

8. Khalil Mamoon Premium Hookah

Khalil Mamoon offers an authentic yet modern hookah experience that is difficult to be compared to anything else. No matter what shisha tobacco flavor you’ve selected, smoking from one of Khalil Mamoon’s premium hookahs will take you on a journey through time. The rich varieties of Egyptian hookahs provided by Khalil Mamoon are some of the most attractive and most loved ones on the market. The brand is associated with the best hookah manufacturer and this is no coincidence.

Materials used and product description

All of Khalil Mamoon’s hookahs are handmade in Cairo, Egypt. The incredible designs and authentic styles of the hookahs will make anyone feel like royalty and will allow you to relax and dive into a world of delicious hookah flavors and tastes.

Considering that the hookahs are made by hand, each product is completely unique. There are a lot of luxury edition hookahs to test that have been made using heavy metal stems that were decorated. They’re easy to set up and use and are not very difficult to clean either. You can take advantage of a wide array of colors and designs that will perfectly match your taste.

Most of Khalil Mamoon’s premium hookahs are 36” tall although you can find variations of sizes too. They come with all the necessary accessories like:

  • Hookah tongs
  • Clay bowl
  • Cleaning brush set
  • Rubber grommets
  • KM cloth hookah hose
  • Plastic mouthpiece
  • Setup instructions

Price vs quality

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are considered to offer some of the best hookah sets you could find, guaranteeing high-quality. At the same time, their prices are not as expensive as they could be. For example, one of the cheaper options – the Khalil Mamoon Sarafi 22” single-hose hookah is around $50, while others like the Khalil Mamoon Nile Boat 34” single hose hookah is around $180.

9. VooV – Classic German Style Hookah

You’re already familiar with the VooV brand from when we looked at the VooV Lit Handmade All Glass Hookah Set – Original. When it comes to choosing the best hookah, it’s no wonder that VooV comes up on our list twice. They’re experts in offering a truly modern hookah experience and always use some of the highest quality materials for lasting results. They also put priority on bringing smooth smoke with large, puffy clouds. The VooV hookahs are created to last throughout the test of time and are very easy to set up and maintain.

Materials used and product description

The VooV 25″ Black Modern Hookah with Clear Vase – Classix is no different from the rest of VooV’s exceptional hookahs. With a size of 25” tall, this handmade hookah carries a distinct German style and is created using top-quality aluminium that is rust-proof. This protects the smoker from the threats and discomfort of a metallic taste. The product comes with a full set of accessories and products that you’ll need like:
  • Ceramic funnel bowl
  • Charcoal tray
  • Aluminium stem with purge valve and twist on snap
  • Handmade, top-grade base created using “A” grade glass
  • Tongs
  • Food-grade silicone hose with aluminium handle
Just like any VooV product, it’s easy to assemble and use, especially given that you can twist and snap the stem to the base without the need to use a rubber grommet and experience the unpleasant smell. This is a perfect choice for someone looking to enjoy their hookah every day.

Price vs quality

A lot of hookah smokers who are used to the traditional hookahs are rather sceptical about trying this modern alternative. However, the reality is that once you’ve tried it, it’s difficult to go back. The price for this true gem is certainly affordable for both people just starting with hookah smoking and experienced hookah pros.


The Oduman brand was established in 2014 by Ugur Pres Makine Ins. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. – a company with experience since 1979. The brand’s highest priorities in terms of hookah creation include a bespoke and excellent design, high quality, and functionality. The glass used for their hookahs is hand blown and a true gem of the highest standards.

All metal parts are made from stainless steel guaranteeing the product’s long-lasting results, and the hoses are created using safe food-grade silicone, which is easy to clean and safe to use at all times. One of their most favorite hookahs is the Oduman N2 Travel Stainless Steel Hookah Shisha with Travel Bag.

Materials used and product description

Just like any other hookah from Oduman’s catalogue, the N2 Travel Stainless Steel Hookah Shisha is made of stainless steel, handmade glass, a mouthpiece made from black aluminium and food-grade silicone for the hose. The hose length is 1.5m and the hookah has a valve that you can take out and smoke without any hassle. You can also use the hookah with two hoses and share the experience with more friends.

The hookah comes with a travel bag that is water-proof, completely protects the glass, is easily cleaned and is not exposed to stains. This product makes traveling with your hookah a whole lot easier as you won’t have to worry about any damage. The total size of the hookah is 20”. A lot of smokers are not sure what to think of the hookah before trying it because of its size. However, if you pair it with a funnel-style bowl and a quality heat management device, the hits will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

Price vs quality

The Oduman N2 Travel Stainless Steel Hookah Shisha with Travel Bag is nothing too expensive as you can find it for less than $100. For the price, you get a high-quality hookah that you can safely carry with you anywhere you go and materials that will outperform any test of time.

11. NINWOO – Premium Hookah Set

Another name in our best hookah brands list is Ninwoo. They are another player in the hookah market, providing a range of hookah-related products that aim to make the lives of hookah smokers easier and more pleasant. One of the hookahs that stand out from the rest and enjoy enormous popularity is the NINWOO – Premium Hookah Set.

Materials used and product description

This hookah set has a height of 26” and comes with parts that are all fully washable and collapsible, making them easy to clean after use and maintain in perfect condition. The products used for the creation of this product include high-quality aluminum used for the matte black finish stem, a glass base that has distinctive beauty and stability offering a brilliant style, a washable black silicone hose with an aluminum handle along with an adjustable connector that can be used without any risks of bending.

The set comes with:

  • A main hookah body
  • A shaft
  • A black washable silicone bowl
  • A spring
  • An ashtray
  • A connector
  • Charcoal tongs
  • A diffuser

Smokers enjoy how easy to assemble this product is. Some are sceptical about the large size of the base, which makes it difficult to move. In addition, you may not be fond of trying out a bowl that’s not made of ceramic, while others share that a silicone bowl works perfectly. It’s certainly a must-try for all hookah enthusiasts.

Price vs quality

Another affordable product, the NINWOO – Premium Hookah Set can easily become part of your life with it breaking your bank. It’s something you can enjoy every day and enjoy peace of mind that it’s inexpensive and not too fancy.

12. Review of MATA LEON Trilogy – 4 Hose Hookah

Beautiful Hookah Review

Mata Leon is a well-known hookah brand that was created by Shanti Großhandels GmbH. The brand is eminent for creating precise hookah products that have been thought through to the tiniest detail. With years of experience in the hookah space, Mata Leon knows exactly what a hookah smoker needs and how to provide it for you. Apart from hookahs, they also offer shisha tobacco, E-shisha, hookah accessories, and hookah parts.

Materials used and product description

The Mata Leon – Trilogy Set with comes is a set of everything you could possibly need. The product includes:

  • Beautiful glass hookah tank
  • Stem
  • Black washable hookah bowl
  • Black washable silicone hose (with detachable aluminium handle)
  • Heat management device
  • Ashtray
  • Connector
  • Charcoal tongs
  • 4-hose connectors with diffusers
Hookah on Carpet With 4 Hose - Review

All you have to do is grab your favorite delicious shisha tobacco and enjoy the perfect smoking session. The 55MM thick handmade glass tank is 100% crystal and apart from its perfect design, the hookah is also simple to wash and maintain. The middle stem is created using premium 6061 aluminium with an anodizing finish, while the stem is made using 304 stainless steel with a diffuser offering a smoother pull and high-quality filtration.

It’s suitable for a home smoking experience but is also perfect for a shisha lounge. The 4 hose connectors allow you to enjoy this hookah with more friends which is awesome feature.

Price vs quality

This product is certainly one of the all-time leaders among hookah smokers. It’s the perfect combination of style and functionality, guaranteeing a brilliant smoking experience. Thanks to its magnet system, you never have to search for a hose grommet. The price is rather high-end and is a bit pricier when compared to other hookahs but the experience is certainly worth it.

13. KITOSUN Micro Modern Cube Acrylic Hookah

As you can imagine, their Hookah Set KITOSUN Micro Modern Cube Acrylic Hookah is a piece of art that instantly catches the eye and its main mission is to make any get-together memorable and exciting.

Materials used and product description

The Hookah Set KITOSUN Micro Modern Cube Acrylic Hookah comes with a clear acrylic tank and is a true masterpiece in terms of style and design. It’s a modern cube hookah that is made of clear acrylic and comes with a magical multicolored LED base with 16 different static colors and 4 color-changing modes that work with a remote controller. The set includes:

  • Acrylic hookah tank
  • Aluminium stems with diffuser
  • Glass ashtray
  • Silk hookah base
  • Silicone hookah bowl
  • Remote magical LED lights system
  • Purge valve

This hookah offers a great smoking session but could also be used simply for decorative purposes and entertainment. It offers large clouds, easy and stunning pulls, and is simple to clean and assemble. The heating control is easy to manage and you can open the air vents in case the smoking turns harsh. This hookah is more suitable for a beginner hookah smoker as opposed to someone experienced.

Price vs quality

The product may not be the most sophisticated hookah but it’s certainly something that most hookah smokers would love to try. Its unique and modern design allows it to stand out from the rest. The price is absolutely normal considering the show that this hookah puts on. You can use it at home or in a shisha lounge and enjoy the same amazing results.

14. M. Rosenfeld Stainless Steel Hookah

The M. Rosenfeld hookah brand is very popular in Germany. It started with the aim of offering hookah smokers a premium quality hookah product that has gone through extensive tests and strict quality control before they are officially released to the market.

The brand’s hookah products stand out with elegant designs that include title frills, clean shapes, and attention to detail. One of the best hookahs from their catalogue is the M. Rosenfeld Stainless Steel Hookah Set.

Materials used and product description

The M. Rosenfeld Stainless Steel Hookah Set is an extremely delicate and fragile product. Carrying it or transporting it is a real challenge and should be approached with great care. The product offers a high level of optical pleasure thanks to its vertical purge. The closed chamber system guarantees a pure, clean smoke taste and an enjoyable smoking session. The hookah is created using rust-free materials such as stainless steel.

It’s extremely simple to use and its minimalistic and timeless design offers a truly clean and memorable smoking experience. The ultra-strong and resistant to damage glass base guarantees durability and a lasting product. Here are some of the materials used for the hookah:

  • White clay bowl
  • Stainless steel hookah stem
  • Washable silicone hose pipe
  • Coal tongs

The plate is extremely stylish and created based on minimalistic design principles. You’ll also enjoy the innovative magnetic connector that allows you to quickly and easily fix the hose to the base. Some hookah smokers share that they didn’t get as much of an open draw as expected due to the magnetic element at the chamber hose opening.

Price vs quality

The concept behind M. Rosenfeld is to offer fair prices for all. The idea is to create products that follow the “affordable premium” principle. In other words, the prices are low but there are no compromises made with the quality.

15. GStar Elite Series 2 Hose Hookah

GStar’s hookahs are created using the traditional Egyptian style and configuration. The brand offers products that can perfectly combine the desires of the modern age with the traditional and cultural elements embedded in hookah smoking. GStar deserves its spot on the list of best shisha brands thanks to its Elite Series Premium Quality 2 Hose Aluminum Hookah Kit and we’re about to find out why.

Materials used and product description

There’s a reason why the GStar Elite Series Premium Quality 2 Hose Aluminum Hookah Kit is considered a premium product. With a height of 32”, the hookah is created using a silicone glass bowl, a washable 58” silicone hose with a 10.5” metal tip, all-metal stem, and ashtray, and hose tips. Its stem design is absolutely unique and provides additional venting holes that guarantees a cool effect as the smoke is diffused from the stem. The stem resembles a machine gun thanks to its slick style and design and offers a reliable shielding effect.

The glass used for the vase is heavy-duty and 10.5” tall, with a thickness of 0.6” and a weight of 3 lbs. The product is extremely easy to assemble and you don’t need much previous experience to do it right. It’s also simple to clean and maintain.

Smokers reveal that this is truly a high-quality hookah that you should try. There’s no need to foil the shisha bowl and create your own holes thanks to the coal dish that comes with a cover. You won’t get the typical bubble noises and pulling a lot of smoke is easy even for a newbie. It’s also comparable to the hookahs you’ll get if you go to a shisha bar or shisha lounge.

The plate is extremely stylish and created based on minimalistic design principles. You’ll also enjoy the innovative magnetic connector that allows you to quickly and easily fix the hose to the base. Some hookah smokers share that they didn’t get as much of an open draw as expected due to the magnetic element at the chamber hose opening.

Price vs quality

This beautiful, simple, and easy to smoke from hookah is definitely worth the price. It’s not an expense that will eat away your money and the product is certainly not a significant investment. Yet you get a product that you can safely enjoy on a daily basis for smoke sessions with friends or to chill and relax alone in the evening.

Small hookah vs. big hookah – is there a difference?

I’ve looked at a range of different hookahs and you’ve probably noticed that they come in different shapes and sizes. So does the size of a hookah really matter? What’s the difference between a small and a big hookah?

Overall, the mass assumption is that thanks to the longer shaft of larger hookahs, the smoking experience is better when compared to smaller alternatives. This is due to the extended time that is necessary for the smoke to cool down while it travels to the water. However, in reality, the difference is only slight and is often undetected, especially by beginners in hookah smoking.

Generally speaking, dense and thick puffs are created when there is enough room for the smoke, therefore in large hookah bases. However, there are a number of small hookahs that achieve this effect thanks to their shape and design. Another factor you could consider is the ease of transportation. The larger the hookah, the harder it will be to carry it around and use it in different locations.


Choosing the best hookah is no easy task. With so many different brands and options, even an experienced hookah smoker could find themselves in a dilemma. Although there is no straightforward answer as to which brand is the best hookah brand or which hookah is the right one for you, we hope that with this list of best hookahs we’ve helped you get an understanding of some of the top things to look for when performing your search.

Finding a high-quality hookah is essential if you want to enjoy rich and tasty hookah sessions for a longer period of time without having to invest in a new hookah. It will also guarantee your safety as you won’t experience negative side effects like a metallic taste or others. A quality choice will also be easy to assemble and use, easy to clean, and won’t put any stress into an otherwise pleasant and relaxing activity. Not to mention the visual appeal and beauty that it can introduce to your interior.

I hope you make the right choice and remember – it’s only possible by testing as many products as you can.

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