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Hookah Origin and History: Everything you Should Know

Hookah Origin and History: Everything you Should Know

Most people out there see hookah smoking as merely an entertaining social activity, something to do on a Saturday evening with friends. The fact is, it is way more than that. The cultural origins of the hookah are rich and go back to many centuries ago, when it was regarded as a bonding experience, a sign of social status, and more. Today we will explore the history and origin of hookah, because knowing it will enrich your experience and will add a deeper meaning to an otherwise fun activity. So buckle up and let’s go down memory lane.

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It’s all about the consistency. Just follow the steps below!


The right coals are always on point. Natural ones work best.


It makes a big difference for your smoking session and taste

THE Bowl

It maintains the right temperature. Not too hot, not too cold.

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