Top 6 Best Hookah Flavors Mixes in 2023: Must-Try Shisha Mixes

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Last updated May 11, 2023

So you are looking for the best hookah flavor mixes that match your shisha preferences for clouds, duration, and of course the taste. The shisha mixology, as every mixology type, is based on sweetness, intensity, and freshness.

In other words, it’s best practice to mix strong shisha with some mint or ice flavors, or sweet fruity flavors with something funky like bubblegum.

In this article, I will provide you with my own list of good shisha mixes and recipes.

Best beginner-friendly hookah flavors mix

1. Mazaya lemon and mint with Al Fakher bubblegum

Are you a fan of light shisha mixes?

If yes, then this one’s for you.

Two well-known brands combined together and you get the perfect shisha mix. It’s totally beginner-friendly because of its sweetness and light taste. The shisha is a blond leaf, which means that you will not get a strong “kick”.

The combination of lemon with mint and bubblegum makes the session exciting and sweet. You can enjoy this shisha mix with friends and it’s good for ladies because of its light taste. Mix 50% Mazaya lemon with mint (it’s ready for you in the package) & 50% of Al Fakher vanilla.

What else do you need to prepare this shisha mix

Bowl type: Turkish/Egyptian or ideally phunnel bowl
Charcoals: Use 3 coals and a metal screen. Preheat the tobacco for 4-5 minutes before beginning to smoke

Best strong shisha mix

2. Nakhla double apple & Al Fakher Melon with mint

Nakhla is a well-known brand with its evergreen two apples shisha flavor. It’s strong because of the anise inside. I personally can’t smoke the flavor of two apples alone, because it hits me strongly. But I’ve tried several shisha recipes with two apples and one impressed me.

Try mixing 20% of the Nakhla two apples with 70% Al Fakher melon and 10% of your favorite mint flavor. The sweetness of the melon, the freshness from the mint and the strongness of the anise makes a perfectly balanced hookah mix. It’s certainly a must try for strong hookah flavors lovers.

What else do you need to prepare this shisha mix

Bowl type: Use an ordinary Egyptian/Turkish bowl
Charcoals: Warm it up for 3-4 minutes with 3 coals and a metal screen.

Best sweet hookah flavor mix

3. Starbuzz cherry and Al Fakher vanilla shisha mix

Sweet shisha tobacco is always a great choice if you are a beginner hookah smoker. Starbuzz and Al Fakher are really good at making sweet shisha flavors. Not only are they high-quality brands but their price is quite affordable.

To mix those shisha flavors you will need 70% of Starbuzz cherry and 30% of vanilla by Al Fakher. You can add a touch of your favorite spearmint or icy flavor to achieve freshness. It’s up to you, experimenting is fun!

What else do you need to prepare this shisha mix

Bowl type: A phunnel bowl is recommended to prevent the tobacco from leaking.
Charcoals: Because of the Starbuzz which has a higher overheating point, you can use a larger heat keeper with 2-3 coals. But first, you need to preheat it well for 5-6 minutes. Enjoy!

Best Adalya tobacco hookah flavors mix

4. Adalya Love 66 + MNG TNGS shisha mix

As you may know, Adalya is the second-largest shisha manufacturer in the world. They have top positions on the hookah tobacco market. They are pretty unique with their tropical flavors mixes. For this purpose, I’ve chosen the well-known Love 66 flavor mixed with MNG TNGS (its previous name is Mango Tango).

For me, this super refreshing taste is a tropical explosion. Love 66 has passion fruit, watermelon, and some floral notes. On the other side, MNG TNGS has passion fruit too but the mango flavor is fantastically combined with the other fruits. For the fresh finish, icy mint is added to the flavor. The recipe is 50/50 – as simple as that.

What else do you need to prepare this shisha mix

Bowl type: A phunnel bowl is also recommended here because Adalya is a juicy tobacco.
Charcoals: You can try to pack the bowl with foil and put 2 coals face to face. Alternatively, use a preheated metal heat keeper with 2-3 coals. Make sure to check it regularly to avoid shisha from burning.

Best Fumari shisha mix

5. Fumari white gummi bear + blueberry muffin hookah recipe

A sweet sensation! This is how I will name this perfect hookah shisha mix. Fumari is pretty well-known as a “big smoke clouds” brand and has amazing sweet flavors that last for a long session.

It’s a bit stronger than other sweet mentioned shisha mixes, but it is worth trying. For this hookah recipe, you can add 50/50 of White Gummi Bear and Blueberry Muffin flavor. You can also experiment with mixing other brands with Fumari

What else do you need to prepare this shisha mix

Bowl type: Use a phunnel/vortex bowl for this hookah recipe.
Coals: 3 coals are enough for the perfect session. Use a heat keeper for best results.

Best hookah flavors mix (editor choice)

6. Trifecta Cherry Plum Dark Tobacco combined with Fumari Limoncello

This shisha combination will be pretty strong because of the dark leaf tobacco, but it’s an amazing sweet mix you can enjoy with friends at a party. The Trifecta dark blend tobacco combined with Fumari limoncello will transfer you to the party beach.

You will get so much flavor from the cherry plum and a citrus punch from the limoncello. That’s why I love this shisha mix, it gives you a strong flavor and so many clouds. Pure satisfaction!

What else do you need to prepare this shisha mix

Bowl type: A phunnel bowl is necessary because we have dark leaf juicy tobacco. Alternatively use a vortex bowl, but avoid using Turkish or Egyptian, because the juices will leak down.
Coals: Prepare 3-4 coals and place them on the top of your heat keeper. This is a strong shisha, so we need more heat. Don’t forget to cool down your bowl every 20-30 minutes.


Experimenting with hookah flavor mixes is a hobby. Have fun while mixing your ingredients with friends or family or even tell your favorite shisha bar to mix your preferred shisha. It’s your choice.

In fact, there are so many hookah tobacco brands you can take advantage of. Even the prices are pretty affordable, so don’t waste more time and pick your shisha to create the perfect mix for an unforgettable session!

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