List & Review of Best Hookah Flavors you Should Try in 2023

Written by Jacob - Hookah Enthusiast

Last updated May 11, 2023

In this guide, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about hookah flavors and how to pick the best one for you. Before you buy a shisha, you should know the basics to ensure maximum satisfaction. My personal experience with hookah smoking and exploring new flavors is growing and growing every day. Today, the hookah market is extremely diverse and there are a lot of high-quality and low-quality products.

You may ask – why does the quality matter? Well, hookah is something you smoke and inhale. Hence, if the shisha is bad then it may have negative consequences for you too.

Modern shisha manufactures have developed different technologies to process the tobacco and
remove all harmful features that may cause you problems.

What is the flavored shisha tobacco?

Shisha, also known as hookah (narguile) tobacco, is the traditional name of the flavored tobacco that you put inside your hookah bowl. Basically, the shisha tobacco is mixed with molasses, vegetable glycerin, and different fruity aromas.

There are two types of tobacco leaves: blonde and dark. The blonde ones are washed before flavoring, which makes them lighter and thy contain less nicotine. The dark (unwashed) leaves are much stronger and I suggest using them only if you’re an advanced hookah smoker.

Also, some companies provide tobacco and nicotine-free products which are beginner-friendly. There are multiple brands

1. Review of Adalya – love 66 hookah flavor

Love 66 by Adalya - Review

Adalya Hookah Tobacco is a manufacturer with years of experience in creating premium hookah shisha and they only use the highest quality ingredients in production. I like them because they have so many tasty hookah flavors.

One of the best features is that they don’t use the typical mint flavor but instead, they created the “ice” flavor. It can’t be compared to any other shisha brands. The feeling is just amazing, not minty but icy and so fresh.

About love 66 is one of the top tastes from Adalya. The flavors are not mentioned but I smell and taste passionfruit, floral notes and a distinctive fresh icy flavor.

Clouds & duration of Adalya love 66  hookah flavor 

It produces pretty good clouds and it’s a pleasure to smoke. It lasts long and you will not feel an unpleasant taste during the session. The risk of overheating could cause a “too icy flavor” but don’t worry, just remove the coals and cool down the bowl.

The tobacco flavor lasts for up to 1.5 hours which it’s a pretty long time. Just put some coals from time to time.

Price & quality of love 66 shisha tobacco flavor

The price is pretty acceptable and nothing too expensive. Good deal for the price and quality.

There is no second opinion about Adalya love 66. It’s a high-quality hookah flavor from a Turkey manufacturer and you should try it. It’s definitely worth it.

2. Al Fakher – Grape & Mint shisha flavor review

Grape & mint al fakher shisha review

Al Fakher is one of the most well-known brands on the market since 1999, born in the UAE. Тhey have a great reputation because of the wide range of different hookah flavors at affordable prices.

Grape and mint is one of my favorite classic mix shisha flavors ever. It combines 2 basic flavors and they are among the best selling from Al Fakher – fresh mint and sweet grape. The two of them combined offers the perfect balance.

Clouds & duration of grape & mint hookah flavor

The clouds are pretty satisfying for every hookah enthusiast. You should be careful with heating this type of hookah tobacco because there is a risk to burn it. However, it’s one of the best flavors I’ve ever tried. It is not something special but it’s kinda nostalgic and classic, reminding me of my first years of hookah smoking.

It lasts up to 1 hour and after that, you can remove some of the burned tobacco and sprinkle a little bit of fresh one. Then you can continue enjoying your session.

Price & quality of Al Fakher grape & mint flavor

As I’ve mentioned before, Al Fakher grape & mint doesn’t last as long as other flavors, but is still a very quality product. It’s slightly cheaper compared to other brands and hookah flavors. Try it.

3. Fumari – Ambrosia hookah flavor review

Fumari flavor shisha review

It’s one of these hookah flavors that have the “wow” factor. You will be wondering why you haven’t tried it before. Fumari Ambrosia is a luxuriously creamy melon blend shisha flavor. It has a good texture with fluffy marshmallow aromatic melon flavors that make you feel so good. It has just 0.05% of nicotine, which makes it a beginner-friendly shisha flavor.

Reasonably, Ambrosia is a top-selling product from Fumari.

Clouds & duration of fumari ambrosia flavor

I am impressed by how huge and perfect clouds you can make with this flavor. It’s a really beautiful and fun experience. Definitely worth trying.

It lasts for up to 1.5 hours with a vortex bowl, and you will never want it to come to an end! Again, maintain it properly for a longer session and change your coals on time.

Price & quality

It’s a 10/10 quality product not just for me but for other smoking enthusiasts around the world.
The price is pretty acceptable and even low for the high quality.

4. Review of Starbuzz – Golden grape flavor

Starbuzz shisha golden grape review

As you may guess, I love grape hookah flavors. They’re just sweet and tasty. Starbuzz golden grape is considered a “king of grapes” among hookah enthusiasts.

It’s another quality flavor from its Bold Line products, old school traditional meets modern-day quality. A twist on an age-old, staple flavor, this will have you reminiscing about the past and will leave your mouth watering for more.

Clouds & duration of golden grape hookah flavor

This hookah flavor produces huge clouds which is a pretty satisfying fact. You can expect a long smoking session full of flavor and sweetness. Ideally, you can mix it with different flavors to make it a little bit less sweet and more minty and icy if you want. You can enjoy this flavor for more than 1 hour.

Price & quality of starbuzz golden grape 

Starbbuzz is considered a leader in producing hookah flavors and the quality is always good and consistent. The price is slightly higher compared to Al Fakher or Fumari for example. But nothing too expensive. Try it!

5. Mazaya – Lemon & mint review

Lemon & mint mazaya review

When it comes to classic flavors, that is the right one! There are several shisha flavors that are among the best ones of all time for me. Lemon and mint are one of those classics. Both flavors are clean and refreshing on their own, giving the smoker a cooling sensation you might get while chewing gum.

This very popular flavor coming from the middle east manufacturing company in Jordan. That’s why I call it classical Arabic hookah flavor.

Clouds & duration

You can expect good clouds from this brand and nothing too big. However you’ll be satisfied, I can guarantee that. Very relaxing flavor. You can enjoy it for up to 1 hour. It can be easily burned after the 30th minute of the session so be careful.

Price & quality Ugly hookah orange keef

The price is quite reasonable and affordable. You can buy a 250g package for only $9.99! Worth trying!

6. Ugly Hookah – Orange Keef shisha review

Orange keef shisha review

If there is one thing that Ugly hookah tobacco provides with every hookah session, that is the freshness. When you first open the package you will feel a flawless smell of orange and fresh mint flavor. But not too minty, just for a nice kick and emphasis on the flavor of the sweet orange. It’s so unique but a simple mix of orange and mint.

Made with premium ingredients, the Ugly smoking session will be strong and so tasty.

Clouds & duration of orange keef shisha flavor

You can expect big and smooth clouds from orange keef. The shisha flavor lasts pretty long. Expect one and a half-hour of good smoke and fruity taste. Use a vortex / phunnel bowl to ensure satisfaction.

Price & quality

As you can expect, the quality of ugly hookah flavors is pretty high but the price is regular. It’s competitive in each aspect. So if you like oranges, consider buying an orange keef hookah flavor.

7. Review of Adalya – Lady Killer hookah flavor

Adalya lady killer shisha review

Another great release from the manufacturer Adalya is the lady killer flavor. Very popular among the hookah enthusiast in some countries.

It combines juicy watermelon, berries, sweet mango, and a fresh icy flavor. An absolutely delicious combination. The smell and taste are a complete Lady Killer! You will want more and more!

Clouds & duration of lady killer hookah flavor

The clouds depend on how many coals you put, but the more coals you use, the stronger the shisha will be. You can get big clouds from this flavor. I personally will not mix it with anything because the shisha itself is a mix of 3-4 flavors. It lasts for up to 1 hour, but you should control the coals constantly.

Price & quality

The price is regular, you can have a 250g package for $15.99 only. The substance is very juicy and rich flavored which makes it a high-quality product. Definitely worth trying the Adalya Lady Killer!

8. Review of most popular shisha flavor – Starbuzz Blue Mist

Best shisha flavor blue mist review

No doubt! Starbuzz blue mist is the most popular flavor around the internet forums. And there is a reason why. It’s sweet and fragrant with a low nicotine percentage (less than 1%).

This makes it a beginner-friendly product. I personally find berry-flavoured tobaccos one of the tastiest ones. It’s a true satisfaction to inhale the blue mist. The fresh blueberry and just a kick of spearmint to balance the sweetness.

Clouds & duration of Blue mist shisha flavor

What you can expect from this trending flavor are big clouds. Exploding aromas that everyone around you will feel with their nose. You can enjoy the Starbuzz Blue Mist for more than one hour. Just be consistent with the coals and use a phunnel bowl.

Price & quality of starbuzz blue mist

The price is slightly higher compared to Adalya products, but nothing that can shock you. It’s a very high-quality product and you must try it if you are a hookah enthusiast

9. Nakhla Two apples – classic flavor review

Two apples shisha review

Ready for the classic? That’s right! Two apples from Nakhla is one of the most iconic flavors ever and the best product from Nakhla since 1913! It’ was created in Egypt and people still love the two apples. The reason why it stands out is because of the flavor. Semi-sweet apple with an anise flavor. You will hate it or you will love it!

Clouds & duration of two apples flavor

If you are a beginner hookah smoker, this will be strong shisha for you. The substance is very strong because of the anise flavor. But it is so good! The clouds here aren’t too important. You can mix the flavor with something fresh like spearmint to balance it. It can last for up to 2 hours!

Price & quality of Nakhla two apples flavor

A very high-quality classic brand and flavor and a regular price. It can’t be better!

10. Review of Khalil mamoon – black orange flavor

Shisha review of black orange KM

Another good flavor from Khalil Mamoon. Blood orange is a combination of blood orange and blackberry. It’s strong tobacco with a good flavor of citrus and berry. The black orange tobacco is one of the best ones selling among the brand Khalil Mamoon.

Clouds & duration of black orange hookah flavor

You can enjoy it for up to 2 hours with black orange flavor. The clouds are pretty respectable and strong. Just control the coals and use a phunnel bowl for better results.

Price & quality of Khalil mamoon black orange

This brand has traditions on the market and the quality is consistent. You can enjoy their flavors at a regular price.

11. Fantasia – Pink lemonade hookah flavor

Pink lemonade shisha review

Here’s an amazing lemon flavor – sweet and sour balanced, not too sweet and not too sour. The pink lemonade is a beginner-friendly shisha flavor that you can enjoy every day.

Clouds & duration of Pink lemonade shisha flavor

It doesn’t last for too long but it depends on how many coals you put on your bowl. That’s why you should be careful with heat management. The clouds are pretty nice and satisfying.

Pink lemonade flavor – Price & quality

The quality of fantasia shisha is so good. It’s juicy, which guarantees good smoke and good flavor. You can mix it with mint for a little kick. The price is slightly higher than Al Fakher or Adalya products for example. A must-try flavor.

12. Azure – Tropical paradise hookah tobacco review

Azure shisha review

Azure gold line gives you a truly fruity experience. The pineapple and coconut are combined pretty well with this flavor. It’s not too sweet giving you the feeling of a tropical cocktail that you would drink beside a pool.

Tropical Paradise flavor – Clouds & duration

You can enjoy this tropical flavor for up to 1.5 hours using different bowl packing methods. Control of the heat is important here as well. The clouds will be big and aromatic

Price & quality of Azure tropical paradise flavor

The price is competitive, nothing too expensive. Quality blonde leaf tobacco that every hookah enthusiast can enjoy.

13. Overdozz – bad habit hookah flavor review

Bad habit overdozz review

Overdozz is an exclusive hookah Tobacco brand prepared carefully with finely chopped Virginia Tobacco Leaves and offers you a myriad of exotic flavors from around the world. Inside the flavor are included the classic juicy grapes.

Clouds & duration of Overdozz bad habit  hookah flavor

You can blow some huge clouds with this particular hookah flavor. True satisfaction is guaranteed. Enjoy the Bad Habit flavor with friends for up to 1 hour packed in a classic phunnel bowl. It’s just what I do.

Price & quality of bad habit shisha flavor

The quality is high and consistent. The price is pretty acceptable and affordable. You must try it as soon as possible!

14. Al Fakher – Blueberry hookah flavor review

Al Fakher Blueberry flavor review

Again, the classic Al Fakher! And again – berries! I love them, especially the Al Fakher line. It’s a pretty strong flavor actually. A simple blueberry fruit flavor that goes so well with mint, grape, or even lemon for example. A very flexible flavor you can take advantage of and experiment with.

Clouds & duration of Al Fakher blueberry hookah flavor

As I mentioned before the Al Fakher is not among the long-lasting tobaccos. However, you can enjoy it for up to 1 hour without worrying too much. Controlling the heat is very important for this product. You can expect a good amount of clouds here.

Price & quality of al fakher blueberry flavor

In my opinion, Al Fakher is among the best shisha flavors you can buy at a regular price! So take advantage of it and take yours.

15. Adalya Mango Tango (MNG TNGS) shisha review

Mango tango (MNG TNGS) review

Mango tango with ice is absolutely a stunning flavor. It was rebranded in 2020 and now it is called MNG TNGS. A very delicious combination of mango, passionfruit, and icy flavor. It was one of my favorite flavors ever. The first try is so impressive, not only because of the sweet mango flavor but with the icy balanced notes.

Clouds & duration of MNG TNGS flavros

Clouds are quite big with this particular hookah flavor. It’s something you will want to share with friends. It’s a totally beginner-friendly product and you should try it sooner rather than later!

It can last up to 2 hours if you maintain the bowl properly. It works with every type of bowl.

Adalya MNG TNGS – Price & quality

There is no doubt about the quality. It’s a pretty amazing product for me. Even the price is not high. It couldn’t be better than that. Check it out!

Why is it important to choose a high-quality shisha flavor?

Hookah smoking must be a big pleasure, and it depends on how you feel the smoke and the taste inside your mouth. Is it thick, bitter, strong, or is the falvor and smoke too sweet?

And yes, your whole session will be unpleasant if you choose a low-quality, cheap tobacco flavor. Premium shisha flavors guarantee a longer smoking session, a much better taste, and bigger smoke clouds. That’s what every hookah enthusiast wants.

Beginner-friendly shisha flavors

Weaker shisha flavors are always recommended if you are a beginner smoker. Blonde leaf tobacco is the perfect choice for your needs. There are several good brands on the market such as Al Fakher, Adalya, or maybe completely nicotine-free ones like hydro herbal & fantasia. My personal favorite in my first years of smoking was Al Fakher, and it still is a perfect choice for short sessions and mixes.

Strong and weak hookah flavors

As I have mentioned above, there are several types of shisha tobacco flavors – blonde and dark leaves. In your hookah experience, you may have noticed that some flavors affect you differently.

Or in other words – some of them make you feel more relaxed and have a strong flavor that “hits” you right in the body. On the other side are those weak and tasty flavors that you enjoy smoking with friends.

The reason why some flavors are stronger than others is that each brand uses its own technology to work the tobacco. It depends on how much nicotine they add and which tobacco leaves they use. The most commonly used tobacco leaves are Canadian Virginia ones.

Typically, the nicotine content in shisha tobacco is 0.5%.

Can I mix different shisha brands?

Absolutely yes! You can mix different shisha flavors and brands. It’s up to you, but make sure you do not mix more than 3 flavors because it will oversaturate the taste.

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