What are the Best Hookah Bowls in 2023 – Shisha Bowl Review

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Last updated May 11, 2023

Choosing the right hookah bowl is crucial when it comes to a perfect smoking session. You may be wondering which is the best hookah bowl for you? You’ll find the answers in the next lines of this article.

But first, you want to make sure that you are familiar with the different types of bowls and whether or not they are suitable for your hookah and the type of shisha tobacco you are using. In fact, there are so many newly released brands every year, coming out with brand new beautiful designs, colors, and even new shapes.

Probably the most popular shisha bowl is the classic Egyptian clay bowl. They are handmade and each hookah beginner (including me) starts with this type of hookah head.

With years of developing new techniques and designs, hookah head manufacturers have created diverse types of hookah bowls which can be found everywhere online.

That’s why I’ve created a complete review to help you choose the best hookah bowl for your needs, and more importantly, it will ensure a better smoking session. Let’s begin!

The best hookah bowl type in 2023

1. Solaris hookah bowl review

Starbuzz blue surfer review

Solaris hookah bowls are a completely handmade brand manufactured in Ukraine. They’re a very popular way to smoke shisha in Russian communities and there is a reason for that. It’s not the typical hookah bowl that you see in the hookah lounges.

The bowls are made of red clay and faience, which make the brand natural and environmentally friendly. Each bowl is painted individually, making the design unique and beautiful.

What makes these types of bowls different is that they are pretty solid, with thickened walls, flat bottom with seven holes, and more importantly, the price is pretty affordable. The thickened and solid walls of this type of hookah bowl will ensure optimally distributed heat for a better smoking session.

Solaris hookah bowl is perfect for every type of hookah and strong dark leaf tobacco brands. The shisha capacity is between 12 and 20 grams depending on the hookah packing technique.

Starbuzz blue surfer review

What to expect from the Solaris Hookah bowl?

As mentioned above, this is a quality product which is definitely worth its money. You can enjoy a very long smoking session (for up to 2 hours) because of the quality and materials used for this type of hookah bowl. You can check out the best deal and consider buying the Solaris bowl.

Why do I consider Solaris as the best hookah bowl?

  • It has a beautiful design
  • Solid structure
  • Environmentally friendly materials are used
  • Your shisha will last longer and the taste will be better
  • You can buy it easily online
  • Wide range of colors

The best design hookah bowl in 2023

2. Oblako hookah bowl review

Starbuzz blue surfer review

Oblako is a phunnel style hookah bowl that recently started to grow in popularity among hookah communities. In my opinion, it is the most beautifully designed bowl on a budget. There is a wide range of colors and effects of this type of hookah bowl. It’s glazed inside for better durability.

Typically, phunnel bowls like Oblako are very popular and have several advantages compared to classic bowls. Phunnel bowls are among the best because they prevent the shisha from falling into the stem and finishing into the water. That’s because there is a hole in the middle and the tobacco is placed beside the hole.

But there is another advantage of using this type of hookah bowl. Your shisha will burn slower and the taste will be better. In other words – longer sessions and bigger clouds. Isn’t that awesome?

What to expect from Solaris Hookah bowl?

As I have mentioned, Oblako is a beautifully designed hookah bowl that has optimal functionality, protecting the tobacco from falling down the stem. The shisha capacity is 18-23 grams. With so many colors and beautiful shapes, it can be liked by more and more people. You can expect longer smoking sessions and it’s perfect for sharing with a group of 2-3 friends. That’s why this bowl is among the best on the market.

 Why do I place Oblako among the best hookah bowls in 2023?

  • It has a variety of beautiful colors
  • Affordable price
  • Good for long-term usage
  • Awesome design

Best price to quality ratio hookah head

3. Review of the Kitosun Phunnel Bowl

Kitosun hookah bowls

Thr Kitosun Venus hookah top is a glazed phunnel-style shisha bowl that is easy to use and maintain. Here we have a variety of interesting colors and a shisha capacity between 15 and 25 grams. This type of hookah head will ensure a longer smoking session and is designed to hold the shisha juices inside, protecting them from falling into the water in the vase.

One of the best pros of this hookah bowl is its affordability. You can have one for just $9,99! It’s pretty cheap compared to other types of hookah phunnel bowls. The material used is clay, which will ensure nice and even heat distribution.

The Kitosun Venus hookah bowl is perfect for every type of hookah. You can fit every heat management device such as metal screen and heavy heat keeper and even aluminum foil.

Kitosun pink bowls

What to expect from the Kitosun Venus Clay Hookah head?

You can expect good clouds, longer smoking sessions, and overall satisfaction with this hookah bowl. As I’ve mentioned, it’s also budget-friendly.

Why Kitosun Venus Hookah Bowl is among the best hookah bowls

  • It has affordable price
  • Good overall design
  • Different colors to choose from
  • It’s a funnel hookah bowl, which means a longer smoking session

Best silicone hookah bowl in 2023

4. Review of the BudPro silicone shisha head

BudPro Vortex Bowl

It’s important to note which materials are used for different types of bowls. I mentioned ceramic, clay, glazed clay, etc. But here is something different. BudPro solves the problem of “what if I drop my shisha bowl?”

It’s simple – the material used is silicone. And yes, it works perfectly.

Also, the size is pretty large. You can fill the bowl with up to 30g of shisha. However, the best practice is to keep it with 20-25g. The silicone used can withstand up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. A great tip is to use it with a big heat keeper such as the Kaloud or Starbuzz NAR.

What to expect from a BudPro silicone shisha bowl?

Well, it’s a product that doesn’t have much competition on the current hookah bowl market. The material used is unusual yet you can expect satisfaction with your session. The design will keep the juices in the bowl (as other funnel bowls) and this will guarantee longer smoking sessions and fewer shisha costs. Keep in mind that because of the big size of the BudPro phunnel bowl, it will not fit 100% perfectly on all hookahs. However it’s not a big deal, you can use a bigger grommet or even surgical tape to ensure good sealing and good airflow.

Why is the BudPro Silicone Hookah Bowl among the best hookah bowls?

  • This hookah bowl is unbreakable
  • The price is pretty low
  • The shisha capacity is high enough
  • Good for sessions with a larger group

The best vortex bowl in 2023

5. Review of the BudPro Vortex type shisha head

Starbuzz blue surfer review

Another great release from the branded hookah bowl company BudPro. It’s a different style bowl, similar to the phunnel one, but there is no large hole in the center.

The middle of the bowl is covered but there are little holes (typically 4-5) on the sides. It provides approximately the same functionality as the funnels, such as a longer smoking experience and anti-shisha juice protection.

It’s a clay-made product so it is different compared to other BudPro bowls. However, I think phunnel bowls are better when it comes to shisha molasses leak protection.

But what about the price? It’s slightly cheaper compared to other mentioned hookah bowls. So we have a good price-quality ratio which is pretty good.

What to expect from a BudPro silicone shisha bowl?

The overall satisfaction is guaranteed. You can enjoy a great long smoking session with this type of shisha head. Share with friends or just relax at home – it’s up to you and your needs. Use it with a heat keeper or pack it with special aluminum foil for best results. Expect a 1.5 – 2 hours-long smoking session with a BudPro Vortex shisha bowl.

Why is the BudPro Vortex Hookah Bowl on the best hookah bowl list for 2023?

  • It’s very reliable product
  • Better heat distribution
  • Longer smoking session
  • Perfect fit for each hookah type

The best Turkish style hookah bowl

6. Review of the ATH hookah bowl 

Adalya turkish hookah bowl

Adalya Tobacco Hookah is a big hookah-related manufacturer based in Turkey. Their quality products are very popular among the hookah communities. But let’s talk about the hookah bowls.

There are several shisha bowl styles I listed and reviewed in this article. This one is a Turkish style and it’s a little bit different from Solaris and phunnel bowls.

ATH is 100% handmade from clay using milk firing technology for a beautiful design. The ATH Azra bowl is a Turkish-style hookah bowl that holds between 15g -and 25g of your favorite shisha tobacco. Keep in mind that blond leaf tobacco with fewer molasses is a better fit for this type of bowl. If the shisha tobacco is too wet it will leak down to the stem. We don’t want that.

What to expect from the ATH Turkish-style shisha bowl?

You can expect good, nice and even heat distribution with the ATH Turkish bowl and overall satisfaction. You can share the session with friends because it has a nice shisha capacity. If your tobacco is juicier, it will require a more detailed hookah bowl and stem cleaning.

Why is the Hookah Bowl on the best hookah bowl list for 2023?

  • It’s made from high-quality materials
  • A beautifully designed hookah bowl
  • Variety of colors
  • High shisha capacity

Q:A – What kind of bowl is best for hookah?

In my opinion, a phunnel hookah bowl is one of the best choices for hookah enthusiasts. They are handmade and designed to maintain shisha tobacco juices inside the bowl and don’t allow leaking inside the stem. This will help the tobacco to stay nice and juicy and more importantly – it will burn slower. Also, phunnel bowls have beautiful designs and a shisha tobacco capacity of between 15 and 30 grams.

Are Oblako hookah bowls actually good?

Oblako is a phunnel bowl type with one of the best shisha bowl designs in my opinion. Not only are they beautiful but they also maintain the shisha flavor and prevent it from burning fast.

What is a hookah bowl made of?

The most commonly used material for hookah bowls is clay. Typically, they are handmade and it’s the number one choice among hookah enthusiasts. However, there are other materials used for shisha bowls, such as trending silicone bowls, ceramic, and even metal.

Are silicone hookah bowls good?

Silicone bowls are perfect for share-smoking sessions because of their tobacco capacity. Silicone hookah bowls are also good because they are pretty much unbreakable and easy to clean. Perfect choice for modern hookah smokers.

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