Review of the Best Hookah Coal Burners: Easy to Ignite your Coals

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Last updated May 11, 2023

Getting the best possible hookah smoking experience depends on so many things. Of course, one of the most essential parts is choosing a tasty and mouth-watering hookah flavor but there’s so much more. You need to set up your hookah appropriately and make sure you’re using the right hookah coal burner.

Using a hookah charcoal burner could raise a lot of questions, especially if you’re a newbie and don’t have much experience with hookah smoking yet. If this is the case, there’s no need to worry. I’m here to help you by sharing a few coal stoves reviews that will help you make the right purchase decision and guarantee the ultimate hookah smoking session. Using a hookah coal lighter will definitely make your life easier and will save you a lot of time and stress.

So let’s get into it and see what there is to know before buying a hookah coal burner.

How to choose a reliable hookah coal burner

How to choose a reliable hookah coal burner
If you’ve ever smoked hookah without a hookah coal starter, you’ll probably agree that it’s incredibly hard to get your coals to turn red without it. It takes so much effort, time, and you’re bound to get irritated during the process. Even if you managed to get the desired result after hours of trying, smoking hookah shouldn’t be this hard.

A hookah burner or hookah stove can be found in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one for you could be tricky, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a hookah charcoal heater include:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Temperature
Shisha Coal stove and coals burning on top

A shisha coal heater should quickly reach the desired temperature of around 350 degrees. The majority of hookah coal lighters on the market will take five minutes to reach this temperature. The best products on the market will only need four minutes.

In addition, a high standard hookah coal starter will offer a coil temperature regulator via a dial at the base of the device. You can also see that there are products out there that come with air vents that ensure the coals are burning at the right temperature at all times.

Another cool feature to look out for is an automatic shutoff, which is a great safety mechanism that modern solutions will have. Plus, consider that you’ll need to clean and regularly maintain your devices, so look into how easy it is to do so. Coal heaters that come with a drip pan are always easier to use as you can quickly remove it and clean it straight away.

To make shopping even easier for you, I’ve created a list of top-rated hookah coal burners that you can count on.

List of top rated hookah coal burners

My personal experience with coal burners has led me to believe that the following products on the market are some of the best ones to choose from. They’re all affordable, high-quality, and offer exceptional performance.

But what’s so special about them and what do you need to know about each one?

Let’s look at them in more detail.

Review of the best hookah coal stoves in 2023

1. Gemini Turbo Coal Burner review

Gemini innovative hookah Coal Burner

Gemini is an innovative device in the hookah world. It offers a turbo coal burner that is certainly something I recommend trying. In fact, it’s the first hookah charcoal burner in the world that relies on 3D heating technology.

Called the Gemini Turbo Coal Burner, it’s a 110V coal burner that takes advantage of a heating coil shaped in a cylinder form to warm up coconut coals from all possible angles.

You’ll notice that the product comes with an individual tray that holds charcoal cubes and flats. It’s extremely easy to use and the tray can be removed and inserted into the burner via it’s handle that is user-friendly and safe to use without any risk of burns.

You can find the product online for around $45, which is a great price considering the quality provided. I’ve shared this one with friends and I’ve only received positive feedback

Coal Burner Gemini


The Gemini Turbo Charcoal Heater’s main advantage is speed. It’s considered the fastest coal burner available on the market, which is why it’s a top choice for a lot of hookah smokers. It also comes with an adjustable temperature control knob that allows you to maintain the desired temperature. A light indicator will inform you when the device is on, meaning that you won’t be wasting any heat by forgetting it on when it’s not being used.


It fits several coals only. Compared to standard burners which will fit 20 coals on average, the Gemini can fit no more than half of that inside the turbo heater. However, there is enough space on the top to put even more coals, but you will be able to turn them like you normally do with a standard coal stove.

2. Review of IMUSA USA Electric Single Burner

IMUSA Hookah Coal Burner

Looking for an extremely budget-friendly hookah charcoal burner that you rely on? Well, Imusa has a solution for only $11.99 on Amazon. It will quickly become your go-to appliance as it’s multi-purpose and suitable for prepping your charcoal but also for cooking outdoors or indoors.

It’s made of high-quality aluminium and is a lasting and safe solution. Regardless of whether you’re hosting a small hookah party at home or planning a sporting event or a big holiday gathering, you can rely on this product to provide the heat you need.

As long as you have a plug nearby, you can use it anywhere. It’s available in different colors, sizes, and exterior construction, making it a perfect choice for anyone. Imusa is a renowned brand from Latin America that creates high standard cookware, appliances, gadgets, and different products.


The Imusa coal burner comes with a temperature regulating knob with heat distribution coils. The power indicator light will let you know when the appliance is on and off. It’s equipped with non-slip rubber feet that will make it impossible for the burner to slip or slide from your surface. Its design is created for small spaces and won’t be a problem to use it even in tiny, size-restricted areas. Take advantage of the stainless steel drip tray and make sure it’s always clean and tidy. Maintenance won’t be a problem and won’t take long either.


Some users share their concerns about the appliance turning off after it has reached the desired temperature. This means that the thermostat is set to turn off the device earlier than most people want. Check the light indicator to see if your appliance is still on when your charcoal is getting warm.

3. 320º Electric ‘High Tower’ Charcoal Burner

Coal burner 320

The last product on my list is the 320 Degree Electric High Tower Charcoal Burner. It’s suitable for both BBQ and a coconut coal coil stove lighter. It’s sold with a full warranty and can be yours for $24.99.

The product is considered a premium burner and is 1000W. You can safely heat up to 20 coals at the same time and get perfect results and the beautiful red colors you’re after. It’s one of the affordable options that you know you can use for years without having to worry about damage and repairs.

As the name suggests “320 degrees” means that your coal will be heated not just on the bottom but on the sides too. This feature helps to decrease the preparation time of your coals.


The 320-degree coal burner comes with a metal grid as protection from coil heating. It comes with different heat settings for convenience and is suitable for different purposes. It takes no more than 5 minutes to heat up your charcoal, making it one of the fastest solutions on the market.


The cable length of this burner is only 1.4 meters, which may not be enough to freely move it around and use in different settings.

4. M. ROSENFELD Premium Hookah Coal Burner

Hookah Coal Burner

Another amazing hookah coal burner worth trying is M. Rosenfeld’s Premium Hookah Coal Burner 450W. It comes with a full hookah accessories set, including portable coals basket, a free bonus hookah shisha Tongs for tobacco and coal, a 2-in-1 basket handle that can also be used as tongs, and more cool features.

It arrives with a 60” long cable that makes the product extremely flexible and easy to use. You can take it out on the balcony, on your patio, in the living room, or anywhere else where the party is. You can enjoy extra freedom when setting up your hookah party. Let’s look at some of the cool advantages of using this product.


M. Rosenfeld’s coal burner is absolutely brilliant, fast, and universal. You can use it for coconut charcoal but also for bamboo or wood as it’s multipurpose. You’ll get the desired red color after 10 minutes. Here are some of the cool pros:

  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Smart thermostat heat control
  • 304 stainless steel coil burner
  • Additional durability
  • Fire resistant paint
  • Expert, high-quality assembling
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Overheat protection
  • A longer cable for maximum convenience
  • LED power indicator light


The only drawback of this product is the time necessary for the coals to heat up. When compared to other burners that only take about 2 minutes for the heating process, this one needs about 10 minutes. If you’re slowly prepping for your hookah session that’s not a concern but if you’re in a hurry, it may be a drawback that some users may not be fond of.

5. VENYN Hibachi Multipurpose Charcoal Burner

Coal Burner with handle

Next up, let’s look at one of VENYN’s top products or the VENYN Hibachi Multipurpose Charcoal Burner. If you’re experiencing difficulty setting up the charcoal for your hookah party, you can safely rely on this top-quality product.

A multi-purpose burner, VENYN’s coal burner offers outstanding heat retention and is extremely easy to use and compliant with all safety regulations.

All you need to do is plug it in and it’s ready for use. You can use it to heat your colas right where the smoking party is and not worry about a thing. This will help you prevent the chance of getting burns on your carpets, tables, skin, or flooring.

With a heat control power adjuster and an ON/OFF indicator, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re not forgetting the burner on when not in use. All you need is 3 minutes to set up your charcoal and no more.


The good news about this product is that it’s multi-functional. If you’re looking to organize a BBQ party with your guests, then this coal burner will come in handy. You can use it both for your hookah coals but also it will ignite every BBQ coal too. Take advantage of the removable charcoal tray and use it for warming up your tea or coffee when necessary.

Another massive advantage is the fact that the product is porcelain-coated. It’s resistant to corrosion and therefore a durable solution that will save you money in the long run. In addition, the product comes with a detachable handle that can also be used as a pair of tongs to manage charcoal with ease.

This burner can be used on all types of charcoal. It’s available for sale for around $25, which is a top price!


According to reviews on Amazon, there are several cases “product stop working after a few months’’ and the paint is peeling once been heated. However, we do not know how the product has been used by these customers.


We’ve come to the end of our coal stoves reviews. I hope that the information I’ve shared will help you gain a better understanding of the listed products and will support you in making the right decision.

The bottom line is, I highly recommend using a reliable and high-quality hookah coal burner if you want to enjoy your hookah experience and dedicate your time to smoking those mouth-watering flavors instead of wasting hours prepping your hookah.

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