The Best Hookah Hoses on The Market: A Guide for Buyers

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Last updated May 11, 2023

Hookah hoses are an extremely important part of the hookah. You can experience the best or worst smoking session thanks to the hookah hose.

Today you can find several basic types of hookah hoses and multiple brands sizes and designs. When you consider buying the best hookah hose for your needs, it’s important to check the honest and unbiased reviews on the internet.

That’s why I decided to create a list and review the best hookah hoses in 2023. Let’s check them out!

Best silicone type hookah hose

1. Review of Voov Lit Silicone Hookah Hose

Voov Lit hose

The brand is well-known for its variety of hookah parts and accessories at affordable prices. The quality of Voov Lit hookahs and parts is pretty good. You can have a fully washable silicone hookah hose that will last for years. Choosing a silicone hookah hose will ensure better airflow, easy maintenance, and overall smoking satisfaction.

The aluminum handle is detachable, You can remove it from the middle. This helps when you want to do a deep clean. It never rusts. The silicone tubing is also easily cleaned, Just wash it under running water. Also, it is 100% odorless and tasteless.

Why are silicone hookah hoses among the best?

As I’ve mentioned, these types of hookah hoses are pretty affordable, easy to maintain and will give you 100% good airflow. They can be bent with no problem and will fit perfectly into your hand. Sit in your favorite position and enjoy your hookah. And more importantly, when the airflow is smooth, you will get much more clouds out. That’s why it is best to have a silicone hookah hose.

Why I Choose Voov Lit Silicone Hose

  • Good airflow – it’s smooth when you pull from the hose
  • Easy to clean – just run cold water inside
  • Nice design – it’s always important to have a great hookah appearance

The best design hookah hose

2. Review of M. Rosenfeld silicone shisha hose

M.Rosenfeld hookah hose

When it comes to appearance, M. Rosenfeld is always on top. For me personally, it’s important to have a good-looking hookah from an esthetic point of view. With this hookah hose, I can enjoy my preferred hookah design.

But let’s talk about the features. M. Rosenfeld’s silicone hose is among the best hookah hoses at a very affordable price. The beauty comes from the aluminum handle with dark and golden color combinations and beautiful shapes. It looks stylish and works as efficiently as other silicone shisha hoses.

It comes with a beautiful carbon-style package and other accessories included inside. It’s universal for all hookahs which makes this product very flexible and easy to use.

Why M. Rosenfeld is among the best hookah hoses

It’s easy to fit on each type of hookah and it’s so easy to clean. One of the best parts is that M. Rosenfeld has an affordable price. You can take advantage and get yours today.

Also, it does not react with other materials and can withstand extreme heat, because of the quality silicone material used. The air easily passes through the ergonomic handle so just before you inhale, you immediately feel the cloud of your freshly prepared shisha mix

Why I chose M. Rosenfeld’s beautiful silicone hookah hose

  • Beautiful colors and design – this hookah hose has a black and gold-colored aluminum handle and a silicone hose attached to it.
  • Affordable price – you can have it at a regular price between $13.99 and $16.99 only, depending on the product promotion.
  • Safe to use – as I’ve mentioned, it can be easily sterilized without holding bad particles and smells inside.

The best ice hookah hose in 2023

3. Review of MYA Extra-long freeze shisha hose

The good old MYA brand is well established among hookah enthusiasts around the world. They have a variety of hookah accessories you can choose from and the ice hookah hose is among the best products from MYA.

It’s approximately 97 inches long, which is pretty long. Also, you can have extra ice inside, because it fits 3 medium size icicles. The wide-body is easy to maintain with water. However, the hose itself is made from synthetic leather which will not hold any bad odors.

The hose is pretty flexible, which means that it is pretty light and comfortable. No need to be cautious when you have glasses and bottles on the table compared to silicone hoses which are harder and heavier.

Why MYA ice hookah hose is the best for freeze smoke lovers

It’s easy to load it with MYA icicles. Just keep them in the refrigerator for 2 hours and put them inside the hose. It can fit up to three icicles.

The good design allows you to easily share your hookah with other people. The flexible ice hose can be easily passed through the table. When it comes to price and quality, it is definitely worth the value. So consider buying this amazing product.

Why I chose MYA ice hookah hose

  • It’s long – 97’’ long, which is a pretty good feature.
  • It produces nice fresh clouds and has a good airflow
  • It’s very flexible compared to silicone hoses
  • It’s easy to clean its wide body

The best non-washable hookah hose

4. Khali Mamoon long handle hookah hose

Non washable hookah hose

Non-washable hookah hoses are overlooked these days. But they are not that bad as most people think. I’ve explained further about hookah hose cleaning in the previous article.

Specifically, the Khalil Mamoon hookah hose is made from synthetic leather and the handle is coated with cloth material. So this is the reason why this hose is unwashable. But does that make it a bad product? Absolutely not!

In fact, many hookah shops tell you that non-washable hose could be cleaned with water. But for me, that is not true. If the hose has metal rings and (or) cloth coating, then it shouldn’t be washed with water. It’s as simple as that.

Khalil Mamoon is an Egyptian company with traditions and their products have the classic appearance of the old-school hookah parts. If you want the classic then Khalil Mamoon is the right fit for you.

Why KM with a long handle is the best non-washable hookah hose

First, it’s classic. Second It looks so great and more importantly – it’s pretty comfortable. You can bend it however you want and it will not break or bounce like silicone hoses. The soft and long handle is light and fits perfectly in your hand. Perfect hookah hose for home usage and lounge bars.

Why I Like Khalil Mamoon long handle hookah hose

  • It has a good soft handle – really comfortable
  • It’s pretty flexible and easy to use
  • Can fit 99% of hookahs

The best disposable plastic hookah hoses in 2023

5. Review of 5pcs disposable hookah hoses set

Disposable hookah hoses

Are you tired of washing your hose before or after every smoking session? There is a solution to your problem. Disposable hookah hoses are made from 100% recyclable plastic. This automatically means that the hookah hoses are extremely lightweight.

Probably the most important feature is that you can use them when you have guests at home or when you’re organizing a party for example. This will ensure better hygiene and you will not need to wash it after all. Just trash it.

Of course, it is a plastic material and can be washed and reused – another awesome feature.

Why those are the best disposable hookah hoses

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s extremely lightweight, could be bent and it’s 100% washable. But what’s more exciting is the price. You can get 5pcs of this hookah hose at a very affordable price! Probably the best deal, isn’t it?

Why do I like disposable hookah hoses?

  • Very easy to use and fits on each type of hookah
  • It has a lightweight and flexible material
  • It’s 100% recyclable material
  • Can be washed and reused with no problems

Best carbon-fiber hookah hose

6. Review of Vapor Carbon Silicone Hose


Carbon fiber is a well-known material for its durability and lightweight properties. It also looks natural and beautiful and can be used not only in automotive but in hookah and shisha accessories production too. The brand Vapor created a 100% carbon fiber handle with a silicone hookah hose which makes them unique.

The carbon fiber-styled handle is smooth and emanates a sense of class and sophistication, perfect for enhancing any modern style hookah. This top trending hookah hose is designed to create a “wow” factor among hookah enthusiasts around the world.

The hose itself is made from well known heat-resistant silicone material which makes it 100% washable and easy to maintain. The handle is lightweight and carbon fiber-made. It’s approximately 75 inches long, which is a pretty good size.

Why Vapor makes the best carbon-fiber hookah hoses

This type of hookah hose is for people who want to be different, and who love to be up to date with the hookah trends. Vapor brand is well-known as a high-quality company manufacturing glass hookahs, but that is not all. They create amazing same high-quality hookah accessories. So I can say the brand is fully trusted and their carbon fiber hose is the best in their class.

Why do I like the Vapor carbon fiber hookah hose?

  • Looks amazing with the unique carbon fiber design
  • It’s easy to wash with water
  • Has a very lightweight and comfortable handle
  • The size of 75” makes it an even better product

The best hookah hose for thick smoke

7. Review of Cobra Premium Silicone Hose

Cobra hookah hose

Hoses that produce thick smoke shouldn’t be super wide or super thin. They must have the perfect airflow and at the same time the right size to ensure big clouds. Also, they should never have flavor ghosting which means amazing shisha taste every time.

My choice for a thick smoke hookah hose is the Cobra Premium Hose. In fact, there are not many differences between other silicone hoses and this one. Most hookah accessories manufacturers know their users and what they want.

Everyone wants thick smoke and huge clouds. This could be achieved not only with the hookah hose but with consistent hookah preparation and by choosing the best parts and shisha.

However, Cobra Premium Silicone Hose is a good choice for those who want something different and at the same time useful. It has an outstanding aluminum handle which will ensure a comfortable feeling when you hold it. The hose is 60” and the handle is 12” for a total of 72” from the handle tip to the end of the hose.

Why I Like the Cobra Premium Hookah hose

  • It’s different because of its design
  • It has a variety of colors
  • The price is pretty affordable
  • It’s washable and easy to maintain

Does the hookah hose make any difference for your session?

As I’ve mentioned, the hookah hose plays a fundamental role when it comes to smoking clouds. It must be a perfect size. Wider hoses will have better air and smoke travel, which means easier to pull and more clouds. So the answer is yes, the hookah hose could make a difference when you smoke a hookah.


The choice is yours. Whenever you choose the best designed or the longest hookah hose, it’s still a hookah hose. Generally speaking – if you decide to pick a non-washable hose it doesn’t mean the hose is bad. It just needs a bit more care and maintenance. On the other hand, we have washable silicone hoses which are preferred among hookah enthusiasts.

I hope I’ve helped you understand the different types of hoses and how to choose the best one for your needs. Remember that smoking hookah is fun and should make you happy. So always pick the highest quality hookah accessories to ensure your best session.

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