The All-Time Best Hookah Brands: Ultimate Buying Guide

Written by Jacob - Hookah Enthusiast

Last updated May 11, 2023

With so many hookah brands on the market, it’s no surprise that a lot of hookah enthusiasts find it difficult to choose the one that will suit them best. As a beginner, I have felt the same on numerous occasions. However, with some experience and trial and error, I have now gained a lot of insights on quality hookahs that are worth trying.

Every hookah is different and knowing what differentiates one from the other will help you make the right decision and avoid spending extra money on new hookahs now and then.

In this article, I’ve prepared a full list of top hookah brands on the market. I’ll go into details about each one to share with you some of their key features, the materials they’re made from, and more. By the end of your read, you’ll be able to choose one of the coolest hookahs that you can get your hands on and dramatically improve your smoking experience.

Here are the top hookah brands divided into categories:

Review of Top modern hookah brands

1. Stündenglass – ultra modern hookah review

Stundenglass hookah review

When people speak of cool hookahs, everyone has their own perception of what that truly means. If you’re into trying exclusive hookahs that offer an out-of-this-world smoking experience, trying Stündenglass’ hookahs are an absolute must.

Based in LA, California, this brand is extremely innovative and modern in its thinking and design. It focuses on both functionality and style, producing hookahs that are nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. Stündenglass stands out from the rest with the world’s first gravity-powered, contactless, 360-degree system hookah. It relies on kinetic motion activation and other cool, sophisticated features.

Without a doubt, this brand can offer an outstanding smoking adventure for any beginner or professional smoker.

However, the brand is among the more high-priced ones on the hookah market. Therefore, it’s commonly a choice for more experienced smokers who know what they’re looking for.

Why choose Stündenglass

In general, Stündenglass is truly a masterpiece that provides a number of benefits for hookah enthusiasts. Although it will grab your attention with its sleek and astonishing design, aesthetics are not the only thing that makes this hookah brand special.

Despite the high price tag, it’s a popular choice for smokers as it’s suitable for smoking herb, concentrate, and hookah tobacco. The draws are nice and smooth, guaranteeing a pleasant time. You can take advantage of contactless draws and sit back and enjoy the stunning and truly unique design. On top of that, the hookahs are very easy to clean and maintain, which increases their lifespan.

Keep in mind that there is no temperature control for Stündenglass hookahs, which is the main drawback of the product.

The brand sells three hookah products that you’re bound to fall in love with:

    • Stündenglass Gravity Hookah
    • Cookies X Stündenglass Gravity Hookah
    • Dr. Greenthumb’s X Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Quality, price and Materials used in Stündenglass hookahs

Stündenglass hookahs are so cool that you can use them as decor or an accent piece in the living room or bedroom. They’re produced using the highest quality materials, making these products extremely durable and lasting. A great advantage is that the glass used for the hookah is safe for dishwashers, meaning that cleaning after use is a piece of cake for anyone.

The products come with a nice carrying box with a handle. You can easily transport the hookah without any worries about damage or breaking. Some extras that the box comes with include:

  • A glass bowl
  • A 3-foot silicone hose
  • Cool stickers
  • 45° adjustable mouthpiece

As mentioned, the price is relatively high and you can expect to find this beauty for around $600.

2. Starbuzz hookahs

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Silver

Next up on the list of top hookah products are those created by Starbuzz. Also based in America, Starbuzz is a huge player in the hookah industry, with more than 13 years of experience on the market. They provide a full range of hookah products and solutions, making it easy for users to find anything they’re looking for.

They gained popularity for their bold line shisha tobacco flavors by Starbuzz but their hookahs are no less special. As creative as they are in crafting unique hookah flavors that will blow your mind and tickle your taste buds, they’re equally bold in their hookah manufacturing.

Starbuzz products are here to steal the show and it’s hard to ignore them. The brand is fond of innovation and always strives to surprise hookah enthusiasts with new features and cool extras. You can enjoy a range of hookah products, from traditional hookahs to cool and modern hookah products that offer an extra layer of taste and pleasure.

Starbuzz Features

There are around 20 different hookah products available from Starbuzz and each one of them is different from the rest. Some of the top products that smoking fans are crazy about include:

    • Starbuzz Carbine
    • Starbuzz Mini
    • Starbuzz Unicus
    • Challenger
    • Starbuzz Atlantis ICE
    • Starbuzz Pinball

And more!

The features that each one offers are different. For instance, the Starbuzz Carbine has a cool matte finish, comes with adjustable legs, which make it perfect for any setting or surface, and a heavy-duty deep Anodized hose system. On the other hand, the Starbuzz Unicus has a sharp, stylish stem design, a customized ceramic head, and active smoke filtration.

The perfect choice for you will depend on your level of experience and your personal preferences.

Quality, price and Materials used in Stündenglass hookahs

When it comes to quality, Starbuzz makes no compromises. There’s no question that they deserve the top places in most lists of most reliable hookah brands. The brand always relies on tested materials that are of the highest standards to guarantee that the hookahs they produce are extremely durable, resistant to rust, and, well, eternal.

Starbuzz hookahs are created using medical-grade silicone, surgical-grade stainless steel, space-grade aluminum, metal for diffusers, and even customized ceramic heads for some of their products.

The good thing about Starbuzz is that the prices range from low to mid or high, depending on the type of hookah you’re looking to try. You can get the cheapest ones for around $50 but you can also spend around $300 for some of the more advanced models.

3. Adalya Hookahs review

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Silver

Adalya hookahs are created by ATH or Adalya Tobacco Hookah and manufactured in Turkey. The brand is mostly known for its outstanding shisha tobacco products but its hookahs are not to be estimated either. The story behind the brand is special as it originates from the true inspiration of a tobacco enthusiast.

He wanted to create a whole new experience for hookah smokers, both in terms of the available flavors they could try and the hookahs they could smoke from. To achieve this, Adalya focuses on producing truly exceptional hookah solutions of the highest standards. This is exactly what makes it a leader in the hookah space.

You can certainly enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re smoking from a good quality hookah if you’ve decided to choose Adalya as your top choice.

Adalya Hookah product lines

When speaking of the best hookah pipes, Adalya is bound to come up. The company produces high-end stainless steel hookah products in a rich variety. Whether you want to experience a chilled lounge-style experience or a shared hookah smoking session, there’s something for everyone in their offering.

You can take advantage of two main products – the ATH L-steel hookah and the ATH T-steel hookah.

The Adalya L-steel hookah is a true gem for anyone looking to dive into a lounge hookah session. It’s designed in the typical lounge-style and has a simple, sleek look that suits any modernistic interior. It comes with a closed chamber system along with a built-in purge valve that contributes to the perfectly clean look and easy purge. You can choose a model that is suitable for gatherings and enjoy the benefits of four separate hookah hose ports.

On the other hand, the Adalya T-steel hookah is a rather traditional line. You can still benefit from the same precision of craftsmanship as with the L-steel hookah, but the design is more classic and traditional. With a closed chamber system and an external purge valve, harsh smoke is easily allowed through the crystal glass base. If you’re after a relaxing hookah experience with less noise, this is certainly a good option.

Quality, price and Materials used in Adalya hookahs

One of the factors that determine the quality of any hookah is the materials used. Adalya uses excellent stainless steel, guaranteeing that every pipe is resistant to rust and poses no threats in the long term. The stainless steel is also acid and corrosion-resistant lounge style. The glass used for the hookah creation is created by some of the most renowned glass manufacturers on the planet. Their bowls are handmade using this crystal glass, created by Pasabahce.

Put simply, you can’t go wrong with an Adalya hookah!

4. Review of Gstar Hookah Brand

Gstar hookah brand review

Gstar is another brand that is considered among the top hookahs on the market. The name is popular for providing hookah fans with a truly flawless and outstanding smoking experience. The best part is that Gstar hookahs are also very affordable and are probably among the cheapest hookah brands out there.

Whether you’re looking to spend some quality time with your friends smoking tasty hookah tobacco or you’d rather prefer enjoying a private session solo, Gstar has something to offer.

The brand created classic Egyptian style hookahs although the products are actually manufactured in China, meaning that they don’t really fall into the category of Egyptian hookah brands. Their products form the perfect balance between traditional and cultural elements tied in with everything that a hookah smoker is looking for.

Gstar hookahs features

One of the brand’s products that stand out is the Gstar Elite Series Premium Quality 2 hose Aluminum Hookah Kit. As the name suggests, it’s a premium product that is a bit more pricey than the other hookahs that the brand sells. This product is an example of how Gstar offers some unique features that can make your smoking experience very different from the standard.

The stem design of the Gstar Elite Series premium hookah offers extra venting holes. This means that the smoke is entirely diffused from the stem and you get an overall cool effect and maximum pleasure. The design is also brilliant as the stem is created with a lot of similarities to a machine gun.

Gstar hookahs are ideal for both beginners and experienced smokers as they’re very easy to set up, use, clean, and maintain. Some of the products also come with a coal dish cover, meaning that you don’t have to take any extra time to buy foil, wrap it around the bowl, and create holes. Personally, I think Gstar products are very similar to the quality you’ll get in a specialized shisha lounge or bar.

Quality, price and Materials used in Gstar hookahs

I already touched upon the price by sharing that Gstar hookahs are in the low-cost category of hookah products. The fact that they’re produced in China also creates some concerns about the quality of the materials.

However, it’s safe to say that most of the products are durable and lasting, as long as you clean them after every use and care for them properly.

Most of the Gstar hookahs come with a bottom base, a center shaft, a down stem, a ceramic hookah bowl, a charcoal tray, tongs, and a poker. Some of the materials used include silicone, metal, and heavy-duty glass.

5. Shapes hookahs 

Shapes hookah brand review

Shapes is a hookah manufacturer that gives away a lot about itself just by the name they’ve selected for their brand. As suggested, you can expect to see truly alien-like, innovative, and sleek shapes and designs from these hookahs. The company is extremely competitive and bold in creating some of the world’s most mind-blowing hookah designs. In fact, some of its designs are award-winning and have participated in the Iron A’ Design Award.

The brand believes that although the traditional Egyptian style is classic and great, modernizing the hookah experience is unavoidable. They have taken on the task of changing something that has been the same for hundreds of years and they are truly successful at it. They have one of the best hookah pipe solutions on the market and that’s the Alien.

Shapes make no compromise when it comes to materials and quality. They always strive to offer something unique and are ideal for smokers who are looking to experience something modern and stylish in the hookah space.

Shapes hookahs features

Nothing negative can be said about Shapes hookahs, especially the Alien model. With attention to every detail, the brand has designed a piece of art. But apart from the visual aspects, Shapes also provide functionality and practicality.

You can get a nice draw when smoking and can enjoy your favorite hookah tobacco without any concerns. The products are created with improved heat exchange in mind as the gasket is firmly attached to the plate. There’s a sprinkler at the gasket’s tip, which boosts smoke to the liquid contact area and results in bubbles that are smaller in size.

In addition, you can enjoy cleaner and colder smoke thanks to the sprinkler. But we can find out a lot more about the quality when we look at the materials used for the creation process.

Quality, price and Materials used in Shapes hookahs

Shapes Alien, for instance, is an example of amazing material use and precision. The glass jar is hand blown to perfection and every jar is truly unique and exclusive due to the tiny air bubbles found inside each jar. You can use the hookah with 2 hoses and can take advantage of the perfect flavor transition thanks to the perfect gasket design.

The hookah bowl is created using porcelain-grade ceramic that has been tested and guaranteed. Food grade silicone that is heat resistant is used for the hose, making it extremely hygienic and lasting when compared to traditional rubber.

The price could be a bit expensive but it’s absolutely normal, considering the vast amount of thought and effort put into the creation of this beauty.

6. Regal hookahs – review

Regal hookah review

Based in Colorado, USA, Regal is a relatively new brand on the hookah market. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been around for ages, it does have a few years of experience, since 2009, and has already won the hearts of many hookah smokers, both newbies and professionals. They’re popular and unique because of their high-class materials used for the hookah creation process and the cool features that make every smoking session a fairytale.

The brand is considered among the best water pipe brands available today. One of the things that make them stand out is the extra wide gauge down stem that is typical for most of their products. As a result, smokers can enjoy some of the richest and thickest clouds ever! The smoking experience is flawless and superb.

On top of that, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can use your Regal hookah as long as you want. Thanks to the high-quality materials, Regal hookahs last for ages and are an extremely durable and reliable solution. If you’re looking for luxury and functionality combined – Regal is a must try brand.

Regal hookah pipe product lines

The names chosen for Regal’s product lines are catchy. You can enjoy several models like the Prince, Queen, and King. Their pipes are available in three “personalities” or three stains. Each one has a unique grain of wood. As you can imagine, every hookah created by Regal is unique and one of a kind. So if you’ve fond of having an exclusive product by your side, definitely give them a go.

The product lines were inspired by a need for perfection and a more durable product. The founder of Regal, Jonathan Volfson, had a personal negative experience with a Syrian wood pipe that broke and wanted to design a better product with more strength.

Quality, price and Materials used in Regal pipes

Regal uses aerospace-grade aluminum and also produces military optics and metal. You can expect extreme duration and longevity thanks to the anodized aluminum. As already mentioned, there is special attention paid to wood use too. There are a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to wood types and wood stains. The brand uses maple wood from the East Coast and other places in the world.

The best part is that you can order a customized hookah that only you will have!

Regal is also among the more expensive hookah brands. For example, the Regal Cavalier can be found for around $270 but the Regal Ararat King costs around $1,200.

7. Wookah hookah 

Wookah hookah review

If you visit Wookah hookah’s website, the first thing that you’ll probably notice is the accent put on the balance between wood and hookah. The main focus of Wookah is to offer quality, stunning design, and a perfect finish.

Starting in 2005, Wookah is a Polish brand that gained popularity in 2015 by attracting hookah enthusiasts with the exceptional quality of wooden nargile. The brand received the “Product of the Year” award in Frankfurt. They offer a range of different products that fit every customer’s taste and preferences. The majority of the hookahs sold by Wookah are handmade but they also rely on CNC machines for extra precision and detailed finishes.

Why choose Wookah hookah

For starters, a lot of hookah smokers choose Wookah because of their unique and grabbing designs and shapes. You can see the traces from the hand making process, which makes every hookah truly special and exclusive. They are masters at combining exotic materials and different types of wood to create the perfect appearance.

Of course, the quality of the smoking session is no less special.

Wookah hookahs are separated into a few categories, including the Wookah original, Wookah classic, Wookah colored, and Wookah premium. With four main selections, you can rest assured that the perfect hookah for you is in their list. They also sell high-end, 24k gold plated hookah, which is something for the smokers with higher budgets and a craving for luxury.

Quality, price and Materials used in Wookah hookahs

The materials used for the hookahs are outstanding. They use a variety of domestic and exotic wood, stainless steel, natural leather, lead-free crystal glass, ceramic, and glass.

All of the lacquers, glues, and secret materials used for the hookah interior are fully licensed and certified to be used with water. All of their pipes are waterproof and resistant to rust, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy the product for longer.

The description of Wookah so far is probably enough for you to guess that the price is not very low. The 24k gold-plated Wookah hookah costs somewhere around $2,200. However, you can also find an original, classic hookah for around $330.

8. Amira Hookahs

Amira hookahs review

Next up on the list, an affordable and budget-friendly hookah brand – Amira. They’re one of the most preferred brands in the space due to the low prices and the decent quality. Despite the surprisingly low costs, Amira provides modern designs and advanced hookah technology like Magna technology and Click technology. These hookahs are ideal for everyday use as they’re resistant and durable and you don’t have to worry too much about damaging them. Plus, they’re available in different sizes, which makes them perfect to travel with. If you’re looking to experience a good hookah session outdoors or in a new setting, you might want to try Amira’s products.

Why choose Amira hookahs

Amira offers a wide range of different hookah products that are equipped with different features that guarantee an outstanding hookah experience.

For instance, some models come with an aerospace-grade aluminum stem and a downtube with a removable diffuser. There are also natural wood stems that complement the natural yet modern-looking aesthetics of the products.

In the previous section, I mentioned the Click technology, which locks the hookah stem to the hookah vase providing stability and reliability. Some models are also designed with scratch-resistant graphics and other cool features.

Quality, price and Materials used in Amira pipes

The materials for Amira hookahs have been carefully selected to ensure that the products are long-lasting and convenient for regular use. Amira isn’t a brand that you choose if you want to experience luxury but it’s definitely the best hookah for regular hookah smokers who want a reliable product.

The silicone used for the silicone hookah hoses is medical-grate and rust-resistant. The glass is of the highest quality and is durable and strong. Amira is often preferred because of its low cost. Some of the hookahs cost around $60 but there are also others that could reach around $150. Compared to other brands, these prices are accessible to all.

9. Khalil Mamoon

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Silver

Another renowned name from our list of top hookah brands is Khalil Mamoon. It’s a strong player in the hookah space with years of experience and a wide array of products to choose from. They design both traditional Egyptian hookahs but also innovate and offer hookah designs that are eye-catching and hard to ignore.

The brand is also an active seller of hookah tobacco and other accessories for hookah enthusiasts like bowls, coconut charcoals, and others. The good thing about Khalil Mamoon is that it’s literally a brand for everyone. They have different categories of hookahs with different price ranges. Even if you’re on a budget, you can find a high-quality product that you can enjoy and count on.

Khalil Mamoon product lines

One of their best-sold and most popular products is the Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef. It’s a standard, Egyptian-style hookah with a 34” height and handmade features. Other popular hookahs by the brand are the Sadaf Hookah, the World Cup hookah, Ultimate Hookah 36”, and the Khalil Mamoon 4 hose hookah.

All of them vary in the advantages that they offer but one thing is certain – no matter what you’re looking for – Khalil Mamoon can provide it. Most designs will take you back through time and will offer a true cultural experience. Of course, you can also rely on outstanding functionalities and an unforgettable smoking experience.

Quality, price and Materials used in KM hookahs

Just the fact that Khalil Mamoon hookahs are among the world’s most popular and preferred is a sure sign that the quality is of the highest standards and the brand knows exactly what hookah smokers are after.

They use two types of metal for their hookahs – brass and stainless steel. However, some of their hookahs are either tri-metal or quad-metal, meaning that they combine three or four types of metals, including copper and bronze.

They’re handmade and every hookah takes a certain amount of time to design and produce. The price of every hookah depends on the category it falls in, its size, features, design, and materials used. You can find Khalil Mamoon hookahs for around $100 but you can also spend up to $600 if you’re looking for something more luxurious and modern.

10. MYA hookah brand


Another player in the top hookah brands list is Mya. The brand is undoubtedly a global leader in hookah design and manufacturing and is fully dedicated to producing some of the world’s most beautiful and functional hookah products.

Why choose MYA hookahs

When I tried a Mya hookah for the first time, I was truly impressed, both with the actual product and the brand in general. They have a gigantic selection of different hookahs you can try that are separated into different price categories.

Mya is the only brand that sells truly crystal hookahs. They use Bohemian Crystal for their vases and all of the elements are hand cut and mouth-blown.

They place such a strong accent on design that their designs are actually patented. You’ll find hookahs that keep the artistic traditions of the Ottoman Empire but you’ll also travel forward in time to the pop culture popular in America. The brand offers the option to personalize your hookah and make your own combinations between hookah vases, hoses, bowls, coals, and more.

Quality, price and Materials used in MYA hookahs

Every hookah produced by Mya includes different combos of materials. You’ll find high-quality glass and other reliable products. In terms of costs, it all depends on what type of hookah you’re interested in.

For example, Mya’s Royal Red costs around $2,000. It’s a highly luxurious and exclusive hookah set, suitable for experienced hookah smokers with a large budget. However, hookahs like the Bonita Bohemian hookah cost as little as $70.

There’s a Mya hookah for every budget, which makes it a popular and heard of brand.

11. Pharaoh’s hookahs review

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Silver

With nearly 20 years of experience in the hookah space, it’s not surprising that Pharaohs is today a commonly known and sold brand. Again, this brand is one of the players that aim to provide accessible hookahs at affordable prices with high-quality that is difficult to imitate.

Their products are produced by hand and their designs are a mixture of traditional, classic hookahs and modern, innovative products. They’re also famous for their glass hookahs, which are absolutely outstanding. You can find other hookah-related products sold by the brand, like hookah bowls, foil, hoses, and anything else you mind need. This brand is easily one that you go to for everything hookah-related.

Pharaoh’s product lines

Pharaoh’s offers an extremely diverse catalogue of hookahs. They’re mainly divided into the following categories:

  • Pharaoh’s legacy hookahs
  • Small hookahs
  • Medium hookahs
  • Large hookahs
  • Egyptian hookahs
  • Glass hookahs
  • Specialty hookahs

The best selling products include the Pharaoh’s Aztec hookah, the Pharaoh’s Pyramid, Jasmine, Sari, and Elixir.

Quality, price and Materials used in Pharaoh’s hookahs

I’ll start with the price. Pharaohs hookahs are rather inexpensive, considering that the most highly-priced hookah, the Pharaoh’s Alien, costs around $300. On the other hand, The Pharaohs Nubia is only $50 and is great for beginners or regular smokers with everyday sessions.

The materials are durable and lasting and the designs are beautiful. You can choose from merely any color you can think of. The Pharaohs hookahs are a piece of art by themselves.

They provide excellent quality coals, bowls, hoses, and more. Some of the models can be used with up to four hose pipes, meaning that they’re also perfect for shared hookah sessions.

12. Shika hookahs

Shika hookahs review

Next up, the manufactured in Cairo, Egypt Shika pipes. They’re created with absolute brilliance as the brand has a lot of experience on the hookah market and is not a new company. They provide classic Egyptian pipes that sometimes enjoy the typical Turkish-style decor.

Shika is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. The brand sells four different versions of hookahs, which are all upgraded from previous lines. The categories you can enjoy today are V2, V3, V4, and V4.5. The brand also offers the Electro line, which consists of hookahs that benefit from an electroplating process that is used for crafting. This process allows for metal to be used as paint.

Why choose Shika water pipes

One of the main advantages of Shika is the fact that their hookahs are handmade, with complete control over the manufacturing process.

Every hookah is strongly individual and unique and it takes around two weeks for the production process. On top of that, the brass used for the hookah creation is truly outstanding and one of the best available on the market.

The hookahs might be heavy due to the dense brass but this only means that they’re stable and durable.

Your smoking session with a Shika hookah will be enjoyable and smooth. You’ll notice the perfect airflow as a result of a wider down stem when compared to most other hookahs on the market. The hose ports are not jointed but are welded into the shaft, which stops any potential air leaks.

Quality, price and Materials used in Shika hookahs

The dominating materials used for the creation of Shika hookahs are industry-grade metals, copper, stainless steel, and others. They’re designed with one mission in mind – durability. Their strongest area regarding materials is the brass used as it’s significantly better than any other hookah brand’s.

The prices are reasonable and the hookahs are worth the investment. Their pipes have a regular price and are affordable for everyone.

13. Hookafina

Hookafina by Lavoo - review

Hookafina is another great hookah brand that is based in California, USA. They are popular as a hookah manufacturer but they’ve also won the hearts of hookah smokers with outstanding hookah tobacco products and accessories.

Their product line promoted on their website is divided into a few categories:

    • Glass hookahs
    • BYO hookahs
    • Amira hookahs
    • AOT hookahs

Why choose Hookafina

Hookafina hookahs come with a range of different cool features and functionalities. Some of their products have a cool matte finish, Magna technology, which means that the hookah step is connected to the vase using a special, patented magnet design, stainless steel tube and downtube, and more.

Quality, price and Materials used in Hookafina

Hookafina stands out for many reasons but one of them is the use of premium Schott German glass for their hookahs. The clarity and thickness of this material are unrivaled, turning the brand into a high-end one.

Cleaning and maintenance is nothing too complicated and smokers can enjoy a laid back and relaxing session.

This type of glass is used for one of their best sellers – the Hookafina x Lavoo HF200. The product is a collaboration between the two companies and offers luxurious smoke and a simplistic hookah experience. It comes with a dual water chamber and a horizontal in-line diffuser. It’s a pricey gem to have and costs around $280 but is worth every dollar.

You can also find hookahs by the brand for less than $100, which is pretty affordable.

14. Vapor Hookahs

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Silver

Vapor hookahs actively promote and spread the ancient Middle Eastern tradition of hookah smoking into the modern day. The brand is an experienced player, who has helped shape and re-define the adventure of smoking and has contributed to laying the foundations for future hookah enthusiasts.

This manufacturer is among the few that truly offer a full, end-to-end solution. The craftsmanship is truly unique and impeccable, the experience of the creators is more than 16 years in manufacturing and designing quality hookahs, and the brand is now global and known worldwide.

They have distribution points in North America, Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, and the Far East. This makes them highly accessible and competitive around the world.

Why choose Vapor Hookah

At Vapor, you can discover anything from All Glass hookahs, Traditional hookahs, Modern hookahs, Exotic hookahs, Electronic hookah gadgets, and more. They can also provide every type of hookah accessory you could possibly think of.

The hookah pipes are available in different styles and designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be used in any type of environment and there are products suitable for complete beginners as well as more advanced hookah smokers looking for a next-level experience. They sell around 140 products and every one of them is special. Some of their products resemble the smoking experience you can expect from a Khalil Mamoon hookah.

They’re easy to clean, lasting, and reliable for years.

Quality, price and Materials used in Vapor hookahs

The prices for a Vapor hookah will depend on the model and design you choose.

However, they’re considered a mid-price brand, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket when buying your new hookah set.

All of the materials used are tested and guaranteed to last for years.

15. Oduman hookahs review

Oduman glass hookah

Although the people behind the brand have experience in the hookah space from back in 1979, Oduman officially entered the hookah market in 2014. Since then, they’ve been actively winning the trust of hookah smokers around the world with quality hookahs and unique designs.

They aim to combine style with functionality when it comes to hookah creation. The brand is fully certified and a trusted name. They provide a range of different products and also have a glass shisha pipe category, which is one of their users’ favorite one.

Oduman product lines

Some of the most well-known Oduman hookahs are the N3 and N5. Each model comes in different varieties that include clear, matt, travel, and others.

The N5, for example, comes with a classic bowl port at the top and is manufactured in Turkey, like the other products provided by the brand. What’s interesting is that the N5z doesn’t come with a hookah bowl or grommet and you have to buy them separately.

Quality, price and Materials used in Vapor hookahs

All of their hookahs use hand-blown, exclusive glass. The metal parts are created using stainless steel. On top of that, the silicone is food-grade, it’s easy to clean and resistant to mold.

The materials used include glassware glass of high quality, safe food-grade silicone, which is easy to take care of and clean to prevent any mold or imperfection, high-standard stainless steel, and others. There are models that can be used with more than one or two hoses and some hookahs also have cool lighting features and extras.

Oduman hookahs are affordable and their prices range from $70 to $150.

16. VooV hookahs review

Kahlil Mamoon Hookah Silver

As a family-owned American business, VooV is certainly a name that most hookah smokers have heard of. Their main objective is to provide a low-cost alternative to the pricey hookah products on the market and they’ve successfully achieved it. You can truly rely on affordable devices by Voov and hand-blown 100% satisfaction.

VooV product lines

The brand’s categories include All Glass hookahs, Modern hookahs, and Acrylic hookahs. The All Glass Voov hookahs are truly one of the best on the market and come at low costs.

The sets usually come with a glass body, a male bowl, a downstem, a purge valve, a female bowl adapter, charcoal tongs, a silicone hose, charcoal lid, and charcoal tray.

The acrylic hookahs are also amazing as they’re literally impossible to break. They’re simple to set up and use, created from superb plexiglass, and extremely long-lasting. A great advantage is the LED lighting system that the hookah products come with, adding a cool upgrade to the already amazing design.

Quality, price and Materials used in Voov shisha pipes

As a renowned hookah manufacturer, Voov uses black food-grade silicone for their hoses, stainless steel for their charcoal lids, and aluminum for their charcoal rays. The glass they use is of the highest quality and is a reliable material, especially when it comes to the All Glass hookahs.

Prices are pretty affordable and can fit everyone’s budget for sure.


When looking at the most reliable hookah brands, it’s essential to look at a lot of different factors to establish the quality of the products and to determine whether their prices are worth the try.

We’ve come to the end of my list of personal favorites. I hope that you’ll find time to try different hookahs from different brands as the experiences are truly unique and worth every penny.

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