A Complete Guide of How to Clean Hookah Hoses at Home

Written by Jacob - Hookah Enthusiast

Last updated May 11, 2023

You may be wondering why your hookah tastes bad sometimes? Or you have prepared everything, you’re waiting for the first inhale, and then…. you are pissed off because of the amount of dirt in your mouth. As an experienced hookah smoker, I will try to explain to you why and how to clean hookah hoses. It’s not so complicated but it’s so important to do it if you want a better smoking session.

There are several things you should consider before you start washing your hookah hose.

Let’s dive into it!

What are the basic types of hookah hoses:


    • Washable hose. Most generally, hookah hoses are two types and the first one is the washable hose. Typical materials they are made from are silicone (rubber) or plastic.

    They are washable inside which helps you a lot! It’s not just that they last longer, but it’s also very easy to maintain them. Rubber hoses are very popular in 2023 and you can find them anywhere and there’s a reason people like them.

    Washable silicone hookah hose
      • Non-washable hookah hoses. They were very popular 10 years ago or so and still are in use today. Some people like them because they “catch” some of the charcoal particles and hold them inside.

    But there is a problem. If you use the same hookah hose too many times or smoke different strong tobacco flavors, it will build up a lot of ash and will taste very bad. The reason that these types of hookah hoses are non-washable is the metal rings inside. Metal just does not like water.

    Non washable hookah hose

    How to clean a washable hookah hose – step by step

      Step 1. Fill half of the hookah hose with water, put your thumbs on the two sides, and give a nice shake. Rinse and repeat, but this time try to add a little dish soap or better – a twist of lemon juice to kill the bacteria inside. Shake it again and rinse well with hot water. Then rinse with cold water, because all of the hookah parts should be at least at room temperature. No one wants a “hot” smoke in their mouth.

      Step 2. The next step is to drain the hookah hose in the sink. The water from inside must be clean. If you seе bad color coming from inside, just repeat the washing process. Drain again and set aside

        Step 3. Dry the hookah hose. It’s important to let it sit for a couple of minutes. You can speed up the process by grabbing the hose in the middle and swinging it around. Be careful not to hit someone or something beside you. The drying process will prevent rust build-up inside if your hose is not a washable one, so make sure you will do everything to avoid it.

        Step 4. Enjoy your smoking session! Now you are one step closer to a better hookah session. Remember: regular maintaining of your hookah parts will help you to be consistent with the final results – an incredibly good smoking session!

        The dry method of hookah hose cleaning

        But what if you don’t have a washable hookah hose? Does bad taste ruin your smoking session? If yes, these final steps are for you. As I’ve mentioned, hookah hoses with metal rings inside can not be washed because of the eventual rust.

        So what to do?

          • Blow everything with compressed air or suck it with a vacuum cleaner. This method is proven for non-washable hookah hoses and blows/sucks the built-up dust from inside the hose. It’s not 100% perfect but it is way better than nothing
          • Hand method – whip everything well. What you need to do is fold the hookah hose in two equal parts, grab it in the middle, swing it normally, and knock the downside on the floor. This way you lose the debris inside and it falls down. Eventually, blow it with your mouth to make sure nothing is left inside.



        Hopefully, I have made clear how to easily clean your hookah hose at home. As I have mentioned before, this will guarantee a better taste of the shisha, better airflow, and an amazing overall smoking session.

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